Review consoles TV Android-Kino U4C

Review consoles TV Android-Kino U4C


The increasing popularity get Smart TV – TVs with support Youtube, Skype and other social services. But not all are willing to change their TV Smart TV only for a few “social buns.” On the other hand, benefit from the same Youtube on your TV is very desirable. On such users and calculated HDMI-sticks. Distributor has positioned them as a kind of “upgrade” to your TV Smart TV for a relatively small fee (compared to buying a new TV.)


  • HDMI-stick
  • Charger
  • USB-microUSB cable
  • Docking Station
  • Remote with Gyro
  • HDMI-extension

If you remember, in previous versions of consoles retailers offer different configuration, the user can select the desired self. In the new version, it was decided to bring all the complete set of “common denominator” and leave only one – it enabled by default and control, and docking station. The only thing that you can change – ask instead with Gyro remote control with the touchpad.

Appearance, controls, assembly dimensions

Externally console looks like a USB flash drive is big and fat with vent holes.

The obverse eye front camera and microphone mesh.

Left located HDMI-input, and right – the hole for the antenna and USB-port.

At the top end, you can see the microUSB connector for charging, a slot for microSD memory card and a hole Reset (second hole – an optional microphone.

Complete with stikom goes docking station that turns it into a full-fledged multimedia console. Stick to connect to the console, simply insert it into HDMI-port and connect the two cables from the console to the stick.

Which gives the user dock? First, it expands the number of USB-ports up to three pieces, adds a separate HDMI-port, there is a slot for SD-cards.Also thanks to the dock itself is not loose stick on the table, and acquires a stable position. This is important when using the webcam.

To build structures no complaints. Actually, here and grind-it is nothing special.

Stick itself is quite compact. Its dimensions are 90h40h8 mm.


User selectable distributor offering one of the two remotes: one with a gyroscope, the second with the touchpad.

The first control is a aeromysh and QWERTY-keyboard with all control buttons. In the middle you can see three buttons: a central icon Android enables / disables aeromyshi, and right and left buttons emulate her depression.

How does aeromysh? Relatively speaking, this is a remote that reacts to movement. For example, if you raise / lower it in his hand, the mouse cursor will climb / descend, if you move it left / right, the same movements and mouse will perform. At first, the decision seemed to me not very comfortable, so I raised and lowered the entire panel as a whole, but then I realized that I need only to move the upper part, and then use them with pleasure.

If we talk about the convenience of the keyboard, then immediately note – to enter long texts it will not work, because when you hold the remote in both hands thumbs do not get to all the columns of buttons. However, such control is perfect for quick entry links or search for keyword phrases.

The second panel includes QWERTY-keyboard and touchpad. Keyboard it is also suitable for only a small text entry, but the touchpad is very convenient, it is perfectly falls under the thumb of his right hand, and control the cursor with it quite convenient.

Operating system

Stick is running Android 4.2.2. Manufacturer has arranged a number of free applications, including MX Player and Vkontakte Music and Video, and

Apart from the normal launcher, and have adapted version control from the big screen. Use it with the remote – a pleasure.


In Stick installed Rockchip RK3188 chipset with quad-core processor, clocked at 1.6 GHz, video card – Mali-400MP, RAM – 1 GB of internal storage capacity – 8GB (user can use about 2 GB).

I often testing a tablet running on this chipset, and I can say that for most everyday tasks (web surfing, video games), his performance enough for the eyes.

Usage Scenarios

Distributor notes that the main scenario of using such a set-top box – to view online videos from various sources, just so Stic preinstalled applications and Vkontakte Music and Video.

Another scenario – offline viewing videos. I tested the console with various video files, it plays most problems without even heavy video. There is support for subtitles and audio tracks change. About video playback ISO: if you plan to use often this format, I recommend looking at the cheap nettops.

In our Android-blog has a detailed article on the use of HDMI-sticks, if you are considering a similar gadget to buy, I highly recommend to read it.

By the way, in that article, the author talked about the poor performance of Wi-Fi devices and periodic overheating in a test sample such shortcomings were noted. I specifically included streaming in 720p and no problems.


Console is equipped with a front camera with a resolution of 1.3 megapixels, and a microphone. Skype is already preinstalled. The quality of voice and pictures have no complaints, everything is standard. The only problem – it is not clear where to place the attachment to the camera lens is staring at you.

Wireless interfaces

Wi-Fi (b / g / n) – for the Wi-Fi have made ​​special antenna increases the range of the signal, as well as its stability.


We have such a stick in full kit retails for 6200 rubles. It is important to note that the set includes remote control with gyro docking station, and the console itself has a front camera preset. What is a retreat? The fact that now there are a lot of similar sticks sell for 3-4 thousand rubles, but without the dock and remote control included.

The main purpose of all this kit – view online video, and he copes with this perfectly well. Opened application hammered in finding the right film, chosen quality and began to watch. By the way, it’s not necessarily about pirated content, the stick works fine with Google and movies.

But if you plan to watch movies offline heavy, then I would recommend you pay attention to cheap nettops, despite the fact that they handle this and stick.

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