Review Birdy – Fire Within

Review Birdy – Fire Within


Celebrities under 18. Musical history has none dozens of examples of this phenomenon. And this is not surprising. Curious fact that a very small percentage of artists who became famous for not reaching adulthood unable to “save face”, did not break under the weight suddenly befallen them fame. The first thing comes to mind is the infamous Justin Bieber, until recently, retains role “diligent boy.” Now he is more popular than ever, but unfortunately (or fortunately) not because of its vocal data, but due to an infinite set of heinous acts, which is not worth mentioning. Slightly better things from Willow Smith, daughter of Hollywood superstar, Will Smith. Her debut track was very successful, but critics excitedly touted not a child gifted singer. However, a few years his “singing” baby activities and has not released a single record, with his head sunk in countless, sometimes frightening, experiments on their own appearance. The most recent example star-child, New Zealand singer Lordi failing to appear on the big stage just turned off the correct track, wearing a hateful image of themselves “aggressive schoolgirl.” She does not mince words, and in almost every interview gives something scandalous, or trying to imitate his more famous colleague, Lana Del Rey, whether by virtue of youth extremism. Heroine of today’s review is also an example of a child star, but unlike their “nedovospitannyh” competitors, which I feel like at times whipped belt, Jasmine Van den Bogarde, better known as Birdy, reveals itself only with the positives. Modest, angelically sweet and incredibly talented singer released for the second album. About him and talk.

Record “Fire Within” became a follower of the singer’s debut, released in 2011. Say that the popularity has become a surprise for Birdy – to say nothing. Just a couple of months fans “golden-haired girl at the piano” were millions of people around the world. Her unique style of performance, deep, serious texts and natural shyness became her perfect formula for success. Her debut on the “” is still considered one of the most successful in the history of the site.

Second album with bated breath waiting for hundreds of thousands of music lovers, but Jasmine was in no hurry to record new material. Rumors about the future work leaked to the Internet rather reluctantly, that, undoubtedly, further fueled interest in the singer. The long-awaited lead single for the new album was presented to the public in July 2013. Them was the song “Wings”. In writing this track Birdy helped illustrious hitmeyker and frontman OneRepublic – Ryan Tedder (he is the author of the musical “diamonds” as: “Bleeding Love” (Leona Lewis), “Halo” (Beyonce), “Rumour Has It” ( Adele), “Already Gone” (Kelly Clarkson), “We Remain” (Christina Aguilera), and many others).

Perhaps this song is hard “compete” with the above pieces of music Ryan, however, complain about the quality of “Wings” is not possible. In the performance of this song sounds Jasmine soothing and pleasant.

“No Angel” was presented as the second single after the release of the disc. Instrumental minimalism of the composition does not spoil it, but only makes the listener to focus more closely on vocals Birdy.

According to rumors, in November we will have the premiere of the newest single plate “Fire Within”, can be a way song “Light Me Up”. We offer you to get acquainted with it in advance, and try yourself as a predictor of music. Will it at least partially replicate the success of “Skinny Love” or go unnoticed?

Until now, it remains unclear why Birdy still used trump card hidden up his sleeve, or rather track, which attracted to writing “heavy artillery” of the music industry in the face of Seay. As you know, if you want to record a hundred percent hit, which afford to blow up the charts and at the same time consolidate the status of “high art”, without the help of eccentric Australian is indispensable. “Strange Birds” really has a good chance of success: a catchy tune, soulful lyrics and exciting melisms collectively transform this song into a potential hit. In this you can see now.

Another successful single theoretically could be “All About You”, a song clearly outlier lyrical piano ballads that fill the new LP. However, it is this “otherness” could play into the hands of Birdy. But even if this song and will not be shown wide audience, encouraged by the fact that Jasmine is experimenting with the sound, trying to diversify your style.

In conclusion I would like to note the song were among the undeserved bonus tracks. We are talking about wonderful track called “Home”. Its amazing lyrics and mesmerizing melody instantly grab the listener’s attention. Fate songs from the deluxe editions of albums unenviable. However, the current rules of the music industry (or rather lack thereof) do not exclude that possibility that one day we will hear this masterpiece on the radio.


The first album was a real treasure Birdy (this fact is unlikely to undertake any challenge). However, his success was quite expected and even predictable, because it is no secret that the debut album tracklist Birdy consisted of cover versions of proven hits. Therefore, there was great concern on the fact that his own songs Jasmine may disappoint the listener, it does not come to taste. With what relief, we inform you otherwise! No, of course “Fire Within” does not contain the level of the aforementioned hits “Skinny Love”, but we have at our disposal the material makes the best impression. “Fire Within” – not a music consumer goods, not chewing gum a day and not viral bomb. This adult, quality, meaningful music, filling which could envy the most eminent musicians of our time. Nice to know the fact that in contrast to the same Lordi Jasmine defiantly not trying to call his creation, or draw attention to it at the expense of others. It is on such people as Birdy keeps real music. Music that is written to make you cry, and not to disclose your wallets. Music, which may not become popular in the charts, but certainly leave a mark in the hearts of many people. Music, which will be relevant until the world will be at least one person who is aware of the fact that a good song is not the big names, not eminent producers and even scandalous texts. Good song, primarily based on emotions and personal experiences of the author, to the extent of its involvement in the process of writing the material that he will present to people. And if these speculations have at least a modicum of truth – Birdy recorded a wonderful album.