28.04.2017 11:57

Review Blackview P2 Lite: GREAT FOR ITS MONEY

Many manufacturers release the original smartphone, and then create a more simple version. It is a great chance for those, who have not enough money for the most powerful model.

Blackview P2 Lite has the same features and functions as original verison, only processor is slightly simpler and some more details are different. However, it’s an excellent option for those who want an inexpensive smartphone with a wide range of functions. Blackview has already become quite popular and recognizable. More users recognize its smartphones and plan to purchase it.

So today we will tell you about all the pros and cons of Blackview P2 Lite.

Review Blackview P2 Lite: GREAT FOR ITS MONEY

Blackview P2 Lite: Specifications

The manufacturer decided to use fairly inexpensive processor MediaTek MT6753. It is a well-known model, we have seen it many times in other products of different companies. The processor has proven itself. Yes, it is far from the top-end solution. Also it will not be able to compete in power with flagships. But it has eight cores with a clock speed of 1.3 Ghz, and this is quite enough for most everyday tasks.

Review Blackview P2 Lite: GREAT FOR ITS MONEY

ARM Mali-T720 controller is responsible for the graphics. 2GB of RAM supports the performance. You can store personal content on 32 GB of internal memory. In principle, you even don’t need a memory card.

Blackview P2 Lite: Design

I’ve always liked the smartphones from Blackview for its practicality and ease of use. Blackview P2 Lite especially pleases with front panel.

Review Blackview P2 Lite: GREAT FOR ITS MONEY

Under the display are three touch control keys, above is the camera display, the speaker and tracking sensor. The frame around the display is minimal and looks attractive. The back panel is smooth, with a matte finish. It’s great to stay in your hand and it’s not so easy to get soiled or scratched.

On the rear panel is a camera. It slightly protrudes beyond the body. There is also a flash and a fingerprint sensor.

Blackview P2 Lite: Features

Blackview P2 Lite has received the same display as the original smartphone. The diagonal is 5.5 inches and resolution of 1920 by 1080 pixels. The matrix has excellent viewing angles and brightness is decent. The quality of color rendering is at the highest level.

Review Blackview P2 Lite: GREAT FOR ITS MONEY

The main camera with 13 megapixels was pleased with high-quality photography and video recording. Also Blackview P2 Lite has great 6000 mAh battery and USB Type-C connector.


Now about the main advantage of Blackview P2 Lite – the price. New smartphone is given for only $140. For this price it is an ideal smartphone! If you don’t need an apple on the rear panel, then Blackview P2 Lite is quite suitable for everyday use. Excellent price, quality display, attractive design, good camera and specifications. For $140 you can not find anything better, I assure you.

Source: gizchina