Review Bose QC 35 headphones

Review Bose QC 35 headphones

Review Bose QC 35 headphones

Updated Noise-Canceling Headphones Bose QC 35 – tool for operations or work in noisy environments, which has become a hit even before the sale. Connected via Bluetooth or by cable, the application appeared for iOS / Android, so fast and everything will not tell.

Bose QC 35: Design, construction

From Bose QC 25 there remained little: the contours of the body, resistant to the most dangerous bends headband (you can literally twist), the familiar control buttons and, perhaps, everything. Everything else, the new product redesigned, reconfigured, and it’s not just QC 25 where added wireless functionality – model turned out completely different ideology. Now you do not jerk the cable suddenly woke up in an airplane, now in headphones, you can work all day and turn my head whenever you want – and twist as you’d like. Freedom gives a lot of opportunities.

Review Bose QC 35 headphones

The appearance of the headphones is still conservative, apparently in Bose spent more than one hundred research, focus groups, and radically change the design is not decided – all similar to QC 25, but it is also unlikely. Firstly, earbuds became harder. Secondly, the headband has become wider, which has a positive impact on comfort. Third, change the color, this is a classic black and “Sports” Silver, shade matched very well, I would choose the same color headphones.

Under the perforated areas and machined holes in the metal hidden microphones, inputs for cables without plugs right area NFC – designation of channels large as that of the previous model. Instead denim headband on fake leather on the bottom – something like suede, pleasant to the touch material.

On the right cup are familiar controls: multi-function button to answer the call, Play / Pause, rewind, volume control buttons. The buttons are right under your thumb, pressed well with clicks. Below – two indicator lights, a point made perfect. All did not find the time to write an article about the lights, the information typed, no time.

The headband and the truth can be twisted. Since Bose is calculated on the daily operation in a variety of conditions, the headphones must withstand a variety of load – again, the headband can be twisted, metal inserts in the cups will not allow to crush speaker and electronics, if you accidentally sit on Bose QC 35, on a plane it happens very often and next. Wearing headphones around his neck comfortably on your ears – just fine, as if nothing and no color. The ideal weight distribution, cups fully cover the ears, you find yourself in a quiet room. More sleep mask to include some forest sounds or Igor Nikolaev, and you can sleep at least until New York.

Note appeared NFC region, you can quickly connect devices based on Android.

Review Bose QC 35 headphones

Some claims to the design I do not have the headphones very much. Cover from the time of QC 25 has not changed, there is a compartment for an airplane adapter, cables, pocket for documents. Comrade Sasha had an idea that it would be nice to make a case with built-in battery for charging the headphones, it is a sensible idea. And now stand batteries penny.

Bose QC 35: Noise reduction system

While there is nothing you can not customize, Bose Connect utility allows you to only turn voice guidance, select the language, not Russian. The future promises more features – see in Bose is well able to do hardware, but with software there are problems (let us remember about SoundTouch).

noise reduction system works always, a man unaccustomed to the ANC, may initially balk – a feeling of pressure, discomfort and even shortness of breath, I heard such comments about Bose QC 35 from acquaintances. I’m just sorry, kicks. On Monday, a reason to be presented to test the headphones in flight, but even in the city simply become isolated from the people around you, the situation. For example, I love to work in a small cafe near the Novodevichy Monastery, but there is one problem – the buses arrive with tourists, tourists, of course, noisy, everyone wants water, tea and coffee, sandwiches, different languages, noise, hustle and bustle. It’s pretty cool, but not when you write the text concentrated about 35 QC and want to tell the whole story dear readers. This ANC cleverly configured, human speech passes – are safety requirements for flight. In the cafe you can play music a little louder and get rid of the noise, well, flying mute and hear that tells the PIC.

Naturally, the work ANC is not perfect. I went down into the subway and heard the noise of an arriving train – the distance, not abruptly, without anxiety. In the same cafe buzz of leaks, as well as bounce grinder – but it’s so far away, quietly, that it does not interfere. The Bose QC 25 shumodav was good, but here it works even better, once again, it will be necessary to compare the plane, but for sure it will be a good result.

Review Bose QC 35 headphones

Let me remind you, why do all this. I’ve returned from Los Angeles, eleven hours before Moscow. Around only mothers, fathers, grandmothers and children. Children I love very much. And always sympathetic to parents – all of us just drove, we all cried, our children will cry, and their children, too, will cry during takeoff and landing. Another question, I want a couple of hours sleep, well, or watch a film in relative peace. Achieving peace help a few things – slippers, Bose QC (any model, buy boldly), pillow Ostrich Pillow Light. You simply cut off from the turbine and all the rest, even if barely audible voices of the children, it is still not the same as that without the Bose QC. For the US, these headphones – no headphones, and a social phenomenon, the default tool for frequent flyers. It is gratifying that in Russia people are beginning to understand the value of such things – the headphones are expensive, but how much protection from stress? That is the question.

On the Bose QC-35 the next couple of years, become the gold standard for the segment with the ANC headphones, hope, screw the application.

Bose QC 35: Working hours

The most important factors here are, 20 hours of work with the ANC, when you use Bluetooth, and 40 (!) Hours of work with a wired connection. They say that “Aeroflot” prohibit the use of Bluetooth, so bring a cable, do not forget. To charge takes about three hours, you can use an external battery, you can use any microUSB cable.

If you turn off the headphones and connect their cable, too, can listen to music, but the ANC is not working – the quality does not change much, the microphone does not work, buttons, too. But thank you for that. In fact, the use of Bose QC 35 you can always. Only advise thicker insert the plug into the cup, the “default” it is not part of a millimeter, it is necessary to slightly press down until it clicks.

Review Bose QC 35 headphones

Bose QC 35: Features

The connection of the two gadgets at once, checked with the iPhone and iPad, everything works well – in the connection procedure is described in a separate instruction that correctly. When you answer a call and the sound on the iPad gets paused, then continued. As for the call is answered, there is a system of noise suppression, echo cancellation, voice quality is good, the caller’s voice sounds natural, take off the headphones and pick up the phone does not pull. You can talk without raising his voice.

Bose QC 35: Accessories

I decided to say a few words on the term of service of headphones, Bose QC 35 cost a lot, and want to understand how long it will be possible to fly with them or listen to music at the office. Like the Bose QC 25, is replaceable ear pads, you need to get a cup of latches and put a new one, nothing complicated about it. The representation Bose said that in Russia (probably) will soon be supplying all sorts of accessories and buy them can be without any problems. Audio is still strange, entrance on the cup of 2.5 mm, on the other hand 3.5 mm – to find such a pretty hard, and I would like to be able to buy without any problems. Not understand the point about the battery, it is possible to be replaced in a few years? This question is trying to update, add Article. Below is comparable with the Parrot Zik 3, so at Zik battery in terms of advantage, you can buy and put on their own.

Considering how much the model, a comparison with the Parrot Zik 3.0 will not be avoided. And those other headphones very well protected from noise, similar in design can not be ignored and a fashion moment – and, of course, is very similar to the cost. But what you choose?

At Zik strong functionality – the application allows you to load presets, adjust the level of noise reduction, update software, and perform dozens of other transactions, certain dates, some not at all. But users always prefer when there is at least the potential to do something. For Bose QC 35 while only promise to add ANC adjustment in the program, but how many would do, nobody knows. That is, Zik – now hardware-software complex, well, Bose QC-35 – a thing in itself, use on health, but to pull the levers of fail.

The second point concerns the design, of course, Bose QC 35, too bad, but you need to understand – it’s eco-leather and other ersatz materials. The circulation of comparable companies, Bose QC 35 – a mass product, even in Russia it is hard to believe. In general, Zik beautiful skin with embossed leather on the ear pads, the skin on the headband, metal, all very beautiful, stately, well, Bose QC 35 – plastic, eco-leather, semblance suede, metal on plates, but in terms of product design Bose perceived not as advantageous.

In my opinion, the sound of parity, and those other headphones sound interesting, Bose QC 35 reconfigured and made better.

As for me, so Bose headphones fit better, they simply do not feel on the head. Alas, here are losing Parrot Zik – a subjective opinion, give it a try before you buy. I even like the fact that Bose QC 35 no touch controls, if laid his head on his shoulder in the air, nothing you do not accidentally switch.

Of course, interesting to deal with the Parrot Zik, where all sorts of miracles, but retrograde certainly choose Bose QC 35 – a familiar thing in a new guise.

Review Bose QC 35 headphones

Finally, I would advise you to listen to and to twist in his hands and Parrot Zik 3 and Bose QC 35. This is a truly outstanding things of our age.

In the retail Bose QC 25 worth 22,990 rubles for a model of a new generation asking 28,990 rubles, a great difference, but think about buying new items benefits. In the end, in addition to Bluetooth, and then there was another sound, I would have personally preferred the Bose QC 35 at least because of this. And it is very much used to the Bluetooth, for a week of use I connect headphones to all its core components, it is iPhone 6S Plus, iPad Pro, both notebooks, Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, a big plus in the case of Android – the presence of the NFC, connection is fast.

Bose QC 35: Sound

Many people do not like the sound in the Bose QC 25, well, I will say this – the sound is not caused emotions. I have a friend, he uses the Bose QC 25 flights, but does not like to listen to the earth, they say, absolutely none. I do not agree with this, but oh well. The novelty is whether the speakers are used, or migrated to the sound of old, on the official website of this word, in Bose on such subjects do not apply. But the differences from Bose QC 25 striking – where there is no bass, he appeared, became more noticeable. I listened to the different devices, mostly with iPhone 6S Plus and iPad Pro, write the usual bought in iTunes – with Vox, you can indulge in, but without much sense.

Audiophile headphones are not like them, there is no any megadetalizatsii or crystal transparency. The Bose make music for the masses and for the masses of sound. Where necessary, all boomed, where it is not necessary – also boomed! For bass someone else is singing, and it can be discerned. It’s great to watch movies and TV shows, listen to the podcasts very well, human speech is transmitted as if the person is standing nearby. Seredinka for bass is lost, but it does not matter. I want to repeat my idea is sound for the masses, and the official headphones site put five of the sound and write only things like: «Ever heard BOSE YOU CAN NEVER GO BACK», «if u ever own BOSE Anything theres no going back». I have argued here – Bose QC 35 plays obviously interesting Bose QC 25, but if you do a lot of experimenting with Parrot Zik 3, for a long time to listen to music you can be, and do not like.

Honestly, I’m not thrilled with the big sound. I like how the headphones sit as running the ANC, while working – all of these things bribe. But the sound quality … Thing is subjective, is not it?


The retail model costs 28 990 rubles, colleagues say that pre-order the party arriving and sailing to Moscow diverge very quickly, there was a lot of wishing, despite the crisis. Headphones appeared in the very right moment: summer, travel, flights, many people want to try noise canceling headphones for the first time, for many adults, it is generally the first such gadget for many years – and here they will just by Bose QC 35 enthusiastic. Nothing extra, long working time, classic design, excellent fit and no flirting with the audience, like the Parrot Zik.

I think in Parrot do not understand how these things can affect sales in some countries.

So. To me, a simple man, use the Bose QC 35 very much in everyday life. If part of the summer, so it is just necessary to take, without any reservations. It is encouraging that there are very few restrictions. Villages battery – connect the cable. Want even more time – do not turn off the headphones, connect the cable. Reply to the call – without problems. No sensors. Rediscover button. Very, very convenient. Dealing with Bose QC 35 – is how to deal with an old friend, a hundred years, you know each other and know roughly what to expect from each other.

Therefore, the model is very popular, bestseller and all that.

Minuses. Connector 2.5 mm on the cup, it is not clear how to change the battery in the application lacks so many features, the ANC would like to sometimes turn off or adjust. Well worth adding some EQ program, tweak the sound software. Maybe not enough and branded accessories, carrying case with built-in battery would not have prevented.

After several flights with Bose QC 35 write operation experience, it’s probably going to happen in the summer.