Review-Compare LG K10 and LG Class

Review-Compare LG K10 and LG Class

Review-Compare LG K10 and LG Class

Both models LG K10 and LG Class have got me to the test almost simultaneously, and use each of them a certain time, I made for myself concluded that the devices are very similar, and should describe them in one review, comparison, and not to write two very similar view.

LG K10 and LG Class: Appearance, materials, controls, assembly

I like the design of both models, for example, the LG Class austere appearance, slightly rounded edges and used metal shell, while LG K10, on the contrary, has rounded edges and the back cover he made of rubberized textured plastic, thanks to this device is very comfortable to hold in hand.

Traditionally, the latest models of LG volume rocker and the power button on both devices were placed on the back cover. The decision controversial, I personally do not like it, but I heard a lot of positive feedback about it, so I will not insist on his point of view.

Review-Compare LG K10 and LG Class

Connector 3.5 mm headphone jack and microUSB port on both models also found in the same place – on the bottom.

The back cover is removable in LG Class, so the right side you can see two trays – for nanoSIM-card and memory card.

At the same LG K10 lid is removed, the same slots nanoSIM and memory cards hidden under it. By the way, and the battery in the LG K10 is also removable.

Review-Compare LG K10 and LG Class

Slightly larger sizes due to greater LG K10 same diagonal screen (5.3 inches vs. 5.0 LG Class), but less weight – used housing material (plastic vs. metal). Personally I in size and feel in the hand is more like it K10, this is largely due to the strongly rounded edges and completely non-slip plastic. On the other hand, LG Class metal case in hand makes it more interesting in terms of tactile sensation.

LG K10 and LG Class: Screen

I feel that in the models use the same or very similar to the matrix, anyway, most of the parameters – brightness, contrast, color and behavior of the sun – both devices are the same. The only difference – the size of the display, at LG K10 slightly more diagonal screen. However, a detailed comparison of head-evident that LG Class screen is still a little bit better and viewing angles, and the level of brightness, however, more goes into the yellow color.

Review-Compare LG K10 and LG Class

Displays I liked. Of course, this is not the level of champions, but quite a decent average performance, the first time I even thought that they used FHD-resolution.

Viewing angles are average, the brightness drops when tilted and the image fades markedly.

Review-Compare LG K10 and LG Class

I like to use 2.5D glass, both in terms of both design and part of practicality, at the same LG K10 rounded ends, it looks great. By the way, the glass has an oleophobic coating, finger slides perfectly on the screen surface.

LG K10 and LG Class: Operating system

LG K10 smartphone runs on Android 6.0, and LG Class – 5.1. Both devices use a proprietary shell LG UI, despite the differences in the versions of Android available, LG UI looks almost the same to them.

I rarely testing a LG smart phones, so was pleasantly surprised by their proprietary interface. It is very functional, on par with other famous skins, and for some chips can compete even with CyanogenMod and MIUI.

Review-Compare LG K10 and LG Class

Firstly, I was very pleased with the use of a 5×5 grid on the desktop. Few manufacturers make it, but in vain.

Both devices are able to be switched on and off by double-tapu, it has become a branded chip smartphone LG.

From the keyboard mixed impressions. On the one hand, it is very functional, there is a separate series of numbers, additional characters are available by pressing a long, large buttons, but the dictionary in the keyboard is very small and does not know many words.

As part of the performance of devices show similar results: a good job with built-in and third-party applications, support for most games, however, productive will run at medium settings.

Review-Compare LG K10 and LG Class

LG K10 and LG Class: Autonomy

Time running view HD-video at maximum brightness (on airplane mode) 4 hours 55 minutes and 50 minutes 5:00

Opening hours of the reading mode at 30% brightness (included airplane) 11:00 12:00

As you can see, despite the small differences in the capacity of the batteries of smartphones +/- identical. The same applies to the mode of everyday use. I had no problems using both models during the day (twitter, mail, social networks, instant messengers, the browser), and the charge lasted for about four hours turn on the screen.

My impression is that in the apparatus used, if not identical, very similar camera modules. In any case, the quality of images in similar models. The devices are easy shots in the afternoon, some good shots go in artificial light, until you start zoomed to see the details of which have already turned into a mess of pixels. Make as good a night shot at all problematic. The front camera in LG Class shoots well, perfect for the Self, while the images on LG K10 frontalku obtained significantly worse.

Review-Compare LG K10 and LG Class

As you can see, in terms of supporting Wi-Fi standards ahead of LG K10, and even the work of GPS-module, despite the MediaTek chipset, better than LG K10 in the same, and the presence of two SIM-cards, too, someone seems important advantage.

LG K10 and LG Class: Conclusion

The quality of voice has no complaints in LG K10 and LG Class, you and your partner each other perfectly hear.

Review-Compare LG K10 and LG Class

In fact, I sincerely liked and the LG K10, and LG Class is excellent neat devices, with good, if not better screens, functional and pleasant body shell materials. But you can not view them in isolation from the market, where there are competitors with better performance for the same money. At a cost of 11 000 it would be a good model for the 17-20 thousand is better to take some of its competitors. By the way, even at the LG themselves have a more interesting G4s, which would be a much better buy than LG Class or LG K10.