13.04.2014 8:26

Review ASUS Cerberus – comfortable gaming headset with two microphones

In recent years, ASUS has won some market share thanks to gaming audio line-Xonar. Successful sound cards did not stop, and to complete the picture as a manufacturer began production of gaming headsets. On one of them, ASUS Cerberus, we describe in detail.


  • Speakers: Neodymium, 60 mm
  • Diameter cups: 100 mm
  • Headphone Impedance: 32 ohms
  • Headphone Range: 20 Hz – 20 kHz
  • Two microphone unidirectional removable (50 Hz – 10 kHz, -40 ± 3 dB), omnidirectional removable (50 Hz – 10 kHz, -45 ± 3 dB)
  • Cable length: 1.2 m + 1.3 m from the separator headphone / microphone
  • Weight: 266 g
  • Ability to connect to the controller via the PS4



In the box we found the headset with everything needed to connect it to any 3.5mm outputs:
  • cable connector on the junction of the combined microphone and headphones separately;
  • adapter for smartphones with a different pinout;
  • detachable microphone;
  • instruction manual and warranty “for VIPs.
The total length of the cable and headphone splitter lets you use the headset at a decent distance from the source. At the same time with a high probability of the cable will have to pull together, even if it comes from the back of the system unit.
An additional adapter is due to the fact that the spread of mobile phones, two types of arrangement of contacts of the headset. They differ in the place reserved for the microphone and “earth.” In ASUS provided this did headset compatible with all mobile devices.


Designers ASUS Cerberus, seems inspired by the principle of Albert Einstein: “Make as simple as possible, but not simpler than that.” And for good reason. The headset is almost entirely made of black matte plastic. In some places there are inserts with a glossy finish and red color accents.
Headband, similar to what is used in the headset ASUS, we met in the Razer Tiamat – the top model of the American manufacturer. This headband is much more convenient standard, because the size need not be adjusted manually. The headset itself adapts to the user’s head and the pressure is always at a comfortable level. The frame is made of two sets of metal strips in a rubber sheath, which gives structural strength. In contact with the head part is made of synthetic leather with a textile lining.
Form cups from ASUS Cerberus round. No dubious ovals and polygons. Ten centimeters in diameter provide complete coverage of the ears. Through this space, even if the long game will not bother sweating, although it is promoted leatherette ear pads. Incidentally, they are removable – under the right is a sticker with a bar code and serial number of the headset.
On the left cup is fixed primary microphone. It is located on a flexible stalk, which can be easily pushed without much effort, and which at the same time keeps its shape. The microphone has a removable foam tip, which also sits firmly on it.
At some distance from the headphones themselves realized the second microphone is designed for use with most phones and not on game chats. Nearby there is a switch.
Side of the controller is a volume slider, and on the back side – clip.
Due to the simplicity of design, large cups of headphones can not be rotated by 90 degrees.Therefore, the headset can be worn on the neck just cocked his head. Perhaps this is the only significant omission, the rest to the design ASUS Cerberus difficult to make a claim. The headset sits securely and does not move under any head movements. At the same time, she never presses, does not cause discomfort during long game and provides good sound insulation.

Sound and recording

Amplitude-frequency range ASUS Cerberus significantly strengthened in the area of ​​the bottom border. Already at 10 Hz we felt some pressure to remain strong with increasing frequency within the lower range. In the upper range, on the contrary, things are not so bright. Such frequency accents raspolagaeyut to use the headset with dynamic games and movies, but not to listen to music (unless of course you are not an ardent fan of some “bass” genre).
Headset allows high accuracy to determine the source of sound, but when listening to music, in our view, still lacks sensation scene bulk. From the combination of sound quality headset difficult to be attributed to the universal, but with his direct, playful, destination she copes.
Fixed, second microphone headset can work only when the cup is removed from the left main.According to the script they use clearly delineated. Removable microphone is unidirectional: it is worth a little decline, and sensitivity drops immediately. A second microphone is focused on the use of mobile devices: it is almost equally sensitive to all sides. And with the low noise level it is possible to speak not pushing a hand controller. Convenient and versatile layout. The recording quality does not deserve comment.


ASUS Cerberus attractive primarily for its comfort. Sound characteristics do not produce equally enjoyable experience, but still deserve the “white pebble.” Due to the presence of a neutral design and the second microphone headset can be considered for universal use, both at home and on the road. But in this case, of course, the game script should be a priority – if listening to music is more important, you should find a more balanced frequency response model.
Average price headset ASUS Cerberus close to three thousand rubles, which does not allocate it among similar products famous competitors.
  • user-friendly design
  • safe landing on his head
  • well worked out the lower frequencies
  • the presence of two microphones and adapters for different phones
  • difficult to wear around your neck
  • too unbalanced sound for listening to music