Review Bluboo D1: Budget Smartphone with Dual Camera

Review Bluboo D1: Budget Smartphone with Dual Camera

Review Bluboo D1: Budget Smartphone with Dual Camera

Today we have a review on the smartphone Bluboo D1 from the Chinese company. The brand exists since 2014. Since 2006, the company has its own small factory that produces smartphones and electronics not only for themselves, but also for third-party brands (OEM production).

Of the popular devices from this manufacturer, which I heard are Xfire and Xfire 2. They differ in their ultra-budget price and distinct characteristics. Of the features I note the presence of a fingerprint scanner and an iron rear panel.

The hero of our review was no exception. The market entered the spring of 2017. Let’s see what goes in the package and how the smartphone was packed.

Review Bluboo D1: Budget Smartphone with Dual Camera

Bluboo D1: Packaging

Bluboo D1 comes in a good white box. Inside, in addition to the smartphone, a 1 amp charger, a USB cable and a nice bonus are attached – the protective glass is already pasted on the front panel. However, this bonus was not pleasant for long. The protective glass is not perfectly transparent, it spoils the already not ideal viewing angles of the screen. The sensor with it was absolutely unresponsive and I took off the glass after a day of use.

Review Bluboo D1: Budget Smartphone with Dual Camera

Bluboo D1: Design

At the front, the smartphone Bluboo D1 covers 2.5D glass (with small rounded edges). A glass with a knife scratches a bit, checked. There are no physical buttons, there are three touch buttons under the screen. On the right, the button is back, the Home button is in the center, and double clicking it brings up a list of open applications.

But the left button is not programmed as usual, but opens the settings for the place you are in. For example, on the working screen – setting up screens, wallpapers and widgets; In Browser application – browser settings and so on, in whatever application you are located, you will open the left button of its settings. This is not to say that it is uncomfortable, but for me it is not customary. Access to the settings and so there is in every application with fast access, and I would like to be able to open the left button of the manager of running programs. Reprogramming buttons are not possible.

Review Bluboo D1: Budget Smartphone with Dual Camera

Above the display we have a talking speaker, to the right of which there is a front camera and a flash. Selfie camera is one, but there are two eyes, apparently in order to deceive the user and mislead. To the left of the speaker is the proximity sensor. No light sensor.

Under the touch buttons there is a large indicator of notifications. It lights red when the smartphone is discharged, or green when fully charged. Blue lights when a notification is received. The glow seems to breathe, then gradually fading, then gaining its brightness. It looks impressive and unusual.

Micro USB is delivered to the upper end, there is also a headphone jack.

At the bottom there is only a spoken microphone, and on the right-hand corner there is a recess to allow a removable cover.

The back cover is made of metal, which is a plus for such a budget device. It’s not all metal, the top and bottom insert are plastic, apparently for better signal. The fact that the cover is removable for some can be a plus, since changing the battery to a new one does not require the intervention of the service center.

Review Bluboo D1: Budget Smartphone with Dual Camera

From the bottom on the Bluboo D1 end cover there are two slits, under one is the external speaker, the second is for the ponta. At the top of the logo is the Bluboo, above which is an ellipsic area with a fingerprint scanner and even more protruding two cameras. The scanner and cameras have a metal chamfer on their circles. To the left of the camera is a two-LED flash.

On the left side there is nothing.

On the right side there is an aluminum rocker with volume control with a clear stroke and a power button.

In general, the body of the Bluboo D1 is made well, the lid does not bend, nothing crunches. I’m happy, given the cost. My black version looks cool. To want something more – the conscience does not allow. And for the light indicator is a bleaching plus.

In dimensions: width – 71 mm, height – 142 mm, thickness – 9 mm, the camera bulges by 1.5 mm. The side frames around the display are 4 mm. Weight – 153 grams.

Review Bluboo D1: Budget Smartphone with Dual Camera

Bluboo D1: Performance

Chipset in Bluboo D1 – the budget MediaTek MT6580. It has 4 cores ARM Cortex-A7 at 1300 MHz. It is made on a budget manufacturing process of 28 nm. RAM 2 GB, which is not typical for this price category for smartphones, which are widely and officially represented in our market. The permanent memory is also pleased – 16 GB with the possibility of expanding to 256 GB (according to the statements of the producer). For ultrabudgetary – this is a very good indicator.

The MT6580 is a budget chipset that is equal in performance to the once popular Snapdragon 400. The Mali-400MP2 video chip answers for the graphics, which in Bluboo D1 has 2 cores (it’s not much, but this chip can be in the 1-core version).

And now let’s see how Bluboo D1 actually works.

Review Bluboo D1: Budget Smartphone with Dual Camera

I wanted to record video for you from the smartphone screen during the game, but nothing happened. The chipset simply did not pull and recorded green lines. While playing smartphone is heated, but not critical. At low settings in the game WoT Blitz frame rate per second reaches only 30. At high graphics settings – 20 frames or less. A smartphone game is difficult to name, given the display and weak iron.

In the test, AnTuTu scores 22000 points. This is the minimum indicator at the moment, which I generally saw. In addition to games and in normal use, too, not all are on top. If the interface is still tolerable, then going to the Play Market, when scrolling noticeable sagging frames. The same is observed in the application Twitter. It’s more naughty, and it’s good that everything works in an apparatus of this level.

Bluboo D1: Display

The Bluboo D1 display has a diagonal of 5. “HD resolution (1280 × 720) .The pixel density is 320 ppi, but in games you want a higher density, after Full HD.

Review Bluboo D1: Budget Smartphone with Dual Camera

This IPS matrix from Sharp (according to the manufacturer). Viewing angles for a budget employee are good, only a little white leaves in orange at a certain maximum angle, and colors can be inverted or tarnished. However, this is not critical. I like the color reproduction of the display, it is pretty juicy and pleasant, both for the budget employee. There is no air layer, and it’s good.

The frames around though big (4 mm around the edges), but the eye is not corrupted due to the fact that they are black, in the color of the body.

The display sensor supports only two simultaneous touches, and it is difficult to call it sympathetic. If you decide to stick a protective film or glass, then prepare for a poor response and color rendition. However, the protective glass does its job normally.

Bluboo D1: Battery

In Bluboo D1 there is a battery for 2600 mAh. Autonomy is low. Battery in a continuous game will not last up to 4 hours. Continuously plays online video in HD resolution in just 2 hours and 30 minutes. When watching online video for a long time (about an hour), the smartphone gets pretty hot. From a complete charger for 1 amp, the Bluboo D1 is charged from 0 to 100% in 2 hours 35 minutes.

Charge your smartphone every day, if you are a hardcore user, then more often.

Bluboo D1: Cameras

According to Bluboo on the official website, Bluboo D1 has a matrix from Sony. Check it was not possible, but it’s clearly a budget camera. Behind us we have two cameras, but I did not notice any advantages. There is no bokeh effect (as they say on the official website) or a wide angle. The main matrix has a resolution of 8 megapixels, an auxiliary (it’s useless, it’s a marketing move) by 2 megapixels.

The closest to the price of a smartphone, which I had on hand, was Meizu U10. Photos from him, I decided to compare with the photos with Bluboo D1.

Of course, the U10 costs $ 25 more, but the result is an order of magnitude better. In addition to the narrow dynamic range, the Bluboo D1 in all photos has a right edge blurred. And in general, the overall clarity at a low level. About some pictures in poor light, speech can not be.

Here are some more pictures on the Bluboo D1:

Review Bluboo D1: Budget Smartphone with Dual Camera Review Bluboo D1: Budget Smartphone with Dual Camera

On video, too, nothing special can not be said. Shoots in HD resolution, the picture is zamylenaya, but enough that something could be considered.

The SELFI camera has a resolution of 5 megapixels. It will be enough for video communication, but good quality is not worth waiting for. There is a flash that can be useful in the dark, if you bring the person as close to the camera as possible.

Bluboo D1: Operating system

In Bluboo D1 is the operating system Android 7. It works, but it works. Sometimes there were problems, for example, with the connection to the Wi-Fi network, but removing the network and connecting to the new one, it all worked. There was also a problem with entering a phone number. It was impossible to dial more than two digits, but after rebooting or for some other unknown reason, it all worked.

Consider Android 7, as an advantage, not worth it. The only thing that can come in handy is the ability to program a fingerprint scanner to different gestures. For example, pressing and holding the scanner in the camera application – take a picture, just one touch – “back” and so on.

Bluboo D1: Communications and sensors

The 5 GHz Wi-Fi module is certainly not supported, but there are no problems with its operation. Bluboo D1 supports 3G on WCDMA 900 and 2100 frequencies, that is, we will not have problems. But LTE in the root is not available.

Of the sensors there is only an accelerometer and proximity sensor. There is not even a compass, which makes the smartphone unsuitable for GPS navigation. And Bluboo D1 catches with a maximum of 3 satellites. But why are they needed? You can not use navigation.

The scanner does not have any prisms, it works on conscience, unlocks the smartphone even with an extinct screen.

Bluboo D1: Sound

In this section, I immediately want to note an unpleasant vibration response, in which, when triggered, something jingles inside.

The sound of the external speaker is rattling, rattling and is only suitable for playing annoying ringtones.

As you can see, the smartphone does not forget to remind me during the review that this is an ultra-budget, and expect something good from it. I get mad at the fact that two cameras are installed (supposedly for the bokeh effect), a dummy with a double camera is being made, but there’s no sense in it. Just a marketing move and imitation of the leading brands. Also it is stated that there is GPS navigation, which does not work correctly on the whole.

But I’ll try to pull myself together, remembering the price and the pluses present.

Let’s return to the sound. Playing their favorite game Mobile Legend, at first the sound simply produced an unpleasant crackle. However, over time, this crack magically disappeared somewhere and it is not clear – will he come back again?

There is a radio, and there are no complaints. The stations catch well and quickly. There is a possibility of recording music right during the air. The sound in the headphones is normal, for non-picky audiophile will come down.

Bluboo D1: Comparison with competitors

We will consider competitors at a price of up to $ 90, with a fingerprint scanner, with metal elements in the case.

LEAGOO M8 – superior to Bluboo D1 in the size of the display (5.7 inches), the main camera at 13 megapixel (but I would not pay much attention to it, about the quality I do not know), the battery is already 3500 mAh (however the larger display will use the charge more) . The rest is the same as our Chinese friend Bluboo.

LEAGOO M5 – identical to the previous one, but with a diagonal display like Bluboo D1.

Let’s remove the fingerprint scanner from the search criteria:

Blackview A8 Max – has a larger 5.5-inch display, a more powerful MediaTek MT6737 + GPU Mali T720 with LTE support.

Oukitel K4000 – very similar to the hero of our review, only has a large battery for 4000 mAh and LTE support.

Let’s expand the search a little, leaving only the price to find smartphones from A-brands. And we find:

HUAWEI Y3 II – with a TFT-display in the resolution of 854×480, 8 GB of permanent and 1 GB of RAM.

A whole bunch of LG smartphones with the same indicators as the previous Y3 II, namely: LG X155 Max, LG H324 Leon, LG X220 K5.

Microsoft Lumia 550 is already an interesting little thing. Despite the weak characteristics of the paper, the smartphone is very interesting. Read more about it in this review . However, on sale it is already difficult to find, and has an exotic operating system for an amateur.

Samsung Galaxy J1 and J1 Mini – characteristics in comparison with Bluboo D1 worse in all respects, but smart phones from a reliable manufacturer, which should not fail (although the warranty for 2 years or more will not give anyone).

Pros and Cons Bluboo D1


  • Good body;
  • Low price;
  • Fingerprint’s scanner;
  • Enough operational and permanent memory with the possibility of expansion;
  • An interesting indicator of notifications;
  • Front flash;
  • A good display for its price;


  • The second main camera does not give anything (it may even be missing);
  • Second front camera – for decoration;
  • GPS-navigator can not be used;
  • The sound can sometimes croak, soft give out a few “surprises”, and from the vibrator there is something jingling inside.
  • The photos on the main camera are blurred on the right.

Bluboo D1: Conclusion

The smartphone Bluboo D1 will not be demanding in any way to users. Comparison with competitors showed that the smartphone to be on the market. Sufficient memory, a good screen, a good case with an indicator – that’s what it costs to buy this device. There is nothing outstanding in it, and it can not be said that a certain moment in the smartphone is executed at a good, not budgetary level. This simply does not exist, but for its value, Bluboo D1 will give you a stable job in all scenarios. Although, I repeat, not at a high level.

Source: bluboo