Review audio JBL Flip 2

Review audio JBL Flip 2


In the U.S., this column is only $ 130 dollars – the product is cheap and angry. Bright colored casing, connection via Bluetooth or a data cable, good sound quality, works as a speaker, has NFC.

Package Includes:

  • Column
  • Cover
  • Power supply unit
  • USB-cable
  • Documentation

Design, construction

I got the impression that this JBL Pulse without lights because the sound and functionality are very similar. Importantly, Flip 2 is much cheaper and is addressed to those who do not need no lights, no desire to overpay for unnecessary features.

Nevertheless, I want to note that in his Instagram see quite a lot of photos and videos from a variety of Pulse people, it is adolescents and more than serious (if you judge position in society) adult gentlemen – on things like Pulse, always the buyer is located. The thing is the pulse itself, if you listen to music all the time, then immediately after the Pulse a desire to buy it and use it for travel. So the difference between 2 and Pulse Flip just seems small, in fact, is an abyss.

What is a Flip? Here, too, has its own chip, the five color options: blue, black, white, red and yellow. I got a blue column. Bright color, looks great.

At the top and bottom – rubber blotch, connects them jumper, she also works as a stand. The rest is hidden under a metal perforated panel. Build an excellent, small size and weight. Down near the stand is 3.5 mm jack, microUSB for charging. Immediately chain of lights tell you when it’s time to recharge the battery. Very good delivery, there is a hard case, USB-cable in the color column and the same power supply. Value add audio cable.The column can be placed vertically or horizontally, it is also a plus.


The upper parts are all controls. This is the power button, it lights up, the indicator light is not annoying. Next – the volume buttons, the answer to the challenge (and completion) for Bluetooth connection A dedicated button – when you activate pairing mode hear a distinctive sound.


Everything is traditional for most portable devices on the market. Flip 2 It is possible to connect any gadget through Bluetooth or using an audio cable. As I matched sample device with iPhone 5S, iPad Air, MacBook Pro 15 Retina, Sony Xperia Z1. To start pairing Bluetooth need to click on the top of the column, then remains only to find it with your smartphone or other gadget. By the way, there is and NFC, the area is on the lower end, with the Sony Xperia Z1 connection so successful.

Voice alerts not here, nor is there anything extra at all.

Besides listening to music, you can use Flip 2 as a speaker. The company said that it uses an advanced noise reduction system, and some technology SoundClear – not elaborate sense. Importantly, you can comfortably communicate with interlocutors, without stooping to the column.

Operation time

Claimed battery life is about 5 hours of music playback, it’s not bad for a portable speaker with such an outstanding sound quality. To charge, you can use USB-cable, you can connect it to your computer and and to the complete power supply. Charged column quickly, you will need an hour and a half or even less.

But we can not say that from the speakers of this size do not expect five, and at least eight hours. Flip 2 only justifies the price.

Sound quality

Inside are two 6 watt speaker and what the company calls Bass Port, at the first Flip was a decent sound quality (for inexpensive speakers), the second one, too, all very good. I note that the Flip 2 by the summer you can find thousands of three, or even less – many nameless “tweeters” are comparable money. But this is not a squeaker, said Bass Port works fine, and there is a low frequency (and what), however, not so great with detail and midrange, flat sound. On the other hand, who is going to care for a picnic in the woods somewhere. Loud? Yes. Well and good. I argue as a consumer, constantly watching other consumers in their natural habitat – the Flip 2 has a huge advantage over unheralded Asian works of unknown artists. Here at least tried to make a more or less normal sound inexpensive column. Truly, this is a device for the mass market, cheap and cheerful.


Column looks good (especially bright colors like yellow and blue), in the United States costs about $ 130, we probably about 4000 rubles. Or even cheaper, the first Flip can now be bought for 2500 rubles. Pros – excellent sound quality, convenient operation, battery indicator, 3.5mm jack to connect any devices, NFC simplify life for users Android, Bluetooth connectivity is not a problem. Good delivery, there is even a case. Minus one – time could be and more.

In general, this is one of the most successful products in its price category in our country will be in demand with the advent of the heat and the beginning of the holiday season, summer, picnics, and similar outdoor activities.