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Review Cubot S9: inexpensive and very cool smartphone

Pretty little-known company Cubot decided to please his fans and those who had never heard any of this manufacturer are very powerful solution. New smartphone called Cubot S9 and is one of the most powerful product in the mobile market. The problem with this product is only little known brand in the majority of the market – even at your local market the company knows a very limited number of users. Because of this, you have a chance to get a very cool smartphone with advanced features and stylish looks at a minimal cost. We thought long and hard whether to write a review on this device, but after seeing the product characteristics decided that our readers will be interested to know about this gadget. Especially, if you have the desire to get a relatively inexpensive device and there is no reference to some well-known brands and lairs, the review will be doubly interesting.

Review Cubot S9: inexpensive and very cool smartphone

Specifications Cubot S9

For smartphone processing power will be responsible Snapdragon processor 823, which is yet another very Qualcomm has not announced. Apparently, the processor in the near future will show, and then himself smartphone will go on sale. It is worth noting that it is only slightly more powerful than the original flagship Snapdragon 820 – it now has four processing cores Kryo 100 with higher clock frequency. This will allow you to play more serious gaming products and enjoy the other benefits of the mobile platform. Maintain the performance Cubot S9 will be the memory of 6 GB. You read that right – the developer has decided to give you a memory with a large margin, so you can not worry about that do not have enough RAM in your browser or a toy. Keep the personal content you provide on the internal drive to 128 gigabytes. That’s enough for any modern user, with the head.

Design Cubot S9

The smartphone will appeal to those who are reaching for the modern trends. The front panel is a display only, while the frames with the minimum left and right. On top, above the display, is the speaker and the camera sensor. On the back side is the dual camera with flash, a company logo. Cubot S9 itself is built in the style of metal, although the materials are far from aircraft-grade aluminum. Product Thickness, sides and weight we are very pleased. Of course, as there is with the quality no one can say, but it looks very new and very nice. And the iPhone is not copied, too bad.

Bonuses Cubot S9

The main advantage of Cubot S9 is the rear camera. More precisely, these two cameras at once, they are 16 megapixels each, and each of the chambers in its LED flash. The whole structure together allows you to take very tough shots even in low light conditions and change the focus of the picture after the shooting itself. Smartphone display has a diagonal of 5.5 inches, but the resolution has not yet been disclosed. We suspect that it will be a 2K display, since such a powerful processor put FullHD would be foolish.

Review Cubot S9: inexpensive and very cool smartphone

Result Cubot S9

The device we really liked – contains all the advanced technology, all the cool iron on the market. So far, the manufacturer does not mention the price Cubot S9, not to mention the exact date of the start of sales, but we are sure that the price for the gadget will be minimal. It is not the first time we see the company’s devices, and they absolutely were always available, because the brand is relatively unknown, and yet they do not wind the cost is too much, as the luxury brands. It is also worth noting that Cubot S9 can be ordered only from China – get ready.

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