03.11.2014 8:37

Scientists have learned how to read minds

Neurobiology – one of the most exciting areas of modern science and one of the most controversial. The study of the human brain – no easy task read minds, and to work with the living human brain autopsy, learning doth not so often.

Recently, neuroscientists have found immediately 7 volunteers, patients with epilepsy who had surgery on the skull. Patients agreed to a scientific survey, which, I must say, it was not too difficult for them. All that was required of subjects – read words aloud and to themselves and neuroscientists meanwhile watched their brain with the help of special equipment.

Scientists have learned how to read minds

All seven of the operation was successful, and the scientists were able to get amazing results. Scientists have developed an algorithm that allows correlating tonality with fluctuations in brain activity read minds. After analyzing the vibrations of sound, depending on the pronunciation of words and the electrical impulses of the brain at the time of the “reading” of words to himself, scientists can already find the same word.

While the technology read minds is not perfect, and the algorithm can recognize a couple of simple words, this discovery was an important step towards creating a device that allows people to share their thoughts. Neuroscientists hope that create a machine with which will be able to communicate even mute and paralyzed people who succeed in the next 10-15 years.