How to remove herpes labialis quickly and surely

How to remove herpes labialis quickly and surely

How to remove herpes labialis quickly and surely

Everyone who has ever suffered from this cold, is interested in how to remove cold sores on the lips as soon as possible.

Almost 90% of people are a carrier of herpes, but not every one of them is sick. The rash appears suddenly on the lips, as a result of stress, illness, exposure to cold, long exposure to the sun and so on. Most often, herpes manifests itself due to lower immunity. Especially going through the fair sex, because in addition to discomfort, rash looks very ugly. It is not surprising that they are interested in how to remove cold sores on the lips as soon as possible.

Traditional Treatment

If cold sores is a rare, it will be sufficient to apply podsushivayuschee, disinfectants and epithelizing drugs.They quickly reduce inflammation, leaving no trace. But often, herpes is a chronic, so without adjuvant therapy can not do. In this case, the doctor prescribes as antiviral and immunomodulating agents.However, to completely cure the disease, modern medicine can not: the virus remains in the body forever, and from time to time makes itself felt.

Here is a list of the most popular means of cold sores on the lips, which can be found in the pharmacy:

  • Viru-Merz Serol (gel);
  • Acyclovir Zovirax (cream);
  • Valtrex (tablets);
  • Panthenol (spray);
  • Gerperaks (ointment);
  • Miramestin (ointment);
  • Golden Star (balm);
  • Dr. Mom baby ointment.

How to remove herpes labialis using unconventional means

It turns out that cold sores can be defeated with the tools that are always at hand. But it is worth considering that such treatment may be suitable only for the rare manifestations of the disease. So, if you want to quickly remove cold sore is applied to the wound usual soda and table salt. Lubricate the rash can toothpaste, vegetable oil (almond, fir, buckthorn), aloe juice, kalanchoe, lemon, garlic. Also helps honey and propolis, levomitsetinovym alcohol.

You can cook and this ointment: Mix the ashes from the burnt sheet of paper (1 tablespoon) of honey (0.5 tablespoons), add grated garlic (2 cloves). Pumps for inflammation 2-3 times per day.


It is easier to prevent disease than to treat it and its consequences. Therefore, lead a healthy lifestyle, harden, strengthen the immune system, often spending time in the fresh air, eat right. Finally want to advise, not much worry about the disease: a positive attitude heals even more serious diseases. Yet observe good personal hygiene, and all you’ll be fine.