Review Acme Aula Dragon Deep. Excellent budget gaming keyboard membrane

Review Acme Aula Dragon Deep. Excellent budget gaming keyboard membrane

Review Acme Aula Dragon Deep. Excellent budget gaming keyboard membrane

Keyboard Acme Aula Dragon Deep refers to the low-end segment of gaming devices, so much hope on the “wow effect” was not originally. In addition, the Acme company is fully Chinese – production located in China, the development and other aspects, too, at home. Nevertheless, the keyboard is very pleased me build quality and many other aspects. Of course, without the disadvantages of not done, but we will talk about them in a separate paragraph. Now let’s sitting in a chair comfortably and tune in to an inexpensive keyboard geymerskogo type from China. Sounds scary, right?

Packaging Acme Aula Dragon Deep

To begin with, I was very pleased box in which the keyboard is available. It is made of cardboard so that the keyboard itself is not damaged, even if the mail with the parcel will be treated not very gently. On the front panel, the keyboard itself is drawn, logo, Aula, some features of the device.

painted on the back of the keyboard in full, there is a list of characteristics and another list of the features of the gadget. Packaging is completely matte, looks good and I would not have thought that this is a budget option from China.

Review Acme Aula Dragon Deep. Excellent budget gaming keyboard membrane

Equipment Acme Aula Dragon Deep

It comes keyboard in dense polyethylene with two plugs in-line fuse on the sidewalls made of foam. This is an additional protection against damage in transit. Included in addition to the keyboard, as there is a guide (very poor) and a set of keys for replacement. In this set of eight additional keys of blue color and special tools for recording with the Acme Aula Dragon Deep.

This is a separate issue, because such a solution is used in dozens of high-end keyboards. Call poor packaging can not, but the instructions could put more details.

Appearance Acme Aula Dragon Deep

The keypad is made of black plastic, with the plastic on the front panel is completely matte. It is pleasant to the touch, but this type of cover collecting prints of sweaty palms even faster gloss. In this there is a small disadvantage – under the brush stand after the first game was tarnished. The keys are made of comfortable material and here they are not spoiled at all. In the upper panel of the keyboard is Aula line logo on the left also has a company logo. In principle, I look like, but it’s a matter of taste, so dwell on this account will not.

Review Acme Aula Dragon Deep. Excellent budget gaming keyboard membrane

On the side faces of the keyboard there is the insertion of transparent white plastic, through which will come out the light from the diodes inside. Panel light is very weak, but still light and it adds a nice effect. The back panel is fully glazed, there feet to lift the keyboard from a different angle, as well as holes for discharging liquids. Yes, the keyboard is not at all afraid of falling liquid – you can at least ten liters of water pour out, it will be nothing. You can even play in this moment, and then dry it and play on. Perfect for those who like tea at the computer, and often throws it.

Characteristics Acme Aula Dragon Deep

Now a little about the characteristics of the Acme Aula Dragon Deep. Here, 104 keys, additional keys with the ability to program macros are not. That is, it is quite classic gaming keyboard without additional chips. Membrane Keyboards, cable length is 1.85 meters, weight 860 grams. For pressing need 50 grams of weight, the key stroke is 2 mm, connection via USB, there are Russian and English characters. There backlit keys, with those three colors, three illumination modes. Nothing special, but missing features are not.

Backlight Acme Aula Dragon Deep

An important part of any game is the keyboard backlight. Many gamers play at night, turn on the lights when the room is not the best solution, but with light you can easily see the keys, typing, playing. The important thing, in general. Here, the lighting of the three colors – red, pink and blue. This means that RGB-illumination developer decided not to spend money. Naturally, RGB lighting looks much nicer, because you can always choose one of 16.8 million colors and adjust it to suit your style or mood. There are only three colors, but if you are not a foodie – and this will be enough.

The backlight in three modes – a low level of brightness, high brightness and flicker (breathing effect).

Review Acme Aula Dragon Deep. Excellent budget gaming keyboard membrane

To be honest, we need only use bright mode – the low level of the backlight illumination is almost not visible, and during the flicker work or play will not work without electricity. Nevertheless, there are modes to someone they will be useful. It is also worth noting that not all keys are highlighted completely when viewed at an angle. That is, part of the illuminated letters, and some – not. But it is a problem of all membrane keypad with backlight, so that I do not even pay attention.

Setting keys Acme Aula Dragon Deep

An interesting solution is an additional key. These keys are included and they are painted in light blue color, which, of course, is not in harmony with the main colors of the keyboard, but the chip is not in this.

The fact that the games are some buttons you need the most and need quick access to them. For example, WASD has, arrows, some numbers or other keys. You need to quickly press the activation of an object – put a spare key to the place, and in the heat of battle, you will always be able to quickly, without looking to find the right button.

Disadvantages Acme Aula Dragon Deep

Despite all the advantages of the product, have the keyboard and some disadvantages, which you should pay attention before buying. For a start – a membrane keyboard, not mechanical, so that it will last a lot less “big brother”. Further, the keyboard is made of the cheapest plastic. He matt, strong, does not bend under the arms and looks stylish, but if you compare the quality of plastics in the new Logitech keyboard and in this, you will feel the difference.

It is noticeable and it is felt, so fans of expensive materials necessary to look towards more expensive options. The last drawback of the gadget can be called light. Three color is good, me and thousands of users to be missed, but there are also those gamers who need more options and I understand them to some extent. And the glow of regimes is not very functional, it is also frustrating.

Review Acme Aula Dragon Deep. Excellent budget gaming keyboard membrane


Compared with mechanical keyboards, this product is not worth it – the device is from 2,500 to 3,000 rubles, while the cheapest mechanics of the same in China is 8000 or more, and from manufacturers and even more, by 14 thousand. What do you get for the modest sum of two thousand five hundred rubles? High large keys with a soft and quiet way, which is convenient to use both typing and gaming. The bright lights of three colors, the ability to replace a key on the extra, blue, long cable to a good fabric braided, gold-plated USB connector, the cable bend protection.

At the same time, the Acme Aula Dragon Deep does not slide on the table, it does not bend during pressing or bursting. Yes, it’s not a mechanic, but for the first gaming keyboard or as a budget option, it will come down completely. Successful you shootings and look forward to your feedback in the comments!