Review 3G tablet Lenovo Tab A7-50 (A3500), A8-50 (A5500), A10-50 (A7600)

Review 3G tablet Lenovo Tab A7-50 (A3500), A8-50 (A5500), A10-50 (A7600)

Review 3G tablet Lenovo Tab A7-50 (A3500), A8-50 (A5500), A10-50 (A7600)


In Lenovo believe that the direction of Android-tablet is one of the most promising, and therefore, it is necessary to saturate the market devices with different screen sizes, different functionality. Since a lot of players in the market, Lenovo identified in several series devices, so in a series presented by the letter A low-end models – line built on a simple principle – different screen size, A7 – seven, A8 – eight, A10 – ten inches. Everything is clear, can also vary the amount of memory, the presence of a 3G module and a number of other characteristics. In the Russian market model with 3G, they are interesting in terms of price / quality, but are not minimal cost, it is a deliberate step. Also, unlike the original series, there is no variety of colors – the manufacturer offers only one color, all the models are combined in this parameter and strongly budget allocated among devices that are usually either black, white or occasionally. A-series from Lenovo blue from velvety plastic.

Package Includes:

  • Tablet
  • Charger 5V 1A
  • USB-cable
  • Instruction

In Lenovo believe that the A-series should be as simple as possible and still have some extra chip that distinguishes it from all other tablets. These products chip becomes stereo speakers. On paper looks great presence pyatimegapikselnoy main camera, but below we will see that it is not too good. On the other hand, the camera in the tablet need an extremely small number of people.

Review 3G tablet Lenovo Tab A7-50 (A3500), A8-50 (A5500), A10-50 (A7600)

At first I had thought that it was necessary to write three separate reviews for these devices, but their similarity, the same functionality is made to combine these materials – why multiply entities? Hardware differences in these devices is, for them, we discuss in detail below.

From a consumer perspective, the plates A-series from Lenovo interesting, if you want a good price / quality ratio, you do not want to overpay for the brand, for example, Samsung, but from buying B-brands stops them unknown or misunderstood to warranty service. In one way or another known market Lenovo PCs and laptops that Russia creates preconditions for trust this brand. Well, that is not the company decided to increase the prices of their products, leaving them at an acceptable level. However, let’s look at these tablets and discuss what the good in them.

Design, size, controls

Plastic rear panel velvety, dark blue color, it is very pleasant to the touch. Tablets called A-series miniature and very light can not, by virtue of the hull structure, the abundance of plastic, they stand out among their classmates – but not too much. Compensated by a sense of superiority firmly assembled product, although in terms of design there are no frills here.

In my opinion, a very good move with different colors of buildings, different back panel. Sorry, but in Russia the variety is no choice, you can take only one color device. It is possible that other colors will appear later, and perhaps, the company decided to promote one color, which is also logical.

Packing tablets very common, it is no different with something special – which is packed in cardboard device, charger and instructions. In a 10-inch version on the package shows that it should not be worn on the head.

Structurally, all plates are the same – on the front panel on the two sides of the screen are the speakers, they are taken back mesh. There is a front facing camera, and a 10-inch device is exactly poseredinke in landscape orientation – two other tablet oriented vertically. Given that there are no hardware buttons, but only onscreen buttons, anyway, as a tablet to take his twist

On the right side are the volume rocker, on / off button, on the other hand for the hinged lid – a slot for memory cards, as well as a full-size SIM-card. At the top end – 3.5 jack and microUSB-socket for the charger. In A10 elements are arranged somewhat differently – button on the top left, but on the left side – all the remaining elements. It is not always convenient, creates certain problems, as to press the keys requires using two hands. Keep one, the second click. Acrobats with bulging arms can press a button and volume control with one hand in the air, but has a chance to drop the device.

Let’s look at the size and weight of models:

  • A7 – 198h121h10 mm, 300 grams
  • A8 – 217h136h9 mm, 350 grams
  • A10 – 176h264h9 mm, 550 grams

It is clear that low-end model is the most compact, if you wish you can hide in your pocket, but the comparison with the Nexus July 2013, it will not stand – it looks great and feels much heavier. These are products of a different class, so do not assume A7 known loser device differs their value for the budget to pay a large body. If you doubt that the A10 in the pocket will not put no, then A8 is debatable. But I would say that it is not very convenient, namely A7 – the most compact device.

Taking into account that different diagonals resolution screens equally, you should look precisely at what size you fit more like that and how you plan to use your tablet – or is it more of a home to take on the road.

I have no complaints about the build quality of the devices for the class they are good.


In each case, a budget IPS-matrix, its resolution – 1280×800 pixels, the screen is covered with a plastic surface, it does not scratch, but quickly covered with traces of the touch – typical coverage for low-end phones. In Lenovo emphasize that these screens have wide viewing angles, and it’s true.

For my taste, good color saturation, the picture is different for the class, no raises no objections. In all models, there is no indicator light, this is a typical feature of low-end phones – you can adjust the brightness manually, which is not always convenient. Save small but real inconvenience. On the other hand, none of this and promised, still before us models that are positioned as a low cost and in fact are the same, including their cost.

If the screens in the A7, A8 are comparable in all respects, the A10 it more colorful, but the number of dots per inch less, as a result, the picture is grainy, not as clear as in the previous devices. Optimal for many will be 8 inches in size, it provides a large area for optimal picture and a variety of tasks, from watching the video to the network

The sun screens lose color, but the picture is clearly visible, so it’s not a problem. It is possible that on the beach to watch a movie fails, but it is quite possible to read the text.

Review 3G tablet Lenovo Tab A7-50 (A3500), A8-50 (A5500), A10-50 (A7600)


The larger the screen, the more energy it consumes – the laws of physics. Therefore, under the same matrices in each model put your battery, all Li-Pol, but different capacity – 3450, 4200 and 6340 mAh. According to the manufacturer, the running time is 14, 8 and 7 hours respectively. What is the time, for me it is not clear, as everyone can have their own work, someone is watching a video of someone sitting on the network. Video playback with maximum brightness and headphones here gives such results – 8, 6 and 5.5 hours. If you are using tablets for games, the time may be even less. But on average, you’ll charge it once every 5-6 days, if you use the device sparingly. That is, there is no special revelation. Full-time charging plates (5V, 1A) is 3, 4, and 6.5 hours, respectively.

For the budget segment of the work is quite normal, it can not complain.

Hardware platform, memory, performance

In all the specifications state that all the plates are built on a budget processor MediaTek MT8382, which is specifically designed as a low cost solution for such devices. Four cores, the maximum clock frequency of 1.3 GHz. Good energy efficiency. To my surprise, the A7 model works on the previous generation processor MediaTek – MT6582, which, in fact, became a prototype of MT8382, but differs slightly higher price. Much difference in performance is not, it is the decision of the same order, so not matter what processor is worth it – you will not see the differences in future deliveries in A7 clearly will move to the MT8382.

Review 3G tablet Lenovo Tab A7-50 (A3500), A8-50 (A5500), A10-50 (A7600)

That performance for A7.

And here’s what a performance for the A8 and A10.

1 GB of RAM, which provides good speed interface, no stuttering, responsive interface. He is not the fastest and not immediately open certain sections, but it is almost imperceptible. In comparison with the other series of Lenovo, you may see the difference, but for budget devices all excellent. Same MegaFon Login 2, very slow compared to the A7, but and only costs 3000 rubles.

Compatible memory cards up to 32 GB, there is a “hot” replacement.

Built-in memory – 16 GB available to the user a little more than 13 GB.

Communication features

In products based on the chipsets MediaTek, GPS work often depends on the quality of implementation and antenna manufacturer experience in these plates, no problem – start going fast, binding to the terrain without problems.

Work 3G also have no complaints, of the downsides – the inability to make voice calls, this functionality is disabled. But you can receive SMS, send messages.

Support for Bluetooth, Wi-Fi 802.11 b / g / n – everything familiar, and nothing special. When connected to a computer via USB 2.0, the memory device is visible as a removable drive (USB Mass Storage). In memory can also select an area that stores the firmware for PC synchronization, but it is unlikely you will need it, and it works without the software, though, you may want to install the drivers.


The main camera has a resolution of 5 megapixels, but it takes a very, very bad. This budget option, it seems to me, interpolation with 3.2 megapixels, which is made not too good. However, look at the pictures and videos, everything will be clear.

Review 3G tablet Lenovo Tab A7-50 (A3500), A8-50 (A5500), A10-50 (A7600)

Software features – Android 4.2.2

In tablets worth Android 4.2.2, any information about an update to 4.3 or, especially on newer versions do not. In my opinion, buying a low cost device, do not expect that they will receive updates on the latest versions of Android – as a rule, this is not happening. At the same time, Lenovo come in a lot of patches to improve the functionality, they fly through the air, and can be instantly set.

From the point of view of the interface, we have the typical Android with minimal changes. So, you can have a different sidebar menu, enough to hold your hand and pull it out – it will program some quick settings. Quickly realize that the panel obstacle, and turn it off (default is off).

In the low-end model, oddly enough, there is no support Dolby Plus (this is due to the chipset used) in the A8 and A10 such equalizers are, they can be configured individually for all – music, movies, games, applications.

Integrated FM-radio support record, which is good. But requires a headset, it serves as an antenna.

Proprietary utilities Lenovo program presented ShareIt – different exchange files with other devices, where there is this software, as well as SyncIt HD – archiving the various data on the memory card as well as in the cloud.

As well as on phones that have an application “Power Manager”, it shows how much the device will run on battery power, allowing it to properly charge, switch to different modes of operation. Something similar can be found in the Play Store, the beauty of this program is that it is preinstalled.

Conductor, recorder, calculator, clock – all these applications are processed slightly in appearance, but the functionality is the same as the standard, familiar to Android.

To navigate, a program Navigeyt 6, her trial for 30 days. Point in using it in Russia. Also, do not recommend to put antivirus Norton Mobile, it is not needed. Kingsoft Office application for reading and creating office files are not useless, it is excellent.

Traditionally, it is the entire set of applications from Yandex, they duplicate counterparts from Google. Of useless applications note does UC Browser, why is it needed, completely incomprehensible. Application is also rubbish MusicOn, it is possible to get the tracks.

It is clearly seen that Lenovo learned to make presets for software and do it in a big way, but many programs are useless to the user and do not need. On the other hand, this set of software is less than a bunch of applications in the same megaphone Login 2, where they take up much more space and the number is huge.


It makes you want to cry, that impression of these device remains favorable. Serious disadvantages they do not have the fullness of unnecessary or duplicative applications – has long been the norm for such tablets, nobody cares about the balance between supply, then at least do not overdo this.

Hardware I have no claims to the plates – by two loud speakers with decent screens for its class. In terms of price / quality is pretty optimal device – so A7 worth 6990 rubles, A8 – 8490 rubles, A10 – 11 990 rubles (all prices in federal networks at the time of writing and 3G-versions, and with a memory 16 GB). Find competition for these devices is simple, for each model there are several dozen, usually from small Russian brands. For example, you can remember Prestigio 7280 3G – 7-inch with a resolution of 1024×768 pixels, 8 GB of internal memory, 1 GB of RAM, weaker processor and 450 grams in weight – the last option, in my opinion, the main budget and shows the device. In the same A7 weighs only 300 grams, and it is a noticeable difference. The price of the tablet – 8990 rubles, making it unprofitable to offer background from Lenovo.

Good suggestion from A-brand is the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 with 8-inch screen, but less filling, no stereo speakers, as well as in most models, and the price – 9990 rubles. Which is expensive for a device of this class – but it wins design more uhvatistoe better grip. But overpaying for brand and quite old device, I would not.

Review 3G tablet Lenovo Tab A7-50 (A3500), A8-50 (A5500), A10-50 (A7600)

The search for cheaper solutions naturally lead to such a model as TeXet NaviPad TM-7855, the price of 7990 rubles, and there is support 3G. 7.85 inch screen resolution of 1024×768 pixels, 8 GB memory, the chipset of the same generation and with similar capabilities, but one speaker. In principle, this is a typical representative of the segment – the price of such models varies federal retail from 7 to 8.5 thousand rubles.

Optionally, you can also find on the plates of the previous generation RockChip, but they are very slow and functionally strongly lose, but the price at the same diagonal more advantageous example – Oysters T84: 7.85 inches for 4990 rubles. But this is a fundamentally different class of device-oriented minimal cost.

Sense to compare each of the models with classmates not very many of them, and such a comparison should take a lot of time, and its usefulness is questionable. We must remember that Lenovo favorable difference in the two speakers, rather chipset performance, availability of Dolby Plus in the two older devices. The price of all these solutions is effective, especially if you take into account that the name of Chinese companies Lenovo – is not an empty phrase, is a major manufacturer. The delight of these models do not have this typical low-horses that justify its cost.