22.04.2016 2:10

Review of Doogee Y300: affordable smartphone with modern OS

The big advantage of Chinese manufacturers has always been considered the low price of the device. You can simply go to the store and look at the value smartphone from Samsung and the value of the Chinese product with exactly the same characteristics. While the product from Samsung will be evaluated in $ 300, or even more, Chinese gadget like Doogee Y300 costs only $ 130 and allows you to perform exactly the same actions. Why pay more? There are several reasons, and they are all based on the prejudice that Chinese smartphones worse than others. That’s only going to almost all smart phones in China for one and the Ms. plants. So today, I close my eyes to the brand, which you most likely have never heard, and tell you about the smartphone with a fairly powerful stuffing, stylish design, and other advantages. And nothing like this for 130 bucks you will not find even in the Chinese Internet sales.

Review of Doogee Y300: affordable smartphone with modern OS

Specifications Doogee Y300

The basis smartphone Doogee Y300 is taken processor company MediaTek MT6735, based on four processing cores clocked at 1.5 GHz. This is sufficient for all modern gaming programs or products, despite the fact that this middle class processor. During the processing of graphic elements will respond integrated graphics Mali-T720, which has more than once been set in such smartphones and showed itself at its best. Maintain the performance of the smartphone as a whole will be memory of 2 gigabytes. If previously received only 2 GB flagship model, it is now the market for a budget of 2 gigabytes of RAM is quite normal volume, which is enough for entertainment and work back to back. For those who want to have more power and more expensive smartphones with better processor and more RAM, but not everyone is needed.

Review of Doogee Y300: affordable smartphone with modern OS

Design Doogee Y300

The manufacturer has decided to deliver a smartphone Doogee Y300 in one embodiment – in silver with inlays of white plastic. The front panel is placed only a display without touch control of Fame, as well as the speaker, camera and sensors. The frame on the right and on the left there, but it is minimal and it gives a certain charm device. On the back side there is a camera with flash and a company logo. We should also praise the lateral faces of the product – they are made “under the metal” and create the effect of a very thin smartphone, despite the fact that the thickness of his pretty standard.

Bonuses Doogee Y300

For storage of personal content you allocate 32 GB of space. If this volume you will not be enough, you can purchase a memory card and carry a mountain of music, movies and toys. Display size in the smartphone is 5 inches and the resolution is only 1280 x 720 pixels. Yes, it’s just a HD display, not FullHD or 4K, but let’s not forget the cost of the device. The main camera is 8 megapixels makes good pictures in good light, but nothing supernatural, you will not see. But it is working on a smartphone Android 6.0 Marshmallow operating system, while the majority of smartphones are still on the fifth version.

Review of Doogee Y300: affordable smartphone with modern OS

Result Doogee Y300

After a detailed examination of this smartphone Doogee Y300 you yourself will come to the fact that there is nothing better for $ 130 you will not find. Here, a great processor, where you can play modern toys, great camera and a display that allows you to read a book, take the world and share it on social networks. In addition, built-in storage to 32 GB allows you to save on the purchase of a memory card, which is also an advantage.