Review 300: Rise of an Empire – is not Sparta!

Review 300: Rise of an Empire – is not Sparta!


The fate of the film 300: Rise of an Empire evolved not the best way. The painting was conceived as a story about the fate of the god-king Xerxes, but then reworked the script. Original director Zack Snyder acted as producer and directed the filming Noam Murro little known, who had made ​​one feature film – a romantic comedy “Geniuses”.

Contrary to the initial idea, the event “Rise of an Empire” developed in the same time period as the “300”. Persian king Xerxes hordes are free to conquer the people of Greece. Thermopylae pass covers King Leonidas with his Spartans and Sea Greeks protects experienced strategist Themistocles. This figure, according to the writers, became famous during the Battle of Marathon, when struck Persian king Darius. Themistocles now trying to convince the Greek politicians to unite and to repulse the enemy.

First, she is the main problem of the film – is Themistocles, accurately follow its role actor Sullivan Stapleton. On his face difficult to see any emotion. In his eyes, there is no spark when he leads men into battle. He, like a wax figure, takes place on the screen and this is, in fact, the replacement of King Leonidas. Themistocles not only loses on all counts Hero of Sparta, it causes irritation as a leader.Even his henchmen look convincing.

But the oppressors is prettier (in all senses) character. Greek Artemisia led the Persian fleet and has a lot of reasons to hate former compatriots. Her behavior is not much different from the actions of Xerxes from the first part of “300.” It brutally cracked down on commanders for misconduct or in a fit of rage throws all the forces in the battle to wipe the Greeks. However, Artemisia is not afraid of a fight and she did not cut off the throat, another in battle. Showy lady.


In the narrative too many friends over the original moments. Themistocles versed with superior enemy forces, Artemisia raves and wants to negotiate with the ingenious Greek. Again, fighting side by side, father and son. Some points are not an exact copy of “300”, but history is not enough sensible political component. She then presented a tedious speeches Themistocles about “freedom.”

Nor secret intrigues (at least with guileless traitor), no coherent demonstration of the divisions that while Greece was torn apart. Personalizing the authors of the film was, but they preferred to engage in copying the ideas of others with minor modifications.

The fight scenes are good, but not all were successful. Naval battles unforgivable sin conventions, even by the standards of fantasy interpretation of history. Archers hit with sniper accuracy in a storm.Heavy vehicles accelerated and maneuvered as kayaks. Counterweight act battle swords. Soldiers in slowing opponents limbs hacked off, blood gushing into three streams, body parts flying in all directions. However, the stunning novelty effect these contractions do not produce. The more strange that according to the story alongside the fight Themistocles farmers, philosophers and poets. At the same time, they look better than the Spartans: they are the same muscular athletes in loincloths.



The “Rise of an Empire” lacks flaws. This wishy-washy hero with a straight face, and without a secondary story of palace intrigue, and an overabundance of conventions during sea battles. But the bloody battle scenes for a couple of raging Artemisia do not allow the picture to go to the bottom.Alas, the film does not palpable fury Leonidas and novelty effect “300.” It just mindlessly handsome fighter for a single viewing.

300: Rise of an Empire has a lot to do with the project Ryse: The Son of Rome. In the game of Crytek also in excess of spectacular finishing moves in slow time.


Very, very sorry stupidly wasted potential. Authors distorted history. And may be, not in the first. But their fantasy was much duller version described by Plutarch two and a half thousand years ago.Crafty and ambitious of Themistocles they did the next “American captain”, whose vocabulary is limited to the word “freedom.” Intrigue that seethed in Greek society during the invasion of Xerxes, not visible. The Spartans (spartantsy!) for some reason not in a hurry to fight and prefer to whine that they are already too many sacrificed. Wise queen Artemisia suddenly finds eccentric psychopath with curiosity “fed” to the Greeks, the Persian fleet one after another.

The film is beautiful and bloody, but thoughtless and presumptuous in his lies. One thing – a fantasy interpretation of the legend of the three hundred valiant warriors of Sparta. It’s quite another – is a complete perversion of the real facts. Authors just drew names from a textbook on the history and they came up with the other characters and actions. Especially sad for Themistocles, who de facto is a great material for creating an exemplary anti-hero: a jealous and petty schemer leader grafter and a braggart. It shortly after defeating Xerxes ignominiously expelled from Athens, and he eventually took refuge in Persia. And then he appears almost disinterested Superman. It’s as if Hollywood made a film about Herostratus of putting innocent martyr-educator.

To compensate for the lack of meaning, the film scored the eyeballs strippers posing in loincloths – poets and farmers.

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