20.05.2014 11:45

Research labs replace biometric clothing

OMsignalCompany of Montreal – recently developed a new series of sportswear, a feature of which is the use of special sensors. These sensors monitor the most important physiological indicators of the human body during exercise. Experts believe that the release of such clothing and seriously affect the development of modern surgery.

At present the company OMsignal collaborates with global brands like Quicksilver, Nike and Under Armour. So far, the innovative series of clothes included only 4 models of t-shirts for men, but the company is not going to stop, and in the near future plans to demonstrate such models focused on the female audience.

Existing OMsignal Shirts by watching the next most important factors: the volume of exhalation and inhalation, the amount of heart muscle, calories burned, intensity and number of perfect movements, heart rate information. Such tracking became possible thanks to the chip implanted in clothing-sensor that easily communicates through a special application to your smartphone practicing. The application itself is named for the company OMsignal. It captures all the data, and then shows the results obtained. Stored results can be compared, thereby conducting a convenient tracking of the state of the human body for a long time.

According to the developers themselves new sportswear, like health monitoring gives the greatest amount of information you need, unlike other similar devices (eg, special bracelets), which were invented earlier. Dignity is a new invention in the absence of additional devices that may interfere with the normal conduct training. To T-shirt to work, it only need to connect a small battery that can nourish chip for three days.

The surgeon holds the post of Chief Medical Officer in Shantts Jesse Slade said that such clothing is not only useful to people involved in sports, but also doctors, as it helps to assess the level of stress during the execution of complex operations. Everyone who wants to can already make an order for clothes from OMsignal, which price is 100-199 dollars.