Review Audio Sony SRS-X9

Review Audio Sony SRS-X9

Review Audio Sony SRS-X9

Stereo version of the future Sony: 154 W total power, virtually all possible types of connection for any device, excellent design and management, convenient program for iOS / Android.

Design, construction

For X9 not need much space, although this column weighs 4.6 kg – heavy black block catches the eye details. Black body, insert aluminum perforated metal grille, through the “grill” visible speakers. On the upper part – the tweeters, there are four, two vertically oriented.

Package Includes:

  • Column
  • Network cable
  • Remote Control
  • Documentation

When you connect the speaker to the network, there are touch buttons on top. With their help, you can quickly select the source. Looks like this column without a grate.

Review Audio Sony SRS-X9

At the rear there is an antenna, it is useful to you when using AirPlay (yes, there is such a method and playback). On the back – USB connector for charging gadgets and music playback, another connector USB (for service), AUX, WPS button for quick connection to access points connector Ethernet. When connecting to the column can detect a new version of the software, then on top of the indicator lights Update, earlier these opportunities have not come across similar products. At the top end on the right – the volume buttons, power button.

I liked the appearance. There Sonystyle, harmony of materials, appearance. No unnecessary detail, beautifully made lights and controls, quality and simply beautiful thing. Perfectly compatible with other products Sony, and iPhone – one suited to another. I want to immediately notice that the Sony SRS-X9 you can use with any home appliances – via Bluetooth to transmit audio with the iPhone, connect via cable or AirPlay PC DLNA send sound from a smartphone based on Android (in the case of the Xperia is a function Throw).

Review Audio Sony SRS-X9

At the top of the column is the area NFC, and it connected Z2, the process took seconds – perfect for those who want to study or instruction menu.

Grill can be removed if desired – so you can get other impressions of sound, but I personally prefer the lattice. Included is a special tool for installation lattice not to lose.

Connecting via AirPlay

The manual describes all the ways possible in detail, it is unlikely you will have problems. In short, you will need to install the application SongPal (there for Android and iOS), connect the speakers to your phone by Bluetooth, then raise the Wi-Fi antenna and follow the prompts in the program, configure AirPlay (you will need to select the access point, enter the password, nothing fancy). Thereafter X9 appears in the list of available AirPlay-devices with the transfer of music no problem.

In addition, you can connect the column to the router directly using Ethernet-cable, then I will not tell, everything is there in the instructions.SongPal program is recommended for all owners X9, it can help to adjust the sound speakers (yes, there’s your EQ) control connected via USB devices access the music streaming service. For example, in the U.S. it is Spotify – X9 able to change the system in some type of Sonos. Of course, here there is access to the Music Unlimited, in Russian service is unavailable. Most interesting to play with the sound settings, good power at X9 enough, you can add low without fear that the speakers pluck into a wheeze.

Review Audio Sony SRS-X9


A bit of fun, at Sony invited to download a special player to play music, called Hi-Res Audio Player. With it you can play the file format DSD, proposed to pair with column X9. Interesting approach. The program has versions for both Windows and OS X, just link to the latest operating system.

Little about what there is inside. Four tweeters, two for medium frequencies, the official website write this: “Two speakers with ferrofluid to provide midrange clarity and detail for even the most complex sound.” In the center – a subwoofer with two passive radiators. Just seven speakers and eight amplifiers. Power already 154 W, and the apartment I did not want to increase the volume to maximum, problems with the neighbors do not need. Paired with the iPhone 5S (files ALAC) excellent sound quality, listen to familiar songs is very interesting – there are new nuances. Column more than versatile and perfect for listening to any music, I hung out on the classics, and depend on such a mix here.

Review Audio Sony SRS-X9

I want to see that house mostly listen to Bang & Olufsen Beolit ​​12 also universal column, one of the favorites. And rarely what the system can deliver more fun to me. Do X9 it happened – at a price they are comparable, but different classes. The Sony did a stationary stereo new generation, and it happened on the top five in the B & O tried to create a unique portable system. Both are good in their own way, X9 also falls into personal hit parade of the best gadgets of all time.

I would have much more to tell you about all sorts of things like DSEE HX or digital amplifier S-Master HX, but only in this little value – the thing itself and the speakers of the original system configuration. That is all a matter of “hardware”, as his time with the players, Walkman, if you remember the model series A seven-year-old, then I understand. Tried to listen to Sony SRS-X9 co entire home appliances Apple, Sony, always perfect (for me) result.


Yet this column has not appeared for sale in stores are taking pre-orders for Sony. The cost is 32,990 rubles. For some, it may seem expensive, in my opinion, the price tag is more than justified, and if necessary, I would pay for itself X9 required amount, the thing turned out great. I especially recommend the column for those who want to replace the old home stereo – in fact, Sony SRS-X9 is precisely the contemporary music center.Excellent design, materials, unique functionality – you can connect anything and whatever. Amazing sound quality, the ability to charge smartphones, music players and tablets. The system will serve you for years, it is easy to move from the apartment to the country, it’s just one block. No problems with the setup, if you use gadgets based on Android, you can forget about AirPlay and use Bluetooth – but if you suddenly buy the iPad, you may use and transfer music, Wi-Fi. That’s it and I liked the Sony SRS-X9, a sort of Swiss Army knife.

Cons of the system is not seen. I like all the updated line of wireless systems Sony, pro X5 review is already out, and try to tell about X3/X7.