28.10.2015 11:30

Review Dell XPS 13. The notebook lost frames

Mobile trend in the absence of the frame around the screen slowly moves on the notebook market. It would seem, what’s the difference – there is on the laptop frame or not it at all? But it turns out, the difference really is in the current circumstances it is quite weighty. By decreasing the frame around the display, engineers can make the overall structure more compact laptop. So, in the absence of a framework laptop with 13.3-inch it is the same size as a laptop with standard 11-inch frame. Agree advantage worthwhile. The new laptop Dell XPS 13 developers for taking the time not only of the chip, but also many other features that are now commonplace. High resolution display quality island keyboard, large touchpad with gesture support multitasking. Let’s take a closer look at this device and decide in which areas it can be used in the future.

Review Dell XPS 13. The notebook lost frames
Specification Dell XPS 13

It’s time to get used to the fact that all new laptops Dell XPS 13 will be delivered on the latest generation processor Intel Skylake. This product is also supplied to the series, there are options to the model Intel Core i5 and i7. The buyer will have the opportunity to choose a notebook based on the required capacity to work with text, video or photo. Maintain processor will access memory up to 16 gigabytes type DDR4. This is a more powerful type of memory, compared to DDR3, so buying a model with 8 gigabytes you get great performance. For notebook graphics will be either integrated graphics from Intel, or, optionally, a discrete NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960M with 2 GB of internal memory. Keep personal content you’ll be on SSD drives up to 1 terabyte, the initial volume of 128 gigabytes. Nothing new, just the latest piece of iron to choose from.

Review Dell XPS 13. The notebook lost frames
Design Dell XPS 13

The base body of Dell XPS 13 is constructed of aluminum, and the keypad and display frame is made of carbon fiber. Because of this you will have an easy and at the same time very durable laptop. Around the display, namely the top, right and left, the frame is minimized, but below the display frame with a standard logo DELL. Panel keyboard is black, with a large touchpad and keys backlit island disc. The manufacturer tried to focus on the maximum compactness and light weight device, making the appearance of a very strict and pragmatic. We really liked it, do not like colorful notebooks.

 Review Dell XPS 13. The notebook lost frames
Rewards Dell XPS 13

The display of Dell XPS 13 is 13.3 inches, and your choice of three options available display resolution – 1920 x 1200 pixels, 3200 to 1800 and 3840 to 2160 points. Naturally, the maximum vacuum fit more artists and designers, as a normal user Vkontakte and email clients the difference between the minimum and maximum resolution will not notice. It is worth noting that there are two ports USB 3.0, a new type of port USB Type-C, as well as HDMI and card reader. Problems like the new MacBook does not arise, and it is happy. At the time of buying laptop Dell XPS 13 will have to work with Windows 10.

Conclusion Dell XPS 13

Minimum grade laptop Dell XPS 13 will cost users $ 800. What do we get for this money? Excellent display resolution, high-quality housing, the minimum frame around the display, the newest generation of processors, island style keyboard, a lot of ports for connecting peripherals and a handy carrying case. For comparison – the majority of its competitors for the same money offer much less powerful devices, and there is a huge frame. A frame, because it is the most important.