Review Audio Bang&Olufsen BeoPlay A1

Review Audio Bang&Olufsen BeoPlay A1

Review Audio Bang&Olufsen BeoPlay A1

Announced a week ago Bang&Olufsen BeoPlay A1 caused issues with day one. Still, big or not? To sacrifice sound or not? What are some chips? The answer to all questions in the review of this interesting device …

Design, construction Bang&Olufsen BeoPlay A1

When posted the Instagram photo column, many asked, well, what is the real size in the column? But here it is not only size, but also in the unusual form as a whole, the Bang&Olufsen BeoPlay A1 resembles a tablet, where the lower part of the flat, and the top with curves, and because it is impossible to grasp just how it looks. At a press-photo device seems small, and I was afraid that the B & O decided to take a desperate step – to get into the niche JBL Clip and other babies. It’s strange, because in a small package will not accommodate the normal dynamics – respectively, the sound will also be about anything (to put it mildly). But if you like B & O and also the alert (what is in the company’s favorite crazy?) – Relax, it’s okay. The weight of the baby – six hundred grams! Dimensions -. 4.8 x 13.3 cm tablet for music lovers turned out great, quite heavy and Therefore “bengovski” interesting. Top speakers covers the grill of aluminum, on the official website said that each scratch here to tell my story, I agree – gadgets need to use them to the full extent, and do not take care of in the closet. On the methods of use have a good corporate video.

Review Audio Bang&Olufsen BeoPlay A1

The column Bang&Olufsen BeoPlay A1 is designed to be with you together in the classroom on the street, in a bag when you are traveling by bicycle, on a picnic – in short, everywhere and anywhere, personal audio device. Such a concept practiced in Jawbone once, but it still can not get to choose the right size, it gets a little column, it is very large, medium variant somehow quickly disappeared from the market. At Bang&Olufsen BeoPlay A1 no problems here is fully consistent with the size of the content. You do not put it in his pocket, it was too much, but in a small bag, it is easy to fit.

Like the other devices B & O, not without the skin, there is a leather strap with a metal knob length – lace looks reliable, it is unlikely to him that something will happen even with the active operation. The lower part is made of rubber, on it there are indicators that the AUX and USB-C, power button, volume control, activate pairing mode, of Siri or other voice service. Yes, here we do not forget about the microphone, you can answer the call, or give your smartphone a particular command.

If you find this is not the first product B & O, you probably will see the similarity with a number of other devices – for example, it is B & O BeoLit 12/15 – and all because of one designer, Cecilia Manz.

Review Audio Bang&Olufsen BeoPlay A1

Here you can read more about the creation of Bang&Olufsen BeoPlay A1 and other devices – the text is interesting, although some special revelation about the creation of the column there. It seems to me, at B & O was a simple task – to make something compact in the premium segment, because no one player there is nothing similar. Bowers & Wilkins T7 larger and does not feel like the luxury thing (alas, though sounds good), Beats speakers still play in their niche, so it turns out that the Bang&Olufsen BeoPlay A1 is still in splendid isolation in the summer of 2016. Naturally, this is a niche device is not for everyone, not massive, but popular in some circles, it will surely be.

Speaking of packaging – packaging and here, too, everything is good, it reminds box A2 and the company’s other devices, but at a reduced size. Content matched device, well Bang&Olufsen BeoPlay A1 itself is only one desire – to get a card somewhere to pay 20 000 rubles (yes, the price will be so).

Of note interesting technical features Bluetooth 4.2 version, as far as I know, the most modern profile, plus two speakers Bang&Olufsen BeoPlay A1 easy to combine into a stereo pair.

So far, there are only two colors, silver and green.

Review Audio Bang&Olufsen BeoPlay A1

Working hours Bang&Olufsen BeoPlay A1

Claimed battery life is about 24 hours, unfortunately, the column was not I enough time to verify the data – but for seven hours non-stop music played at a decent volume, and some warnings were not about the discharge. The charge indicator on the iPhone shows three quarters – in short, very, very good. Battery capacity – 2200 mAh.

Please note, a single cable can be used for charging using USB Type-C, for MacBook owners is just a godsend.

Music Bang&Olufsen BeoPlay A1

The stated frequency response of 60 – 24,000 Hz, inside a small housing mounted tweeter and woofer, both work with the D-class amplifiers, declared power – 140 watts. Small speakers is very loud! Of course, it would be possible to find fault with the fact that the middle once was lost, but do not want to do this in practice, but there are decent “lower classes”, they are very useful during the night of arrival on a bicycle – listen to music, cheers! Bang&Olufsen BeoPlay A1 is also quite possible to listen to, not only, for many it will be the only column for all occasions, why not? In any case, you can listen to before buying, I’m sure, you will be surprised.

Review Audio Bang&Olufsen BeoPlay A1

Conclusions Bang&Olufsen BeoPlay A1

In the retail Bang&Olufsen BeoPlay A1 will cost about 20 000 rubles, it is one of the most inexpensive products Bang & Olufsen at the moment – and, specifically, the device will be all right with sales (I’m talking about the world as a whole). A clear history of connectivity, Bluetooth, and no problems, intuitive format – a small column on all occasions, there is a speakerphone, a long battery life (24 hours), good sound quality, plus it’s Bang & Olufsen, a famous brand in Russia. Most importantly, the sale comes just as the season – in front of a few warm months, and the Bang&Olufsen BeoPlay A1 on vacation can be very useful. It is recommended for travelers, and for all other music lovers.