08.02.2014 9:11

Review of Bombay Bicycle Club – So Long, See You Tomorrow

“Only the unknown captivates us. In the mist of all seems unusual. ” You understand anything of this famous saying of Oscar Wilde? We – nothing! The same can be said about the direction of indie rock, which now identifies itself whole galaxy groups the world of rock ‘n’ roll. All in a haze … Like listening to the team and understand that it grunge, but no – it is, in their opinion, indie. Should be placed – well, because pure Britpop – again by musicians foaming at the mouth do not stop to prove that it is nothing like indie.

But Bombay Bicycle Club is just what another story. From this indie. The man who has no complement rock or pop. This group has always known how to surprise their audience – perhaps they are not brought into the world and two identical albums. Unpredictability, however, has no effect on their recognition. Jack Stedmen, he is the originator of all of the above! It is too bright and eccentric personality. At least a good vocalist and a maximum of gorgeous multi-instrumentalist, superbly master banjo, guitar and xylophone.

Immediately stands a huge plus their new album, “So Long, See You Tomorrow”: wealth reefs. Feel it is an alarming openers “Overdone”. Of course, any clear where grown legs – a kind of pop carnival decorated husky bass.

Turned out quite elegant and “It’s Alright Now”. Successfully matched electronics perfectly coexists with vocal dance, arranged Stedmenom with his longtime colleague, Lucy Rose, incidentally, noted on several tracks.

Provided, of course, “Carry Me”. That’s where the real indie! Floating radical melody reminded me numerous crescendo most famous passages Beach Boys and Fleetwood Mac. Moreover, the entire plate “So Long, See You Tomorrow” they literally saturated.

But the main “star” of the album is, of course, “Luna”, which Bombay Bicycle Club are six rooms is supporting thus quite powerful pace of the first half of the disc. Fantastically heady Middle Eastern melody that underlies the track affectionately frames her unique voice Rae Morris.

Last album “A Different Kind Of Fix”, agree, still sounded a bit different to the current “So Long, See You Tomorrow” firmly believes his successor. Maybe because it turned out, we can say, playful guitar for the most part devoid of field, and often does pushed to the back burner. In this chistogolosye vocals have a clearly dominant role. I am glad that remained unchanged melancholic component, passing a red thread through all the work of the group. And once again I urge you not to be lazy and think about the lyrics in a refined group. And most importantly, every album Bombay Bicycle Club – a new sound. Agree, not everyone will be solved permanently risk, especially in the current state SPECIFIC indie style.