Review bracelet-pedometer FitBit Force

Review bracelet-pedometer FitBit Force


Model FitBit Force is the second company after bracelet Flex, and in fact, we see exactly the same distinctions as in conventional pedometer – One and Zip. In older models Force supported not only count the number of steps, but the number of flights of stairs passed, the maximum functionality for such devices today. Another difference lies in the fact that the bracelet appeared full screen which displays the time as well as all the information, it is changed by pressing the button.

Bracelet is available in the company’s steel color or black when purchasing should choose the size of the strap, it can be done by printing online special ribbon.

Complete with an additional strap Flex was the second size, and could purchase an additional set of three bracelets, this was possible because the construction of the pedometer was collapsible module inserted into the silicone base. In the Force is not so – the module is screwed into the body and can not replace it yourself, so you have a more careful approach to the selection of the size of the bracelet.

Bracelet on his arm looks good, does not cause discomfort. You only need to get used to the clasp in the first week, until the holes are not designed to button up his things torment. Then this is no problem.

Unfortunately, bracelets no protection against water – producers say that they can be washed in the shower maximum, but to swim, you can not.The only exception to this bracelet Shine, which you can swim, he is not afraid of the dive.

Accordingly Force should not dive, you kill this bracelet and would be a shame. In terms of functionality, is a complete analog FitBit One.

Battery bracelet lasts for 7-8 days (Flex worked for about 5 days), but the manufacturer recommends for calm charge it every 3-4 days.

Includes charger (USB), and Bluetooth-dongle for your computer so you can synchronize the data.

All the charms of this pedometer disclosed in software, where you can see the distance traveled, compete with your friends and so on.

Fitbit on the site you can view all the information about your activity during the day (and at other times). Of the additional options – to enter data about the food, as well as your weight. Both the first and second option is superfluous for me, I do not use them. Perhaps someone will find them useful.

With the price of the device in the U.S. $ 129, it would be worthwhile purchase, which has serious shortcomings. Disadvantages, such as the device has not, this is one of the best devices, the only question is how you will approach this design.

In my opinion, here it is necessary to say that someone who likes to wear bracelets, some interesting clip or module in your pocket. I was wondering how large discrepancy between the number of steps you’ve walked and measured clip bracelet (wristband in sleep, and clip only in jeans, which go out to the outside world). It turned out that the day walking about 15,000 steps, I get the difference in 500 steps (apparently it strides made at home). Not such a huge difference, there was a sense that it is taking the bracelet. But then to each his own.

I confess that I have a weakness for FitBit and use the company’s products. Before the advent of Force I would recommend to look at other bracelets, but this device is much more interesting than all the others and has a maximum functionality. The only disadvantage is that you can not swim in it, but it seems the groundwork for future models.