Review of Android-smartphone Lenovo P70

Review of Android-smartphone Lenovo P70

Review of Android-smartphone Lenovo P70

Lenovo P70 – Technical characteristics:

  • Android 4.4.4
  • MediaTek chipset 6752 8 cores up to 1.7GHz per core, 64-bit graphics co-processor ARM Mali T760-MP2 700MHz
  • 2 GB of RAM, 16 GB internal, microSD memory card up to 32GB
  • Two SIM-cards – microSIM, hot-swappable cards of equal value, one of them only 2G
  • Screen IPS, 5 inches, 1280×720 pixels, up to 5 clicks
  • Battery Li-Ion 4000 mAh battery, support fast charging (2 hours 10 minutes), two days under the “heavy” load, USB on the Go, charging other devices up to 34 days of standby time (2G), up to 46 hours talk time in 2G (up to 18 hours in 3G)
  • The main camera is 13 megapixels with LED flash, front 5 megapixels
  • LTE cat. 4 (4G Voice is not supported), 3G, Wi-Fi 802.11 b / g / n, Bluetooth 4.0, USB 2.0
  • Dimensions – 142h71.8h8.9 mm, weight – 149 grams

In the Lenovo line with the index P is always included vehicles with large batteries, enough to remember such a model, as Lenovo P780, in which the battery is 4000 mAh.

This series is deservedly in demand, since it included a sort of hard workers, telephones without claiming to refinements in design, long-running, with the average for its time characteristics. That is, devices with optimal, according to Lenovo, quality / price ratio, also focused on those who are not used my phone like a glove. It was assumed that the lifetime of these devices will be at least one year in the same hands, and then all of two.

I will tell you a little secret, any characteristic, stands out from the usual to the market, whether it is the thickness of the body, a special screen brightness, high capacity battery – all this attracts attention. Typically, manufacturers do not aspire to become generous so that the middle-end models give the consumer many outstanding characteristics – rather one that will emphasize the unusual machine. Therefore, as a rule, the solution is obtained unbalanced – subtlety turns small time work, more battery – on the contrary, uncomfortable housing dimensions and long charging time. Ideal in the market there, and it is unlikely he can.

Review of Android-smartphone Lenovo P70

When companies are beginning to experiment with models of the middle segment, they rarely get something for this worthwhile. They look at the competitors on the previous model, as a result of a cross between a bulldog with a rhinoceros comes on the market and becomes very popular. Sometimes in the course of experiments and by luck turns a device that with good reason be called special. His release exact balance of performance, correctly chosen value, as a result – an excellent quality / price ratio. It is in this machine is Lenovo P70.

This workhorse on Android, which will be chosen for a good time working, fast charging, a good screen. One could call this device a universal solution, but it lacks the very small – high-quality camera. This flaw may stop many from buying a P70, but if you close your eyes to him, the model turned out surprisingly interesting. However, let’s talk about everything in order.

Lenovo P70 – Design, size, controls

Outside China, this model will be available in one color – dark blue, while in its home market it is presented in a white body and dark brown.

Externally, the device does not make any impression, the usual rectangle of Android-smartphone, black front panel, three touch buttons below the screen. The first thing you notice is pretty slim, if you know what’s inside the battery at 4000 mAh. The dimensions of the device – 142h71.8h8.9 mm, weight – 149 grams. Typically, the model with batteries weigh about 200 grams, so the weight of 149 grams looks awesome. In everyday life, it always feel, the device is not much different from today’s smartphones. We can say that it is not as thin, but this is vkusovschina. Usually it is not perceived as high or uncomfortable, it fits nicely in the hand, the weight rather big, but quite comfortable

The back cover is removable, it must be carefully snap, otherwise it will be in the hands of crunches. Thin plastic, but it does not bear any problems, it is not visible from the outside, and on the characteristics of the device does not affect this point. Everywhere weight savings to achieve the most 149 grams.

The right side has a on / off button, volume rocker. At the top end – 3.5 mm jack on the bottom – microUSB-socket.

Located on the rear panel LED flash and lens 13-megapixel camera.

Build quality no complaints, it is plastic, the front panel is covered by Gorilla Glass, although oleophobic coating on the characteristics of the average, it remains visible traces of the hands and cheeks.

Under the back cover, you can see two slots microSIM-cards, they are unequal, one – only 2G, while the second – 2G / 3G / 4G. Also has a slot for memory cards.

Lenovo P70 – Display

5-inch screen has a resolution of HD-1280×720 pixels (294 dpi), IPS. He has a good stock of brightness, the automatic adjustment of brightness greatly muted in order to get more work time. This is useful in almost all operating modes, except for watching a video. Color rendering screen does not stand out in class or for the worse or for the better. This is a very good solution. In older models of Lenovo screens may have a higher resolution, but often worse color reproduction, less brightness. This matrix is in every sense can be considered as the golden mean. It is not bad. Look at the screen shots compared to the Samsung Galaxy S5 (pictured top Galaxy S5).

On the street the screen does not glare, the information is easy to read. Traditionally, Lenovo has a choice of fonts of different sizes, which makes use of the phone is comfortable depending on the severity of your vision (four preset size). I would like more flexibility in the settings, for example, different variants of colors. But expect this at such a machine is not worth it.

Review of Android-smartphone Lenovo P70

Lenovo P70 – Battery

Battery technology is clearly stepped forward in the last year, the size of the battery slightly decreased, but more importantly, reduced its weight. Battery Li-Ion, it is removable, with a capacity of 4000 mAh (in China and Indonesia 3900 mAh).

Let’s start with the most interesting, namely the charging time. There is support for technology Quick Charge, respectively, the total charging time is about 3 hours. If you take the Fast Charger from the Galaxy Note 4, the charging time is 2 hours 10 minutes (up to a hundred percent!). In any case, this is clearly comparable with the most modern equipment and very little for such a battery capacity.

Of unusual chips noting the existence of the cable USB-OTG, which can connect to any USB-connector cable for charging, your output will be 5V, 0.5A, ie the phone can act as an external charger. I am sure that this opportunity to take advantage of a few, but it is present and can sometimes be useful.

In my usage scenario was exhibited automatic backlight, the day I made phone calls for about 30 minutes, and about 2-2.5 hours in social networks, the Internet, either through 3G / 4G-connection (mainly) and Wi-Fi. Two full days of machine quietly worked.

Review of Android-smartphone Lenovo P70

It is interesting that in my arms have Motorola Droid Turbo, which costs almost the same in 3900 mAh battery, also has fast charging, but the screen is AMOLED. Nevertheless, these devices operate in approximately the same time, my hands for two days. For comparison, my Note 4 (3220 mAh battery) draws only one day for the same load. In all senses P70 shows a very good time. But it is not all clear, as some unexpected modes consume a lot of energy in comparison with others. So, I expect that with maximum brightness during video playback (AVI, MX Player, HW mode) will be approximately 14-15 hours, as well as on the Droid Turbo, but the result was disappointing – about 10.5 hours. Rechecked, no error – battery consistently produces 10-10.5 hours playback.

Even worse optimization for games, as soon as the 3D, the phone starts to heat up significantly, which is not observed in normal mode, and it works only about 4 hours. That is 1000 mAh eaten in an hour of play. Given that the screen is not the largest diagonal, it looks no better optimization of the chipset for specific tasks.

But for those who do not play, looks moderately video (50 minutes per day), this machine will last for two days are the same. Another point in the manager has the power setting, which by default includes a mode of maximum energy savings from 12 am to 6 am. In this mode turns off data, available only calls and SMS. If you do not like this approach, you can either adjust the time interval, or even disable this mode.

Lenovo P70 – Platform memory performance

The model is based on the chipset MediaTek MT6752, is an 8-core solution of the second generation, which is focused on a model of the middle price range. Of the nice features – each core Cortex A53, frequency – up to 1.7 GHz (64 bit). Graphics co-processor Mali-T760, and also the first time for MediaTek chipset This class has built-in support LTE cat. 4 (FDD, TDD claimed, but specifically in this model is not implemented). The amount of RAM – 2 GB built-in – 16 GB, 12 GB available to the user.

Review of Android-smartphone Lenovo P70

Despite the fact that the slot for microSD memory cards is available under the back cover, hot swap, as opposed to SIM-cards is not supported. If you insert a memory card into the device works, he happily reported that hot swap is not for him, and reboot. It hurt, and somehow a bit conservative. Another disadvantage is that the specifications can only support memory cards up to 32GB. Tried card capacity as 64 and 128 GB, they do not work. It will not be very serious limitation for many.

Now let’s focus on performance. Judging by the interface, it is all very well, no brakes, all smooth and nice. In the synthetic tests the device shows the average results are not very high. But in these tests exist to show virtual parrots. I am sure that the vast majority of people the performance of this solution is enough. It is between 400 and 600 Snapdragon series.

Lenovo P70 – Communication capabilities

The smartphone works in networks GSM, HSDPA and LTE (4G) and is equipped with two slots for microSIM-cards. The first slot is supported LTE FDD (bands 1, 3, 7, 20), so Russian device works without problems with the 4G-networks.

The second slot is designed primarily for SIM-card on which you plan to call, but the data it can also be used. However, only using 2G (Edge).

USB. For PC synchronization and data transfer used the supplied cable microUSB. Interface USB 2.0. Supports USB-OTG – to your phone can be connected via an adapter flash drives and other storage devices with file systems FAT / FAT32.

Bluetooth. Built-in Bluetooth 4.0 with support profile A2DP.

Wi-Fi (802.11 a / b / g / n). The smartphone dual-band Wi-Fi module, it works flawlessly. Like any other modern Android-device, Lenovo P70 supports the “rassharivaniya” mobile Internet on Wi-Fi (Wi-Fi-router).

Lenovo P70 – Camera

The usual 13-megapixel autofocus camera module, which gives disappointing pictures, they do not look good even on the phone. However, you can verify this yourself.

Lenovo P70 – Software features

The device goes to Android 4.4.4, currently the latest version of the OS. All capabilities of the add-on Android called Vibe UI are described in a separate article. I will not repeat.

It remains an open question whether the update to version 5.0. From the perspective of the chipset is supported update. But whether it will be available for this model is not known. But companies are trying to update their key models, P70 refers to them. Neither the timing nor how will look updated (cable, over the air) unavailable.

Lenovo P70 – Multimedia capabilities

Traditionally, there is FM-radio, support to record sound from the airwaves.

Individual player to play music not only Google Play Music. All traditional and familiar, but there is a hardware equalizer, you can adjust the sound for yourself. Phone sounds nice, but nothing special and not allocated. The maximum volume is comfortable, although the stock unit just does not have.

Video codec support distinguishes H.265, otherwise all the usual and ordinary.

Lenovo P70 – Impressions

The ringer volume is slightly above average, in the pocket of outerwear you can not hear. The vibrating alert is average in power. The quality of the no comments, everything works well, although frequent re-registration of 4G to 3G and back, in any case, according to the indicator. I think the latter is lying, because in practice it is not visible increased battery discharge.

Now let’s focus on the cost of this decision. In China, Lenovo P70 worth 1,500 yuan, but he has a little poorer performance, it is de facto a different model. The European model P70-A has a maximum performance, its cost will be about $ 250 (as an option, the price in euros will be slightly less than or is the same). In Russia, this model to exchange rate fluctuations of the ruble had to get up in the price range of 12-14 thousand rubles, but what will be the price at the end of February, when it appears, is not known. For a guide take those same $ 250 plus Russian margin of 20-25 percent.

For its cost model turned out well-balanced, it can potentially of interest to many buyers. Good screen presence of a large battery of 4000 mAh at modest housing dimensions and really long work on a single charge. The market is not so much unique, similar in characteristics, it is enough to recall the Philips W6618, which has 5300 mAh battery, but other characteristics worse – 1 GB of RAM, 4 GB of built-in 5-inch screen with qHD-resolution and price about $ 200 . Low price does not atone for his shortcomings, including the weight of 200 grams. It feels quite a different device class.

Russia is also under various local names of famous Chinese model Gionee GN185, in which the battery is 4200 mAh. Of the minuses – the old platform, the weight of 195 grams, significantly poorer performance.

By the time the Lenovo P70 many companies update their line, there will be a new generation of devices with high capacity batteries. In each case, we must look for the presence of fast charging, the weight of the device – these are the main indicators for such devices.

Be Lenovo P70 camera is slightly better, and this device can be accurately be called a bestseller, but for now it’s a very good contender for the role workaholic. Hours, a good screen – this is an argument in its favor. The model successfully, and the consumer will find it exactly.