How to recognize the fight: expert opinion

How to recognize the fight: expert opinion


Last weeks of pregnancy – is the most responsible and psychologically difficult period for the expectant mother, which had no previous experience of childbirth. She knows that she will, according to doctors and prenatal training data, but know it as encyclopedic knowledge and experience for yourself – two completely different things.

And with contractions. Everything, even the men who know what it is, in general – and only giving birth women can boast that they know this for sure. Many of them try their best to share their knowledge, how to recognize when to fight and ripped off and go to the hospital.

Concept of contractions

In order to understand that the fight starts, you need to know what the fight. Many women describe them as a gradual increase in the aching pain in the abdomen (as in hardly proceeding monthly), others send this heavy aching pain in the lumbar region, where pulses that extends to the sides of the lower abdomen, as if a woman belting.

However, the surest sign of contractions is a sharp increase in uterine tone: if you try to probe it through the stomach may feel like there is a stone. This petrification uterus is normal for the eighth month of pregnancy, even though it does not mean the imminent onset of labor.

The trick is that the fight is not always a harbinger of speedy resolution of labor. Contractions are still training – the uterus is just trying to work out the sequence of actions in childbirth, and they start about the twentieth week of pregnancy. How to recognize the fight and to distinguish them from training, not jumping up early in the morning in the hospital two or three times a week? This question is somewhat more complicated, since symptoms and true, and training bouts practically identical.

Some subtle differences

Experienced, giving birth women say that distinguish when a false alarm, and when I really should go to the hospital, it is still possible. There are three features that fight really are harbingers of childbirth. The first sign – they are regular as heartbeat or breathing, the second – they gradually become more frequent. The third sign is the gradual increase in pain (they are advised to respond with detachment, noting their attention, but it is not focusing on the pain – this they only become stronger).

Based on these characteristics, a woman can easily understand that it really went into labor. A few hours after the onset of these fights her water recede, and then need to be here any minute to expect onset of baby born.