Review of Bluetooth-headset Sennheiser VMX200 Presence

Review of Bluetooth-headset Sennheiser VMX200 Presence

Review of Bluetooth-headset Sennheiser VMX200 Presence

Scope of delivery

  • Headset
  • USB-cable
  • Adapter in car
  • Documentation
  • Nozzles

Interesting headset for 4600 rubles – excellent voice quality, long battery life, a curious design, convenient operation. Rather tool than the usual thing for the consumer …

Design, construction

The headset looks like usual – but only at first glance. Among the highlights of her own kind movable part, something reminds shotgun Sennheiser Presence – movable part comprises aluminum headset. To move the frame forward, need little force when the headset is on your ear, it’s very easy. Headset immediately goes into pairing mode, the LED blinks red and blue. I love that through the cracks on the body and on the frame is visible metal mesh covering the microphones, like a small thing, but a nice little thing. On the back of the – connector microUSB, in the center of the case – glossy insert button. It weighs about 13 grams. Build decent.

Review of Bluetooth-headset Sennheiser VMX200 Presence


The front panel is a multi-function button, it can help to answer the call, the top and bottom – the volume buttons, if you press both of you disconnect the microphone. At the end – a small indicator light supports voice prompts, the headset will notify you about the active pairing mode. With the multi-function button, you can redial the last number, activate voice dialing. In general, the management clear and simple, I do not find fault in anything – except that the volume buttons are very stiff.

The method of wearing, comfort

The headset will not work without wearing bow, for some it’s a minus, for someone plus, someone anyway – I personally do not like to use the bow. So spend more time to place the headset on your ear. Includes tips in three sizes, regular bow, soft, no problem delivering.Overall, comfortable wearing headset even for several hours. On the head it is clearly visible, compact device will not name.

A little angry one, if you shake your head, Presence tangibly dangles – it is a question for the creators of baits.


Claimed battery life is approximately 10 hours of talk time, this is a very good indicator for the wireless headset. However, in reality headset works for about 8 hours, maybe a little more – still on the market are not so many devices with similar data. IPhone shows the charge indicator Sennheiser Presence, is used for charging the normal cable microUSB. Charge Time – about 1 hour 20 minutes.


The headset can work with two devices at the same time, used profile Bluetooth 4.0. The stated range – about 25 meters, the house could talk from virtually anywhere, keeps normal quality. Supported profile A2DP, which lets you listen to music in good quality in one ear – a gift for anyone who wants to listen to a podcast in the office and do without headphones.


There are three microphone support JavaScript WindSafe and ActiveGuard, first will protect you from wind noise, the second – from acoustic shock if suddenly your buddy smartphone fall to the floor, the sound will not make you wince. Voice quality is terrific, as if the source is close, you can hear perfectly, and you can hear very well. Neither Echo nor any artifacts, everything is fine.

Review of Bluetooth-headset Sennheiser VMX200 Presence


I remember the last headset company did not impress me at all, at Sennheiser Presence at least have some interesting moments. This gadget has a good design, the sliding part with microphone no problems – unfortunately, problems delivering the volume buttons, it is very tight. Pryderi and to the nozzle on the speaker in the ear does not keep quite. But the voice quality at a very good level, this is the biggest plus of the device.

For use in the car or in the office – a good choice.