Review of Android phableta Samsung Galaxy Note 4 N910C

Review of Android phableta Samsung Galaxy Note 4 N910C

Review of Android phableta Samsung Galaxy Note 4 N910C


Note The line began as an experiment in Samsung, the result of which was suddenly in demand in the market. Already the second generation line Note acquired features flagship stood out in a separate direction and become a drag on sales. At Samsung, there are two flagship during the year, one – it’s Galaxy S, which appear in early spring and autumn – this machine line Note. In 2013, it became clear that most of the innovation will be used exactly in the line of Note, these devices have not only become a testing ground for new technologies, but also a key product for the company. Interest from the Galaxy S has gradually shifted towards the Galaxy Note, it suffices to say that the sale of Galaxy S4 in the first 50 days reached 10 million devices around the world, but the Galaxy Note 3 was sold in the same edition for 60 days. Conventionally, we can say that the proposal from Samsung, the two categories of goods existed in parallel, and gradually the focus shifted to the older model. The reasons for this can be called a lot of – the lack of real and strong competitors, the high cost of the product, which in itself creates a niche (there are always those who want to phone for a maximum value), excellent technical characteristics. Note 3 model was very successful, and, as well as Note 2, it is not able to repeat competitors. Look at the line of Note and how it changed.


  • Android 4.4.4, shell TouchWiz
  • microSIM
  • Screen SuperAMOLED, 5.7 inches, 1440h2560 points, QHD, 515 dots per inch, 16 million colors
  • Corning Gorilla Glass 3
  • S Pen input handwritten notes, drawing and other
  • 3 GB of RAM, 32 GB of internal memory, memory card, up to 128 GB
  • Exynos 5 Octa 5433, an 8-core processor, up to 1.9GHz per core Cortex A57, up to 1.3 GHz per core Cortex A53, graphics accelerator Mali-T760 – LTE Cat.4 – N910C
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 805, 4 core Krait 450 to 2.7 GHz, Adreno 420, LTE Cat.6 – N910S
  • Acceleration sensor, gyro, proximity, compass, barometer, UV sensor, heart rate, blood oxygen saturation GPS / A-GPS / Glonass
  • ISOCELL camera 16 megapixels, optical stabilization, video recording up to 2160r 30 frames per second
  • Ant +, Bluetooth 4.1 EDR, Wi-Fi 802.11 b / g / n / ac, two ranges; microUSB (USB 2.0), USB Host, MHL, USB On-the-go; NFC, infrared;
  • 3G 850/900/1900/2100; 4G 800/850/900/1800/2100/2600
  • Battery 3220 mAh Li-Ion
  • Size 153.5h78.6h8.5 mm, weight 176 grams

Scope of delivery

  • Phone
  • Battery Li-Ion 3220 mAh
  • Wired stereo headset
  • Charger with USB-cable
  • Instructions

For example, in the LG is very closely followed the development of a line of Galaxy S, and Note. In 2013, the company was forced to decide how it will be able to compete with the two flagships, and created a Intermediate – LG G3. In terms of size, the diagonal of the screen, this model is exactly halfway between the Galaxy S5 and Note 4, although functionally tends to Galaxy S5.

Note lineup has created a niche in the market and has been successful, it proves and how to Apple tried to bite their piece, creating Apple iPhone 6 Plus, a hybrid of your phone and tablet, which in this case, as well as the Chinese phones, relies not on new technology or quality of the work, but only on the growth of the diagonal of the screen. That is, as well as the Chinese, at Apple sells just another device with wide screen, but not the concept that changes the understanding of the machine and its capabilities.

Review of Android phableta Samsung Galaxy Note 4 N910C

At Samsung, creating a line of Note, always focused on the dream of consumers get the highest possible performance, which will be relevant for several years. For example, Note 3 does not lose its relevance today, a year after its release. In fact, this device is one of the best on the market, it does not look dated, but the camera quality is second only to the latest generation of Galaxy S5, as well as Note 4. For fans of brute force and power of the phones in the synthetic tests such devices – it’s just a godsend. For ordinary consumers, this is also a good choice, because buying such a device, you can not think about changing it for at least another couple of years, and then all three. The main thing is that after a couple of years you will be in the hands of a device that is quite functional and works well. Perhaps this explains the real leaders of the market – not the way they are positioned at the time of release, and even if they can be used a few years later, and without the user something was missing. And in this aspect of the market is dominated two companies – Apple and Samsung, as evidenced by their sales. But the approach is very different from these manufacturers: if Apple does not rely on the performance and the strength of the brand, marketing, design, the Samsung has always focused on the filling machine, its capabilities and the latest developments. It is absolutely different approaches, and in this aspect Note 4 does not look for all the apparatus, it is only for those who want to get their money’s maximum possible technologies and, as a consequence, the quality of images, voice, performance and other aspects.

Note to users range can be divided into three groups of consumers – on the one hand, it’s the geeks, those who focused on the most productive, interesting solutions. The second group – business users, those who need efficient solutions with additional features, for example, work with a stylus, handwritten notes. And as part of this “fashionable” audience, those who buy the most expensive solution, trying to masquerade as a business audience. Also recall that, as before, Note – this is the only product on the market that is suitable for those who are used to make notes by hand and likes to write, alternatives to this product simply does not exist in this aspect.

Design, size, controls

The Samsung Note positioning line as the most expensive unit. In 2013, they added a rear backrest with embossed under the skin, causing a lot of smiles – supposedly premium product can only be of real leather, and it is – so, imitation leather. Lack of logic in these comments, as well as common sense, of course. Plastic – it’s one of the best material that exists in the market, but most importantly, he is unpretentious to use. Discovery Samsung copied a lot of Chinese companies that hold the nose to the wind, and in 2014 we see dozens of models with embossed plastic under the skin – it allows you to maintain a good appearance for a long time. Yet many have forgotten that the cover of the skin to Note 3 have been available since the first months of sales – that is, you can modify your machine as you like. Want a skin? Buy a cover and get that kind of stuff. In my opinion, this is the best approach – when you choose the material that you need. Me as a regular user line Note rather like to get durable, wear-resistant body, and the fact that the default configuration is that he, a big plus.

It is also important to note that the cover for the Note – this is not just some external accessory, they are part of the body, you set the cover instead of the back cover. At the end of the review, we will return to this issue, since it is important in terms of fashion accessories that appear to Note 4.

Let’s start with the exterior model – apparently it reminds Note 3, the differences as such a bit far away they may be confused. In many ways, heredity does design is not bad, especially since it is accompanied by radical changes in the body materials. As well as in the Galaxy Alpha, in Note 4 uses a metal frame around the entire body. Look for Alpha, this is how it looks on this tiny machine.

About the same looks and Note 4, if you close your eyes to a completely different size of the device. Metal faces are beveled, they play in the light. But at the same time very lateral face painted in the color of the body – in pink machine it is pink, white is white, and so on. From a technological point of view it is a challenge – how to get a quality paint coating of metal, so it does not peeled off with constant use.Specifically tried to scratch the finish keys and other metal objects, no trace remains. I admit that a knife or nail to achieve a result in the form of scratches out, but that’s exactly intentional damage to the machine.

I like all 3 Note, but the fact that the side faces peeled off after a year of use, as well as one of the faces creased after repeated falls, I do not like.

Review of Android phableta Samsung Galaxy Note 4 N910C

It should be noted that Note 3, as well as the previous devices, it is very easy to withstand a fall from a height of human growth on different surfaces. C Note 4 poronyat tried it on a hardwood floor with 1.5 meters, there is no visible damage. Drop onto the asphalt did not, because they do not want to ruin a brand new machine. Overall, one of my claims, apparently removed – in Note 4 durable frame displayed on another level, it will not change and will wipe not as a face made of metal.

Initially, the device comes onto the market in 4 colors: white, black, pink and gold. All colors look interesting, unlike the previous season, it is not necessary to wait for these colors additionally, they appear instantly.\

The back cover is also made with embossed leather, but changed drawing, he became slightly larger, there is no stitching on the edges. Is not erased, white socks, looks good. Cover, unlike the previous system, it is necessary to carefully snapped at the bottom, at the expense of a slight bend body she always falls into place instantly. But the problem with that, you just have to show care.

Speaker in the unit was moved to the rear wall, the design is completely analogous Galaxy S5 – Note 3 had a speaker on the bottom.Change the location of the speaker made even louder in Note 3 on it was impossible to complain, now the same tunes sound louder, tried to show this in our video.

At the ends are microphones – they are now three in the machine. Two on the bottom and one at the top. Three microphones excellent job not only with noise reduction in a street or a noisy environment, but they have added some features that are not typical for the phones and me up to this point are not met. Improved voice recorder – it came up mode “Interview” when he records audio with two mics – it is important to turn the phone end to the other party, and it is desirable to put on the table. There is also a mode of “Conference”, when sound is recorded from different sources. One of the new chips, but unlike many, it is not useless and easy to work and life.

I note that from the point of view of voice quality in Note 4 has done a great job. And it’s not only codec support HD Voice, which, in turn, depend on the support of operators. The Samsung tried to create the most well-sounding phone while talking to this job as speaker over and over microphones. By promiscuity and unimportance of this parameter for the vast majority of people, they just do not notice. But I spend about 1.5-2 hours a day on the phone, and for me the sound quality is important, then it is the maximum possible. Can only be compared with phones Nokia, which in the last flagship returned to its former value.

On the rear panel serves 16-megapixel camera module, it does not have any border. Performs slightly, and it is customary to Note 3, the problems can not be held. Given that the camera is in the middle, it even has its own advantages, body lifted and the speaker is louder when the unit is on the table.

Sensor under the camera changed from Galaxy S5, now he can not only measure the pulse, but also to measure the level of oxygen in the blood, stress, ultraviolet radiation. Many options for the majority would become superfluous, but a lot – it’s not enough, in the end, the extra money for them do not ask.

At the top there is the IR port for controlling home appliances. Your phone can act as a remote control for any technology. And it sometimes makes and helps. I had a few situations where the hotels in consoles on the technique was not the battery and the phone saved me, in one click, he turned into a full-fledged console. At home and using TV services (cable or satellite channels), it also gives all programs, schedule and search for them. Very comfortable. The service itself from Peel.

On the left side – the volume rocker on the right side – on / off button. The keys are comfortable to work, they are also made of metal. At the top there is a 3.5mm headphone jack, while the bottom end – USB-connector (microUSB 2.0 compliant). Perhaps the only retreat back was just such a plug – in Galaxy S5, Note 3 connector USB 3.0. I heard a lot of theories as to why did so, but the most likely is the sounds that Samsung hoped that they could use here connector USB 4.0. He looks the same as the connectors in the latest gadgets from Apple, arranged very simply. But will such devices only in the summer of 2015, maybe that’s why there was a return to the USB 2.0. Consider this a serious shortcoming can not, few will regret about USB 3.0, it was important for a very small part of the audience.

At the bottom end, you can also see the slot for the stylus S-Pen. As before, the handle is attached securely, does not take off, we’ll talk about it separately, as it has changed

Review of Android phableta Samsung Galaxy Note 4 N910C

Let’s talk about the face of the unit – to the left of the speaker is an indicator of missed events, it flashes blue, it can be disabled in the menu. On the right are the proximity sensor, and more to the right – front camera, she got a higher resolution and also a new feature panoramic photograph of a loved one. Talk about it separately, for someone, maybe it will be an interesting addition to the functionality of the phone.

Mechanical center key remained unchanged, on either side of it – two touch keys.

Open the rear cover. Inside we see a connector for memory cards microSD, supported by their “hot” replacement. Just below – jack microSIM-cards, but to replace the need to remove the battery.

Unlike the Galaxy S5, in Note 4 have no protection against water and dust, I recall that S5 supports IP67. Here it is simply not provided, so the water is not necessary to throw the phone. Finally, the last thing worth mentioning in this part of the survey, the size of the device – 153.5h78.6h8.5 mm, weight – 176 grams. It is comparable with Note 3 (151.2h79.2h8.3 mm, weight – 168 grams), fits well in the hand and does not cause any problems. It is often said that this is an extremely large unit, and it’s true. Phone rather big, but quite comfortable for a man’s hand. View pictures in comparison with other devices.

For comparison, Apple 6 Plus, having a smaller battery, smaller screen size (5.5 inches), weighs 172 grams and has a size of about 8 millimeters above – 158.1h77.8h7.1 mm. It’s just a different measurement – at Apple could not reach the small size when using the smaller screen. At the same time, in line Note dimensions are derived not from the components and of the originally invented the form factor, which remains the fourth year in a row. Please note that all models Note line close to this size, and it is unlikely they will change, because the question is how to keep them comfortable in the hand, and the compromise that was found in the company, was ideal for this form factor.


Not be amiss to recall that Samsung – one of the few manufacturers to create their own components, including screens. So many years, the company is a leader in this market, and competitors simply do not have access to the latest developments, it has become one of the reasons why Apple tried to refuse components Samsung, but eventually was forced to return to the company and then buy them.

Race on the quality of the screens for a long time came to an entirely different level – it’s not just the picture quality, screen resolution, but also how much energy is consumed by the display, this option comes to the fore. Several generations ago, the Samsung tried to begin to reduce energy consumption in the screens and have made significant progress in this – other things being equal unit of work as much or more than the competition. They have the best energy efficiency, and a huge role in this is played by the display. In this case, for the layman is often the difference in the screen is difficult to be represented, they live in a marketing stories and do not understand the real difference between the technologies, displays and encountering them in real life and being able to compare them for a long time can not come to life – the difference has eyes. I did at some point I realized that it is necessary to compare the latest generation of screens in the plates and show the difference in the very specific examples.

Let’s look at the specifications of the screen Note 4. Diagonal remained unchanged – 5.7 inches, but the resolution has increased to QHD – 1440h2560 points, 515 dots per inch, SuperAMOLED. In my opinion, any screen with the resolution of 400 dots per inch, can already be considered a great distinction is extremely difficult to see. In the course there are other options – image quality, color reproduction, ease of use.

Review of Android phableta Samsung Galaxy Note 4 N910C

To begin with, that Note 4 – one of the few devices with Corning Gorilla Glass 3 (example of another device – a Nexus 5). Usually phones pose a second version of windows, it is much cheaper, but inferior in strength by 50 percent, scratch resistance – 40 percent. At the moment, nothing better than a piece of glass, do not exist.

But the choice of Corning Gorilla Glass 3 is not accidental – it plays a role here, and the thickness of the glass, as in Note 4, the same as in the previous devices, there is a special layer that handles the clicking of the stylus. This process, unlike other devices, that is, from Wacom digitizer is only in line Note, and the company itself Wacom partially bought Samsung. Competitors will have to invent from scratch or something like that, or settle for conventional screens, as they do today. Draw on this unit is much easier than any other model with a stylus. At the presentation of Note 4 specially emphasized that tried to ensure that the pen was the most similar to a pen or pencil, the screen handles the degree of depression and you could draw, as it is done on a sheet of paper. Or write as much as you used to. I’ll tell you that, despite the same design of the pen, had greater similarity with handles, this is a plus for this model.

Let’s go back to the screen and its characteristics. At the presentation mentioned that the higher resolution allows for better display fonts.Eyes can not see this, but the fonts tidier. Will it affect the perception of the image? I think so. From screen to Note 4 less tired eyes tested in practice.

Next time – this color accuracy. In my view, the measurements and their interpretation, even more important than get results, should be dealt with by professionals, those who every day makes it earns it on the bread. Among Display Mate conducted a study in Note 4 of the screen – you can find it here .

Summary conclusion sounds so – is the most difficult of all the existing screen, and it has the most accurate colors, the most flexible configuration, it has no analogues. Also, it is superior to the screens in the Galaxy S5 (he was number one up to this point), and the screen in the Galaxy Tab S. Read a report of this company, it is very detailed and describes in detail why this is the best screen smartphones, the second place is occupied by Galaxy S5 .

In practice, the screen seemed to me very close to the Galaxy S5, but the font and picture clearer – affects a different resolution. I also want to note that the screen remains readable under different conditions, including the sun. Of the advantages of the screen – the ability to customize to fit your preference, you can choose to work as on other phones (faded colors, RGB), can choose Adobe RGB, as well as adaptive screen.

The screen supports any gloves, you only need to activate this function in the menu.

Look at the comparison of the screen with the Galaxy Note 3 (pictured above), although the pictures do not convey the real difference.

In my opinion, the amount of work that Samsung has done in SuperAMOLED screens, created a gap between the closest competitors for years. It allows you to create custom SuperAMOLED power saving mode, which has no other players. On the whole, with such brightness, the stock is huge, with such pictures as this screen consumes so much allows you to set the fastest processor and the graphics processor without affecting the total time of the device.

The bottom line is I want to mention that the screen in Note 4 can be called a work of engineering art – it’s the best screen on the set of parameters, direct competition does not have.


Capacity Li-Ion battery than c Note 3 is almost unchanged: 3220 mAh compared to 3200 mAh. According to the manufacturer, while working in the main modes are not changed, it’s about the same values ​​of standby time – up to 850 hours, talk time – up to 16 hours of video playback – up to 10 hours of music – about 50 hours.

Due to the fact that there is used a new chipset made by technology of 20 nm (as in Alpha), is the gain of the time, but it is offset by higher resolution screen and powerful GPU. At the presentation talked about the fact that at the same battery capacity able to increase working hours by 7.5 percent.

To some extent, this insidious figure, as it affects the synthetic measurements, and not the actual behavior of the phone in a lifetime. Our measurements of the time when you play a video (maximum brightness, HD-video in a loop) show that the time – about 9 hours, it is reduced to an hour (Exynos-version), but on the Qualcomm-version is the same 10 hours. Other things being equal it can be attributed to driver chipsets and their work on this hardware. I think that in reality Exynos-version does not show the increase in running time compared to the previous model, and it refers to the Qualcomm-version of the device.

Typical load machine easily works two days, as it did for the previous model. This is one of the most long-lived of smartphones on the market, and no one could get close to him in this respect. Regardless of whether, in any mode you are running, what you’re doing on your phone, you can just know one thing – he will live longer than similar devices with the same screen size. At very high loads, as in my case, my Note 3 live up to the evening – it’s about 3-4 hours of screen constantly on the network transfer of large amounts of data. Note 4 showed exactly the same results, the differences were not.

Out of interest – a form of battery in Note 4 has changed, it is different in appearance from the Note 3.

In the apparatus used technology Adaptive Fast Charging & Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0, is the first model to her. In the settings (see “Energy Saving”) include the possibility of fast charging. In this case, the native, bundled charger can charge the phone halfway over half an hour to fully charge possible for a half hour, while the hour unit will be charged to 90 percent.

Curiously, the rapid charging technology developed exclusively for processor Snapdragon, but Samsung got the right to use it with the Exynos. Chargers themselves are also different, without a proper charge to achieve such a time will not work, normal charging will do it for 3 hours (2A). In my opinion, a quick charging – this is one of the visible benefits of this device, charging the phone 2 hours to 90 percent of capacity is expensive. In the car fast charging will not work, but sorry.

Finally, I want to note that in Note 4 have plenty of room to increase the battery life on a single charge. From elementary adjust the screen brightness – maximum values ​​are redundant for most – to disable the definition of S Pen, if the stylus is not needed, and a variety of other settings. Including the power limit of the processor, which does not affect the performance, but gives about 5-6 “extra” hours. I think that in the near future will reach the hands to write a detailed material as much as possible to save energy on Android-smartphone without compromising the comfort of their use, the more that the issue is controversial and lively discussions. At its Galaxy Note 3 / Galaxy S5 I achieve this running time only by the settings that many people find it impossible.

Finally, I want to note that as in the S5, in Note 4 added two power-saving. There is the usual power-saving mode, in which you can limit the background job applications include gray color for the screen (AMOLED for this feature – Grey consumes almost no energy). And in the gray scale can work almost anywhere, even to watch – but it will be gray in color, which is not too pleasant and comfortable.

This mode is good savings in an environment where you have the battery lasts, but want all the features of the phone. Then at 10 percent charge you can safely spend about three hours, almost nothing does not refusing. Three hours – is the active use of the machine, just in his pocket, he can live much longer.

Maximum power consumption limitation trims almost everything on the 45 percent of the battery the phone will be able to work in the standby mode for at least 6 days! But, of course, it all depends on how you use it. Also included is a gray scale, but to chop off all communications, a list of running applications are restricted to those that allowed you all the background processes are switched off. This is a very deep Redesigned as many system functions is disabled, you can not make a screenshot in this mode, many built-in options are not available (but you do not need them).

I liked this mode is that when the battery goes down, one-touch by activating this mode, you can easily live up to the evening – SMS and voice will be available to you.

It is worth to remind that nothing like the competition is not there. Officially in Note 3, these opportunities do not come in the company felt that this new model should be different from the previous one. Unofficially, third-party firmware that functionality of S5 added, but the quality of these firmware raises questions, they are not always stable.

Memory, memory card, chipset, performance

Let’s start with a simple apparatus to 3 GB of RAM, which was developed for Android is currently the maximum size. For comparison, the second generation of Apple’s devices has only 1 GB of memory. In theory, it is possible in various ways to organize the operating system, in particular, the amount of RAM is important to keep in mind the open browser page, they can be quickly accessed. But also they can be stored in a conventional cache memory. The user usually not interested in this, he cares about how fast and accurately they can open the page in memory. From this viewpoint Note 4, as well as 3 Note, some of the best on the market.

Built-in memory – 32 GB, you can use up to 24 GB of space for your programs and data. You can install a memory card of up to 128GB, the difference in the speed of access is almost there, so saved on the applications will run just as fast.

Now let’s focus on the hardware differences of the two versions of the Note 4. Model N910S is built on Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 – 4 core Krait 450 to 2.7 GHz, Adreno 420, LTE Cat.6. A version of N910C, which is the basis for Russia, built on the Exynos 5 Octa 5433, an 8-core processor, up to 1.9GHz per core Cortex A57, to 1.3 GHz per core Cortex A53, graphics accelerator Mali-T760 – LTE Cat.4.

First, the Samsung have combined the technology of 20 nm chipset in Galaxy Alpha, this delay is associated with the release of this model.The company’s plants are moving to a new process technology. In Note 4 also used it.

Memory Dual Channel remained, but the bandwidth has increased up to 17 Gbit / s (1066).

New core Cortex A53 / A57dolzhny provide not only performance, but less heat under heavy load. Comparing Note 3 and Note 4 to the “heavy” toys, I can say that, in practice, is clearly visible. In the new model heat almost non-existent, and get off the camera when recording video in ultra-high resolution after the games I have not failed. While recording video, and is limited to 5 minutes, it comes from the time of Note 3 and overheating.

In all synthetic tests Note 4 shows its best side, he is the fastest of today’s smartphones. See for yourself in virtual parrots.

Sorry, but the market does not exist for public and universal tests that could show the performance of the graphics subsystem. The same test Epic Citadel shows the maximum performance for Note 3 and Note 4. for Galaxy S5 Although it’s just a good result, affects a smaller amount of RAM.

In general, the decision on the Exynos more productive. In practice, it is noticeable in the camera mode – for example when shooting at night the shutter is released immediately, while at Note 3 had to wait for image processing, it is directly related to the speed of the chipset.Historically, that users preferred solution for Qualcomm, but in the case of Note 4 much of a difference between them, Qualcomm wins a little time work, but loses in performance. The difference is not catastrophic, and almost invisible when using the real device.

USB, Bluetooth, connectivity options

Let’s start with the fact that Note 4 became the first device to support Bluetooth 4.1. And the first accessory that supports this technology steel watches Gear S.

Besides the fact that BT 4.1 encompasses all the protocols implemented in previous versions, it was added a few basic features. First, it extended range, which can reach several tens of meters, depending on the settings of devices and how this option set up a manufacturer.Secondly, the protocol is used for addressing the IP, i.e. the device now has a unique address and is supported by contact with a plurality of such devices. In practice, this is implemented through the connection with the clock Gear S, you can receive a call from a number on the clock, but you can also call, received at the SIM-card, hours to fight off or take on a smartphone. That is, the connection is bidirectional, and watch and smartphone stand alternately with respect to each other as a headset. On previous versions of the standard that was impossible.

Of the technical aspects of enhanced Bluetooth connectivity and LTE, now in one device goes synchronization of these technologies do not interfere (for our frequency LTE is irrelevant). Plus Bluetooth-enabled devices can now apply to the cloud and send their results directly, bypassing the device companion, as it was necessary before. But under Note 4 is not so important, yet it is not an accessory, and the main unit.

Review of Android phableta Samsung Galaxy Note 4 N910C

USB-connection. It uses USB 2.0, i.e. the data rate is not 45 MB / c, as in the Galaxy Note 3 / S5, and about 20 Mb / c. These are not theoretical but real results on the devices. They may vary depending on the operating system and the computer to which you connect your phone. Either higher or lower than the side. But I think that you understand the difference.

MicroUSB connector also supports MHL, this means that using a special cable (available at electronics stores), you can connect your phone to a TV (to an HDMI-output). In fact, the standard and describes the possibility to connect via microUSB to HDMI. This decision looks better than a single miniHDMI-connector on the chassis.

The maximum data rate is 150 Mbps LTE / c.

Wi-Fi. Supported by standard 802.11 a / b / g / n / ac, master work similar to that of Bluetooth. You can memorize the selected network to automatically connect to it. It is possible to set up the router in one touch, to do this, press the button on the router, and enable similar button in the menu of the device (WPA SecureEasySetup). Of the additional options it is worth noting the setup wizard, it appears with a weak or fading signal. You can also configure the Wi-Fi work on schedule.

Also for the standard 802.11 n support operation HT40, which allows to double the capacity Wi-Fi (requires support from the other device).

Wi-Fi Direct. Protocol, which is designed to replace the Bluetooth or start competing with its third version (it also uses Wi-Fi version n, large file transfers). In the Wi-Fi menu settings section, select Wi-Fi Direct, the phone starts to search for devices around. Select the desired device, activate the connection on it, and voila. Now in the file manager, you can view files on another device, and share them.Another option – just find the devices connected to your router, and send them the files you want, you can do it from the gallery, or other sections of the phone. The main thing that device supports Wi-Fi Direct.

NFC. The device is present technology NFC, it can be used with a variety of additional applications.

S Beam. Technology that allows for a few minutes to transfer the file to another phone several gigabytes in size. In fact, we see in the S Beam combination of two technologies – NFC and Wi-Fi Direct. The first technology is used in order to bring and authorize phones, but the second – is to transfer the files themselves. Creatively modified method of using Wi-Fi Direct is much easier than using the connection of two devices, select the files and so on.

IR port. Needs to use the phone as a remote control various appliances. Automatically configured for almost any model of technology.



Repeats last year’s situation, when the Note 3 got the camera module with Galaxy S4, but due to software improvements began to take off a little better. In Note 4 camera module came with the Galaxy S5, a 16-megapixel image sensor technology ISOCELL from Samsung. In fact, we observe a change of components, failure of Sony cameras in the top products, since Samsung could bring to mind its own technology.

As a user of both S5, and Note 3, I can say that I like in S5 mode HDR, which is included in my default, it works instantly and gives the pictures of good quality. One can argue what the camera is shooting better than others, but it certainly can be argued that Samsung smartphones almost always outperform their competitors in the aggregate characteristics. And the Apple device has long been firmly established themselves as a very average in terms of cameras, Android-devices are far ahead in this aspect.

In terms of technical characteristics of the camera has not changed, except that the added optical stabilization.

The geometry of the matrix 16: 9, the pixel size has not changed – 1.12 micron, while F / 2.2, which is very good, but pretty standard for the market. Focal length equivalent to 35 mm is 31 mm. USO settings manually – from 100 to 800, in an automatic – from 50 to 1600.

The camera interface is simplified, so you can set a couple of your shortcuts to the home screen, the menu is called line with the basic settings, and only re-opened by pressing the whole list in the form of icons.

The quality of images I wanted to compare with the Galaxy S5, good camera modules are identical and should provide comparable quality.See for yourself in the pictures, they are about the same, the quality is slightly better for the Note 4. striking differences seen here failed.

Whether to focus on shooting in the dark? I think that the vast majority of people always takes in an environment where the light is still present. And in this aspect of the camera Note 4 is able to issue guaranteed good shots. Moreover, regardless of whether you kolduete over or not. This result, which is significantly higher than that of smartphones from Apple, and above the market average Android-champions. In my opinion, the camera takes much better counterparts from other companies.But comparing the images in total darkness with the Lumia 930, Sony Xperia Z3, I should note that these two apparatus to cope with the work much better. On their images can be read text on a sheet of paper while in Note 4, it remains a gruel.Quite another thing – the pictures in the dark, the camera began to take off much better. Moreover, in contrast to the S5, it removes instantly, no waiting picture.

Button “Mode”, which is familiar from the previous devices, hides inside exactly the same settings as before (with quick start is not available). It effects such as retouching, motion Picture, Panorama, Dual Camera, Sports, panorama, sounds and photos.

One of the major changes is that now the additional effects can be downloaded in the store Samsung – all that was before in previous phones, available for free, but many of the new effects will be sold. A nice feature, the company opens SDK, and the effects of the camera will be able to create other companies, whether it is the direction of success, I do not know, but I’m sure we’ll see some interesting settings.

The maximum recording resolution – UHD (3840h2160; 16: 9), and the default is FullHD (1920×1080; 16: 9), it is necessary to use it (there is an intermediate – WQHD – 2560×1440 pixels, the screen size). Also there is a HD and VGA, but I do not think you need them. Resolution UHD is a thing in itself, you can not see it anywhere but a number of players and number.

For FullHD resolution and below you can also use different shutter speed. For example, the “smooth motion” in which the smoothed jerks objects in the frame, there is a record on the microphone.

Slow motion may be half, quarter, eighth rate. Recording from the microphone is not possible. Rapid movement – it is the opposite, the acceleration in the 2, 4 and 8 times.

Finally, I would like to stay at the front of the camera. I’m not a fan of such a phenomenon as selfie, but many love to take pictures of a favorite on the background of the surrounding beauty. Especially for them, the front camera with a resolution made 3.7 megapixels. You can shoot not only touch on the screen, but by placing your finger on the sensor at the back where there is a measurement of the heart rate. Here are a few self as an example (the skin is colored by default, this mode of Beauty).

Stylus S Pen, pen, or new opportunities

One of the key differences between the ruler Note is built stylus that lets you draw on the screen and do it very efficiently. I have no artistic talent, so I just obmirayu when I see how people can draw on such devices. The program Pen.UP you can look at someone else’s work, evaluate it and put their pictures.

The logic of the S Pen is almost not changed with respect to Note 3, although the change itself pen, it appeared serifs, it is more convenient to hold in your hand. The weight and size remain the same. As additional accessories can be purchased “handle» MontBlanc, which can “write” on the screen Note 4.

Increased sensitivity of the pen twice, that is supported not only by touch, but the screen handles and strength clicking on it. My experience is very positive, S Pen works as needed, however, I am making only his notes, and do not draw.

Pull the S Pen, and then the context menu appears. The first item is an active place, it is possible not only to enter text by hand, but also create a reminder call, send an email or SMS to a certain number, it will be recognized and throws you in the appropriate application. A kind of fantasy, but for me personally it is not necessary, I just am making notes in S Note. Last application on the menu, but also of active note, you can go to a one-touch, there are already all sorts of patterns, voice recognition text and things like that.

Other items of the context menu – the inscription on the picture screen, the phone makes a screenshot, and then you can do something for him to write. Choice of pens and pencils, colors can be saved for the future.

Another feature – a cutting portion of the screen are, for example, it may be a web page. It’s nice that now the picture is recognized text, whether in English or Russian. In fact, it’s built-in OCR, which works as it should. You can highlight not only the rectangular area, but there is also an opportunity to draw the stylus, or use the magnetic lasso tool, as in the graphic editors. All your notes are stored in an album that you can use immediately or store until better times. The application is called “Album of clippings.”

Unfortunately, this feature was removed as quick creation of charts, find it in the menu, it was not possible, she made her debut in Note 3, but now it is not.

Currently on the market there are no alternatives lineup Note for those who want to be able to draw on your device, or enter notes the old fashioned way, by hand. I sometimes use handwriting, and it is not bad, especially when you need to quickly write something and get a computer for a long time or not.

Software features Note 4

Let’s start with the simple and obvious, it is a typical device from Samsung, and features of the pen as described above. Chips updated TouchWiz described in the material about Galaxy S5, I see no reason to repeat here, I want to dwell on the fact that different.

Version of Android 4.4.4, from standby unit responds to the command OK Google, previously it did not work. There is a kids mode, you can see how it works, the example of S5.

Heavily processed application S Health, in it you can now not only count your steps, pulse, but to measure stress levels, blood oxygen saturation, levels of ultraviolet radiation. For many, this will be an additional and very important functionality, but it is interesting.

The application appeared “coac from Cigna, he estimates based on your responses to progress in a particular area. Looks like something silly and not very applicable. A sort of questionnaire with obvious answers and results, not very interesting.

Dictaphone changed under three microphones and the ability to record different people, interview or meeting. Is an interesting option that really works.

In terms of multimedia is also no FM-radio, the Samsung abandoned it in all key products. The music player is unchanged, the maximum number of options and opportunities. In the video, an opportunity to stop-motion scrolling. As usual, supports all codecs for video and audio, it’s all out of the box.


In terms of call volume this device one of the most vociferous on the market, plus a very good job of quality audio, you can hear excellent (there is support for HD Voice, which depends on the operator). Vibrating alert is average.

The cost of this model will be 34 990 rubles, on the market in Russia – October 23. This attraction of unprecedented generosity, as arranged last year MegaFon Note 3 (25 000 rubles at the start), and lowered the price now – 13 and 17 thousand, respectively, will not be simple. You can look at the prices on the S5, which remain almost at the same level as today, federal retail trades them to 28 990 rubles, with the start of sales for a thousand more. So I am sure that with Note 4, the situation will not be repeated, unless someone does not take it upon myself to have to subsidize the phone.

Until recently, the price of the Note was the highest for the smartphone market, but with the release of Apple 6 Plus can say that the Note was much more attractive, because the cost of 16GB fableta Apple’s starts from 36 990 rubles. 32 GB version is missing, as such, immediately goes to 64 GB. But even comparing the basic version, we can see that Apple’s product more deprived – camera 8 megapixels to 16, the quality of the shooting, according to a preliminary review, Apple typically-average, with a significantly smaller screen resolution and diagonal only 5.5 inches, but body is much larger – that’s what might be called a spade. The strength of the brand Apple can attract attention to the product, even create a competition to Note 4, but technically it is a player from another league – the characteristics of the average product, which does not have most of the features that are present in the line of Note, and I’m not even talking about the stylus.Basically, Apple and creates their devices to a mass audience, not trying to please those who want to get a great result from the average.

Review of Android phableta Samsung Galaxy Note 4 N910C

Curiously, the version of the device on the 128 GB Apple fans touted as something that was missing in the market, but it is not. The amount of memory in the lineup for a long time expanding Note cards that do not have any special restrictions on storage photo or video, and large amounts are needed for multimedia. For example, the usual Note 4 Plus 128 GB memory card will give you more memory than is available on the Apple 6 Plus. I will not touch other parameters – quality screen time, the opportunity to work in multiple browser tabs and close them. The list can be very long, it’s just two different worlds – the average from Apple, the most technically saturated from Samsung / Google.

For those who want to stand out with the help of Note 4 accessories will be available from MontBlanc. Cover for mobile phone worth $ 245 and it looks very interesting, there are two options.

And you can buy a stylus, which is worth a little less than the phone itself. In the two versions.

In my view, the emergence of such accessories – this is the right move in the direction of those who love luxury and fashion items, the audience for such things has always been and will be, the crisis did not affect her. I note from other accessories Watch Gear S, who left on their own strange experience, first look at them you can read us.

Note 3 as a user I’m very picky looking for that I do not like in the Note 4. But it turned out that the new product was a very decent and from all points of view interesting. The new chipset and fast charging, improved stylus, metal frame in the housing, an excellent screen and a camera that I like in S5 and got a slight improvement. Like it or not, but the device turned out to be a leader in this, that all the changes and are not striking, are not fundamental differences. It’s like good shoes, which breaks and not have to get used to it. So here, all well known, plus additional features and functions.

Should I change to Note 3 Note 4? If you have the opportunity to do so, and most importantly, the desire, yes. However, in a separate video, I tried to show the difference between these models, see for yourself.

For those who are thinking about what to choose, Galaxy S5 or Note 4, I would recommend the second, unless you are very important to have IP67 and do not mind paying the price difference

In the market there is no solution that would be so interesting from an engineering point of view, the fact that the developers have put into the machine. This is the flagship, and it laid the functionality that will be relevant not only in the coming year. And two years later, it remains at a decent level. This unit will be one of the first that will be updated to Android 5. As I see it, this is the perfect phone for those who understands exactly what he wants from the device and what it is he wants. And can benefit from the flexibility of settings to completely change it for yourself. Of course, if you want, because you can use all of the boxes and so.

In the dry residue gave one of the best models on the market, as well as Note 3 years ago. Direct competitors of this machine to do, since everything else is much weaker than functional. Friendly Note 3 I will replace on Note 4, as modified and the model turned out nice.

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