Review Cougar 250M. Functional gaming mouse for lefties and righties

Review Cougar 250M. Functional gaming mouse for lefties and righties

Review Cougar 250M. Functional gaming mouse for lefties and righties

Already become a good tradition to open the week with a review of the new mouse from the company Cougar . The next step we have symmetrical Cougar 250M, presented in late October. We are pleased to present its first detailed test. This model will be interesting even to those on a tight budget for the purchase of the periphery.

The company’s office Cougar is based in Germany, the issue and the development of the periphery they are doing since 2007. Was originally set high bar, pays attention to quality and design. If you take a mouse specifically, that there is a recognizable style. In the last series, we began to attract competitive players. Series 200 of them known for their budget decisions, a sort of compromise between cost and performance.

Cougar 250M comes in a dark box with quality printing. On the faces of the derived information on the specifications, the Russian language is present.

The package includes only technical information booklet.

Review Cougar 250M. Functional gaming mouse for lefties and righties

Appearance Cougar 250M

Cougar 250M performed in a symmetrical body, similar solutions on the market are rare. For right-handers is not a problem to pick up the mouse for every taste. For left-handers much more complicated, this is due not only to the shape of the body, but the button layout.

Immediately thoughtful amenities grip in both the left and right hand. I find it difficult to evaluate the convenience of the left hand, but the mouse is really completely mirror.

You can choose from two colors of the chassis: black and white. On our tests, classic black. White, in our opinion, it looks spectacular.

At the heart of the housing plastic is used. The back is covered with a smooth, side mesh texture.

His original touch to the look of making “teeth” in the area of ​​the scroll wheel and release the cable. They are painted in red.

Housing Cougar 250M slightly extended, overall dimensions are 135 x 68 x 42 mm and weighs 100 g System weight changes is not provided.

Under the main buttons are hidden quality switches OMRON with a long service life. At the edge of each button one more button, painted in red.

Review Cougar 250M. Functional gaming mouse for lefties and righties

Ideally, we would like to see a classical approach with two buttons under the thumb. Here within the comfort access is only one button. For a second click on the need to change grip. Although to be honest, are engaged in the distribution of the macro is not all.

Cougar 250M wheel with rubberized coating on the edges of the transparent area, then realized LED illumination. The user can choose from a 16.5 million colors. We mentioned earlier that this is useful not only to the aesthetic side, but also carries information on the active profile (you can bind to a different color profiles).

Behind the switch is DPI level, switching between 4 levels. They are also set to ON by default: – 500/1000/1250/1750/2000/4000 DPI.

Bottom two zones with Teflon feet. In the center of the eye Optical Sensor ADNS-3050. The maximum level of sensitivity – 4000DPI, polling rate – 1000Hz / 1ms. Glide is excellent.

Cougar 250M is connected via a cable to the tissue sheath length 1.8 meters. At the end of the connector is shaped.

Claims for the build quality and materials do not. The mouse makes a good impression.

Review Cougar 250M. Functional gaming mouse for lefties and righties

Software Cougar 250M

To control loading requires proprietary utility Cougar UIX. Also, the mouse has its own built-in memory for storage of configuration profiles. The program brings together the entire periphery of the manufacturer.

Set up can be 8 buttons. In reality, there are practical benefits of the appointment is valid only for 4 buttons (two lateral, click on the wheels and DPI). There is a predefined set of actions and recording macros.

Set four levels of DPI. Speed, speed, double-click.

Select highlight color. Respiration activating effect.

Each of the three sections can be bound to start the game or program.

Cougar 250M typical gaming mouse with light weight and low profile. A lot of time getting used to is required. Not really liked the location of the buttons of all the only one available. Central switch for optimal sensitivity level or profiles. The absence of rubber pads on the sides are not adversely affected in the tenacity of grip. As an advantage worth noting easy removal of dirt.

The mouse is suitable for both busy playing battles and for office tasks. Sensitivity enough for monitors with a resolution of 4K. Clicks easy, effortless, false positives have been reported.

Review Cougar 250M. Functional gaming mouse for lefties and righties

Results for Cougar 250M

Cougar 250M is an excellent choice for limited financial resources. There is a required minimum: optical sensor with 3200 DPI, switches OMRON, extra buttons, ergonomic design, adjustable lights, a symmetrical body, intuitive and functional software, fabric braided cable.

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