Return of the genre “Peplum” (Sword-and-sandal)

Return of the genre “Peplum” (Sword-and-sandal)

spartacus andy whitfield 00
spartacus andy whitfield 00

In the centenary year of the genre ” movie sword and sandals ” Hollywood is going to surprise us with a series of historical and mythological paintings. Beginning with the Italian ” Cabiria ” movies about the great wars of the ancient world safely passed the stage of operational cinema and declared itself as a worthy genre in the mid XX century.Gigantic budgets , best actors , gigantic scenery, many thousands of extras – it was mandatory attribute such pictures . ” Ben Hur “, ” Spartacus”, “Cleopatra” – and these tapes are now considered enduring classics of cinema.

Since the 60s love of the audience for films about ancient and mythical heroes began to fade , revived only with the beginning of the new century. The first half started with zero victory march “Gladiator ” , followed by pictures of “Troy” and ” Alexander .” Computer technology, which became the main means of expression in the movie “300” Zack Snyder , unfortunately, had nearly returned the genre back into oblivion. One of the striking examples of this peplum was the picture of ” Clash of the Titans “, where the effect is lost in computer interesting plot . Besides, for all 106 minutes of the film the viewer does not see any titanium. But now demand peplum , is alive and well . This is easily seen by looking at the list of premier this year.

“The Legend of Hercules”

January 23 movie fans expect a story about the beginning of the glorious path of the legendary mythological hero. “The Legend of Hercules” authored by fivefold nominee ” Razzie ” Renny Harlin ‘s talk about young love and anguish of the hero. The main role in the film played Kellan Lutz , best known for “Twilight .” As always, the canonical version of the legend was not enough Hollywood screenwriters . So no surprise appearance in the film characters such as Agamemnon , hero myths of Troy , or, for example , Humbaba , descended from the pages of the Sumerian- Akkadian myth of Gilgamesh . At least evil bosses Russian helicopters, as in the film “5 Days of War” will not be here .


Ox-eyed Keith Harrington will again try to get rid of the sad role forever and knows nothing of John Snow . After participating in the incomprehensible horror sequel “Silent Hill” Keith bestow us with sad eyes the big screen in a film about the ancient world textbook disaster director Paul WS Anderson . Synopsis tape is quite simple – the unfortunate young man – servant wants to win the heart of the daughter of the owner and other free – gladiator. And history would have looked pretty bleak , if the background is not going eruption of Vesuvius . Anderson has proven that he can shoot spectacular destruction . Fans can see this in the examples of paintings ” Resident Evil” and “Death Race” . This time he entrusted to wipe several Roman cities.

“300 : Rise of an Empire “

March 7 Russian viewers will sequel to one of the most brutal and masculine pictures of the last decade – “300 : Rise of an Empire” by Naomi Murro . The film, whose plot continues to tell the story of the war between the Greeks and Persians , filmed on the graphic novel by Frank Miller . Action will be transferred from Sparta to Athens , and will cover the period battles of Salamis and Artemisia . Lovers online humor warn once: for obvious reasons of King Leonidas in the film will not. So the phrase ” This is Sparta ! ” Scream apparently entrust wife of the late hero Gerard Butler in the performance of actress Lena Headey . Visually, ” Rise of an Empire ” is shot in the same comic book style as the previous film in the series : a sea of ​​blood , angry faces , mountains and muscles sword fights in slow motion.


March 27 moviegoers will appreciate the famous film adaptation of the biblical story of the Deluge . Do not go to the raging elements means incurring the wrath of Providence. The cast is chosen so that interested viewers with radically opposing tastes. Before the fans appear : Russell Crowe in the role of Noah, Anthony Hopkins , who played Methuselah , Emma Watson and Jennifer Connelly . Director Darren Aronofsky before a difficult task – to make cash and entertaining movie without saturating its brand philosophy. Balance – that will save the film from becoming a clone of the painting ” The Day After Tomorrow.” Tape expects to be truly dynamic and deep .


Summer tops box office will try to conquer other incarnation of the Greek athlete , this time played by actor Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson . The film ” Hercules: The Thracian Wars ” director Brett Ratner again make lovers of Greek mythology frown . But please the fans very hard action. And all because as a primary source was not even taken the myth itself , and comic Steve Moore tells of wandering son of Zeus with companions after the famous twelve labors . Johnson to play an ancient warrior is nothing new – in 2002 he starred in the spin-off to a series of films about Mummies , ” The Scorpion King ” Chuck Russell. The film will be the debut of the genre for Brett Retnera , famous for its fighters , comedies and the weakest , the third part of the franchise “X-Men ” – ” The Last Stand .”


Ridley Scott , the charter through the universe , show the conquest of the Promised Land . Expectation Tape Helps interesting cast. In the role of Moses speak Christian Bale . For him, ” Exodus” – is not the first Bible project. In 1999 he managed to play the Savior in the series “Jesus” . Also, Aaron Paul , the notorious Jesse Pinkman from the series ” Breaking Bad », will be released on the big screen . Scott , he will perform the role of the Jewish military leader Joshua , the conqueror of Jericho. It would be strange not to see the film about the Middle East Ben Kingsley – role has role. Also in one of the roles involved twice winner of the “Golden Globe ” Sigourney Weaver . Output pattern in the Russian hire is scheduled for December 11, 2014 .

Return of the genre “peplum” – a landmark step for the industry. Beautiful historical film , coupled with the correct application of modern technology is fascinating . Original vision and thoughts laid creators remain with the person for a long time after viewing. That is why a new wave of biblical peplum – a trend that definitely positive . For some, it will be moviegoers spectacular sight , for others – an occasion to re-read the Bible and believe less thoughtlessly .