Review Doogee Y300 smartphone

Review Doogee Y300 smartphone

Review Doogee Y300 smartphone

Not long ago, the Chinese company Doogee announced a new smartphone called Doogee Y300. This is a typical low-cost, one might even say, a budget machine with simple technical characteristics, but the “gentleman” set of features: 2 GB of RAM, 32 GB of internal memory, 5-inch screen with HD-resolution camera 8/5 MP. Among the unique highlighted except all-metal housing with glass panels front and rear, as well as the Google Android 6.0.

Currently Doogee Y300 costs about 130 US dollars.

Doogee Y300: Design, size, controls

At first glance it looks quite nice Doogee Y300: stylish rectangular body shape, thin frame of the screen, smooth side faces, brushed metal, polished chamfer at the top and bottom glass with curved edges on the front and back side. All this creates a sense of unusual and expensive devices. However, in this design lie the pitfalls:

The saddest thing – Doogee Y300 is very slippery. Not because glass is used, so that the lateral faces dull, but very smooth to the touch. The impression is (most likely, it is), that Chinese manufacturers do not think of a smartphone design ergonomics. They did so too was similar to other gadgets, and of all love: a lot of metal and glass.

Total appearance: Doogee Y300 looks nice, but use it quite inconvenient and uncomfortable.

The device is sold in three colors: white, gold and black. We have a review as it is clear, was Doogee Y300 white. I think the best option in terms of soiled. On the bright glass noticeable no chips, no scratches or fingerprints. I think it has similar properties and Doogee Y300 golden brown.

Build the perfect, nothing to complain about. Made gadget also qualitatively: there is no visible gaps between the metal and glass, asymmetrical elements and other things that affect cheap Chinese phones.

Review Doogee Y300 smartphone

Oleophobic coating is, the prints are removed easily and quickly.

On the front of the device are located on top of the camera to Self, a bright indicator of missed events and battery, light sensor / proximity and earpiece. Speaker volume is slightly above average, average intelligibility, reproducible frequency mainly medium, the voice quality is quite good, the caller can hear you well.

At the bottom end – 5 holes for the speaker, microUSB, microphone and 5 decorative holes.

As mentioned above, the power button and the button-rocker volume control – the left edge. Right – metal sled microSIM + nanoSIM or microSIM + microSD. Standard situation, unfortunately. I would like to have access to the two sim-cards, and a memory card.

On the reverse side – the camera lens flush with the body and the metal frame, the flash, the bottom – a proprietary company inscription.

Doogee Y300: Display

This device uses a screen diagonal is 5 inches. The physical size – 62h110 mm top frame – 14 mm, bottom – 15 mm left and right – of approximately 4.5 mm. There is anti-reflective coating, quite effective.

Resolution of the display Doogee Y300 – HD, that is 1280×720 pixels, aspect ratio – 16: 9, the density – 293 pixels per inch. IPS matrix with no air gap.

Review Doogee Y300 smartphone

The maximum brightness of white color – 350 cd / m2 maximum brightness black – 0.4 cd / m2, contrast ratio – 875: 1.

Maximum viewing angles, not yellow and violet; perhaps a reddish tint appears tilted. The touch layer fulfills up to 5 simultaneous touches, excellent sensitivity. In general, an inexpensive display device has excellent performance matrix.

Doogee Y300: Battery

This device uses a built-in rechargeable battery (Li-ion) 2,200 mAh.

In my manual mode (infrequent calls and mainly Wi-Fi and 4G) smartphone “live” about 9 am to 16 days. In this mode, I listen to music for about 2 hours, the screen lights up around 2-2.5 hours. Video playback – about 5-6 hours.

If we talk about listening to music, then this can be ignored, because the battery is 2200 mAh battery lasts for about 3-5% per hour at medium volume: fast discharge the battery in standby mode. Toys – about 1.5 hours.

Note that despite the low capacity battery 2200 mAh enough relatively long time. Most likely, the merit system optimization and low productivity.

From the regular AC adapter is charging the battery for 2.5 hours.

Review Doogee Y300 smartphone

Doogee Y300: Communications

The device operates in 2G / 3G networks, 4G LTE:

  • 2G: 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
  • 3G: 900/2100 MHz
  • 4G: FDD-LTE Band 1/3/7/20 (B1: 2100, B3: 1800, B7: 2600, B20: 800 MHz)

The rest is standard for all of Android-smartphone: Wi-Fi b / g / n, Bluetooth 4.0, USB 2.0 OTG without support. GPS Sensitivity slightly above average, but the stability of the high-level – does not lose the satellites.

Doogee Y300: Memory and memory card

Doogee Y300 has 2GB RAM. This volume enough for almost any application. Do not forget that before you a cheap smartphone. On the company’s website and on the box Set internal memory of 64 GB. Manufacturer disingenuous: in fact he meant that the phone already have 32 GB, while the remaining 32 GB memory card are added. But 32 Flash-memory is also good.

Doogee Y300: Cameras

Traditionally, there are two modules of cameras: 8 MP (SONY IMX219, BSI, the size of 1 / 4.0, F2.8 aperture) and 5 megapixel (F2.8 aperture). There is a LED flash. In the settings you can specify the MP 13/8, but it is only interpolation – again a marketing ploy. The company’s website says that Doogee Y300 is optics with F2.0 aperture – it’s not.

The picture quality is good: nice colors, accurate white balance, exposure is almost always accurate. Detailed average, very noticeable “peresharp”, especially in clear weather or under bright lighting.

Video unit wrote in a resolution of 1280×720 pixels at 30 frames per second.

The front camera has a wide-angle optics. Quality worthy. Video – 640×480 @ 22 f / s.

Review Doogee Y300 smartphone

Doogee Y300: Processor and OS

Smartphone Doogee Y300 runs on MediaTek MT6735 chipset (4 core and 1500 MHz). This is a simple chip, it works budget gadgets. Nevertheless, Doogee Y300 – nimble small: no podlagivany, slowdown, all smoothly and quickly.

C toys is not so okay: run all, but the “Gama” with complex graphics (NOVA3, Modern Combat, Darkness Reborn and others) greatly retarding playing uncomfortable. Simpler (Dead Trigger, World of Derby) – without problems on low graphics settings.

Doogee Y300: Multimedia

The speaker volume is average, the quality is good, but try to “give” music only at high frequencies, as at low frequencies the speaker is making strange noises slightly. Average – clean, clear.

The music player standard. The headphone volume is high, the quality conforms to all low-end phones – neither one nor the other. Effects and EQ – the usual.

Radio is, works only with the headset connected.

Support for video formats and resolution, I stopped writing, as modern smartphones (of course, if it is not aids to 3 000 rubles) “twist” all in a row with any codec and any resolution.


Once again – a smartphone Doogee Y300 costs about $ 130 at current exchange rate is about 8 500 rubles. In the place where I ordered the unit price of about $ 120 – 7 900 rubles.

If you are looking for the unusual design of the unit, a lot of metal and glass, are willing to put up with a failure, in my view, ergonomic design, Doogee Y300 is just for you. In terms of technical characteristics of the gadget common and unremarkable – of thousands.


  • Metal edging and glass panels
  • High-quality screen matrix
  • good camera
  • Quick, smooth interface
  • Android 6.0
  • 32 GB Flash-memory
  • LTE


  • Ergonomics design on a great lover
  • Slippery housing
  • Heavy
  • Weak battery life (despite the fact that I still praised the battery in the appropriate section)