17.02.2014 8:18

Review of “The Dallas Buyer’s Club”

Unlike his ensemble opponent by “Oscar”, the movie “ The Dallas Buyer’s Club“entirely pulled out on the backs of actor Matthew McConaughey . Matthew looks like a mustachioed Kashchei, but their thin shoulders he proudly bears a large burden – at the moment it is the reincarnation of the beyond can be considered the best work of the actor for all his more than 20-year career.

Film is based on the true story of Ron Woodruff, Texas simple electrics.A typical representative of “white trash” and furious homophobic, he burns his worthless life, eating fruit blemish. But once this goner nihilists and follower promiscuity accidentally discovers that picked up HIV. Doctors give Ron 30 days. Ron sends them known to all electricians route and cut in their “survival skills”. He really wants to live.

The fact that Monsieur Jean-Marc Vallee knows a lot about AMD , we realized after the ” Young Victoria “and” Café de Flore . ” But those were special cases, personal tragedies, localized pain.Here history and the unknown, in general, is not an interesting guy was not only public, but also the bifurcation point for the American health care system and society as a whole.


To the credit of the director is worth noting that he did not stimulate the erogenous zones”tolerastov.” Gays for Ron – not so much those who urgently need to be saved or whose image must be baked as banal means of enrichment. Valle honest man showed us, and obviously not a philanthropist who will do everything in order to adjust your body to the most efficient mode of operation . But while Woodruff makes survival truly Herculean efforts, he finally understands why he is at all necessary. Understands why live.

McConaughey’s career is all. And cute romkomovskaya rubbish and little diamonds like “Killer Joe.” But only in the “Dallas club” actor broke and shone. His playing fascinates. Ron Woodruff first disgusting and evil, then annoying and picky damn stubborn, practical and, eventually, compassionate and courageous. Brave to the end.

Meanwhile, vsamdelishnye drama unfolds behind the scenes right now. Just imagine all of a sudden out of nowhere genius hatched McConaughey coincided with another nomination for “Oscar” Leonardo DiCaprio . Perdimonokl situation that Leo in ” The Wolf of Wall Street “tried and puffed as the pioneer in the cleanup, and Matthew … It just burst. Anyone who dreams of long golden statuette, jumped out of his pants, but played as always plays – good. A person who never for”Oscar” is not pulled, and took jumped higher than his head. The climax and denouement, seeMarch 2, including live broadcasts of delivery of the main MTV Movie.

The second plan submitted film, alas, only Jared Leto. The rest – just extras, even bunting Jennifer Garner .And Jared embodied on-screen incarnation kokainetki charming romance of Vertinsky. A sort of Texas slut in torn pantyhose and forever stoned, but with a big heart and a kind soul. Yes, it was necessary to send the nomination to the women, of course … And so,Kashchei and Kokainetka – bromance they turned toRon just lovely sight.

Cinema has repeatedly refers to the story of how the AIDS epidemic broke people’s lives. Even hedgehog clear that the final pink in this case count is silly.Nobody goes into the sunset and will not live happily ever after. But stories about the power of the spirit, of the will to life, one of you against all of them – because they are battling spectator spot, worse than the sweetest a happy-ends.

And what else? Stand the test of AIDS – it will not throw dwarfs .