Review audio system Harman / Kardon Onyx

Review audio system Harman / Kardon Onyx


Column unusual design with a highly unusual functionality, you will find here not only aluminum and leather, but all sorts of things like DLNA, AirPlay, Bluetooth – connection possibilities are infinite.

Package Includes:

  • Column
  • Power supply unit
  • Network cables (Russia, USA, for possible inclusion in a set of cables with other plugs)
  • Documentation

Design, construction

This is one of those devices that do not get coverage from the first glance, the shape is not simple. That recognizable metal handle, many remember her by former speakers of the firm. Here is the body itself. But notice how the combined two main parts. Cool, right? Official photos do not convey all the charm of this piece, though she was quite a long time in the living room, there is still than admire and over time. Designers H / K did a great job, and this applies not only to Onyx, but the entire current line as a whole, a number of interesting findings. For example, the rear wheel is finished, the sensor is located immediately NFC, tried with Sony Xperia Z1, everything works fine. Moreover, on the back is a round piece of metal, which is mounted on a cushion of rubber, when a lot of bass, it moves to the beat. Can appreciate it in some video below.

Now, to show something, sometimes easier to use Instagram, than YouTube. The full cine this device you can read too.

End column of velvety plastic Feels very like rubber. Dust settles there very quickly, and bring it hard. On the other hand, I agree to tolerate it for the sake of design in general. At the top end are all the controls unit on the rear of the bottom – the connector for the power supply, AUX, USB for connecting iOS devices via a cable and a WPS button for quick connection to the router – of course, it must support this feature. Column sizes are small, weight is also, in the image it appears larger than life. As in the case of Esquire, find information about the weight on the official site failed, sorry.

There are two versions, black and white, in my opinion, each beautiful in its own way, but on the white plastic is not so noticeable dust, keep in mind.


Touch buttons, and it’s not very good, get the hand quickly set the volume and did not work, it’s easier to do it from your phone. If the light around, the indicators are not visible – and all the buttons are backlit, including the one that is responsible for turning. Accordingly, sometimes it is not clear whether Onyx, or not. Same story with indicator Bluetooth, in the shadows all perfectly clear, but if the room is filled with light, it is impossible to understand anything. Only try to connect at random or use an audio cable – incidentally, very sorry that he was not added to the package.

Control can be used to program proprietary HK Remote (when connected via Bluetooth it is proposed to install from AppStore), it can be used to enable or disable DLNA, create your own playlists, quickly set up AirPlay. With that in general there is no problem, I could use the WPS, but with a light setting all happened in a minute.

Ways to connect

Provided virtually all ways to connect to the playback source:

  • Over Bluetooth, everything is clear, interesting point – support column apt-X, it affects the quality of reproduction. In practice, the sound when connected by cable and audio via Bluetooth is very difficult to distinguish. This is a very good feature device
  • AirPlay, here, too, everything is clear, there is no loss in sound quality, can be used with any of iOS gadgets and any notebook computers with iTunes
  • IOS based device can be connected via USB-cable to the port on the rear of the column, at this time is charging gadget. A convenient way for those who do not like wireless interfaces
  • AUX, everything is clear, suitable for all devices
  • DLNA, the owners will appreciate the gadgets based on Android, if we talk about the practice, the player Sony Xperia Z1 can quickly transfer the music on Onyx, literally in a couple of clicks

Accordingly, it is one of the most functional portable speakers for today. Compare it can only with B & O Beolit ​​12, but the latter has no Bluetooth – compare in the sense that at least a competitor, the sound of different things. Incidentally, in the case of Beolit ​​12 I do not understand why were used touch-sensitive buttons – they are more convenient than the Onyx, but still worse than mechanical.


I knowingly remembered Beolit ​​12, as Onyx also has a built-in rechargeable battery – that’s why products B & O and H / K can be called special.Claimed battery life – about 5 – 6 hours in fact column runs a little less on test was a prototype, so I’d better refrain from commenting. In principle, for trips to nature should suffice. PSU massive and heavy, reminded BP from older laptops. It is clear that it could integrate into the body, but it would be weighted column.

Sound quality

The housing contains four speakers, the total power of 60 watts. Due to the special design of the hull was able to achieve excellent bass response for small speakers – they are bright, especially noticeable when playing electronic music. Another question is whether you need this “boom-boom-boom”? For example, Beolit ​​12 I have chosen for its versatility, there are also fine with low, but they did not elaborate, do not bother. But Onyx – the perfect product for a consultant in the store, in the first seconds of a man imbued with certain metal washer behind the movement, the main thing – to include something energetic.

But do not think that the sound is bad here, from H / K is not worth waiting for this – very tight, without hypocrisy, very large reserve volume, and because of the design do not feel that the sound is coming out of a particular place. Comparison with Beolit ​​12 in terms of “better – worse” does not make sense, both are good in their own way, but I would recommend Onyx bass lovers. Practice shows that for many it is almost the most important indicator (familiar sellers claim that it is one of the most frequently asked questions when buying).


I liked the design, functionality, ability to charge your iPhone / iPad, the touch buttons are not so hot, the sound is good. In the retail column costs about 25,000 rubles, Beolit ​​12 will cost around 30 000 (you can find a little cheaper) – it lasts longer, too, looks interesting, but there is no Bluetooth. If you decide to buy one of these columns, I recommend listening to both, each with its own strengths. Frankly, I would now have to throw a coin to choose. Onyx is a strong point in the universality, AirPlay, Bluetooth, DLNA, USB and work when connected by cable, standard AUX – all this makes the column to the main audio device for a small apartment or for trips to the cottage / picnic / friends. I loved the column, so I can safely recommend to you.