Review audio system Onkyo CS-255

Review audio system Onkyo CS-255


I remember once a very long time I bought in the market in Mitino stereo Sony. Then it was the whole thing, I saw another model intrigued me was this huge thing with two columns and a huge main part, could shove into pieces six discs pile of all the lights, the incredible volume – gadget looked like a flying saucer.

Package Includes:

  • Audio
  • Remote Control
  • Network cable
  • Antenna
  • Documentation

About positioning

I remember once a very long time I bought in the market in Mitino stereo Sony. Then it was the whole thing, I saw another model intrigued me was this huge thing with two columns and a huge main part, could shove into pieces six discs pile of all the lights, the incredible volume – gadget looked like a flying saucer. Let me remind you, it was very, very (and very long). Saved money on the weekend went to buy. Long sought the required box, went from tent to tent (or rather, from machine to machine), found at last took a taxi and brought home a monster. Then assembly, listening, learning functions, very interesting. Until now, the musical center stands in the country, and not raise his hand to throw, I do not know whether that put him in the bath, let them survive centuries. How many years have passed? Fifteen or seventeen. I do not remember. I know only one thing, now buying music center makes no sense, at least for me. Yesterday I told you about Bowers & Wilkins A7, here is an example of modern advanced music center. No disc drives because few who remained, the system depends on the sound source, and the source – a smartphone or tablet. Of course, you can connect to the A7 and other pieces using different cables, but primarily, it AirPlay-system.

Okay, but I can be called a power user. It’s true. And I do not like to connect speakers Onkyo CS-255 with housing all of these cables, refer them to the terminals, the first time normally does not work, then still somehow have to put it all. I do not like that the dock fits iPhone 5/5S only here and not fit iPad, the reasons I voiced in the last article – when a call comes in, you need to remove the unit from the charging, talk, and then put in place to continue playing. And no there is no AirPlay. All rating – “two”, worthless thing, do not buy.

How nice that around me are always people who can just express a different opinion, a different view. While the Onkyo CS-255 was at home, came one friend, it is just a race not too interested in technology. He walks with a Blackberry Q10, because he loves BB, walks with Sony VAIO Z – that would be before the Pro, recently decided to try the iPad. In general, does not deal with this nonsense, and engaged in the work, all these gadgets – just tools. So, he Onkyo stereo loved and liked here everything. Wife could use their iPhone 5 (including charging), you can listen to the CD from the collection (yes, that’s so it all started), listening to music from a flash drive – in short, it is exactly what it has long sought to kitchen.And the color is like. And the price in the end, Onkyo CS-255 costs about 12,000 rubles, not so much for the system with similar functionality. That is a great thing!

Nevertheless, I would not recommend the Onkyo and other companies use this form factor in the future. Stereo Time passed, and users would be more difficult to explain such decisions pluses – you can spread the speakers and get the best stereo effect, in large speakers more dynamics and more. All this is not to donesesh girl picking some system Bose: here it is, all in one, with a cradle for the iPhone, set, turned and pressed Play and enjoy. Alas, with the Onkyo CS-255 this will not work, and then you first need to stick to the right place provodochki – and with provodochki nowadays few people want to deal with.

Design, construction

I went to the test audio in the blue building, looks fresh, but probably more like girls than men. Painfully lightly, not put in a cabinet in a minimalist living room although it can, and find a place. The front panel of the main unit has headphone immediately CD slot and eject button next USB – supports music playback from flash drives. Incidentally, this same port can be connected and devices based on iPhone with a cable, charging is also supported. At the top – control buttons and sliding cover, under it – cradle Lightning. Let me remind you here will not put the iPad, it is designed only for smartphones iPhone 5/5S/5C. The screen displays the selected source, icons Play / Pause, icons additional sound settings, for example, you can boost the bass from the music center. During use, the radio displays information here RDS.

At the rear of the connectors are for the antenna, AUX, inputs for connecting speakers, network cable.

Design you can independently assess the photographs, but the blue, there is a system in black, in my opinion, it looks interesting. Dimensions music center is not particularly great, but when buying, keep in mind that here the main unit and two speakers to install the required order of the place.


The top panel is a power button, select a source, rewind, Play / Pause and Stop, volume control, complete a remote control, I believe that most users will manage it with his help. On the photo you can see which there is a button, talk about some of the features noted, is a timer and the timing of automatic shut-off, Mute, selection of sound settings – something like a built-in equalizer, immediately recommend to reinforce the bass, turn on the Super Bass. You can change the brightness of the display when you connect iPhone can control playback using the remote, it’s convenient.

Sound sources

At Onkyo CS-255 are so many possibilities, and it is a strong feature of the device.

  • Connect iPhone / iPod into the cradle, everything is clear, I note that the cradle cap made great design is somewhat reminiscent of sliders – remember this form factor phones? Besides the cradle, you can connect an iOS device via USB-cable to the connector on the front panel, charging supported
  • Play music from a CD-ROM drive, and supports playback of discs with MP3
  • Radio with RDS, you can store information about sixty stations. The display shows the radio, I recommend to connect a complete antenna
  • Play music with flash drives, only supported MP3, using the remote, you can navigate between folders, tracks
  • By the way, a couple of words about the timer, in fact, it is something like an alarm clock, you can program Onkyo CS-255 for inclusion in a certain time in advance to select the source to play – a good way to wake up to your favorite music
  • Headphone jack on the front panel will listen to music and not disturb others, such connector rarely seen on portable systems

This would also Bluetooth, AirPlay, and functionality of the device could be called exceptional. In general, owners of iOS devices the system can safely recommend – if you have iPhone 4/4S, you can use a cable and a USB connector on the front panel for charging and music playback.


The total capacity of the speakers – 30 watts, I recommend playing with the sound settings of the system – at first it may seem that the low frequencies are absent here or there in its infancy, but it is necessary only to press a couple of buttons as they appear in all its glory. And in terms of sound this design is much more interesting now traditional systems of “all in one”, you can spread the speakers farther away to get a completely different effect. But here I note that the power Onkyo CS-255 is inferior to many modern portable systems assembled in one package – and no sound can be called impressive. Apparently, I’m still impressed by Bowers & Wilkins A7, but the Onkyo CS-255 gives the impression of a sort of simpleton – for background music while you work, and you want something somewhere to play. It can not be recommended for fans of certain genres, it’s more versatile music center established for the lowly listener.


In the retail unit costs about 12,000 rubles, let us first about the pros:

  • Good appearance, although the device is clearly addressed blue girls
  • Interesting functionality cradle for iPhone 5/5S/5C and new iPod, plug USB, playback CD, radio
  • Ability to customize the sound by means of the system
  • Headphone jack
  • Timer

Minus one here:

  • Undistinguished sound quality for a system of this size

Based on the characteristics of this thing, I can recommend it to those who need a functional and modern music center, able to work with both drives, and with the iPhone. Niche device, but who knows, maybe this is exactly what you have been looking for.