Review Elephone P9000: AGAIN CHINESE FLAGSHIP?

Review Elephone P9000: AGAIN CHINESE FLAGSHIP?

Review Elephone P9000: AGAIN CHINESE FLAGSHIP?

Elephone has been playing on the market for a relatively long time and puts on the principle that is well known to buyers – more style for less money. It is not surprising that the devices of this manufacturer regularly fall into the laboratory.

Let me remind you that the last time we visited a very interesting smartphone, which we even mentioned in the final article for 2016 – Elephone S7 .

Today we have on the review no less popular model Elephone P9000. And we must immediately note that the “9000” in the name is not the capacity of the battery, as is the case with some Chinese brands. Interest in this smartphone wakes up right after visiting the official site, at which its price corresponds to the Elephone S7 . Let’s see what the novelty can offer for the same money.

The characteristics are quite typical for a gadget from the middle of 2016, only the amount of RAM is allocated, which will be very useful considering the ever growing appetite of applications. A little alarm only a small mass for a steel device with a battery of 3000 mAh.

Review Elephone P9000: AGAIN CHINESE FLAGSHIP?

Elephone P9000: Packing

The box in which the hero of the review is hidden is very interesting. It is not cardboard, but plastic.

Something like a plastic capsule or a box of medical gadgets.

Inside, we are waiting for a very strange set of delivery.


USB Type-C cord.

Review Elephone P9000: AGAIN CHINESE FLAGSHIP?

Perhaps, this is the most minimalistic set of accessories from those that came to my review. And in this case it is very insulting, as the manufacturer declares that the Elephone P9000 supports fast charging technology. But it is impossible to use it! Nonsense!

Elephone P9000: Design

Elephone P9000 is positioned by the manufacturer as an average solution with thin frames around the display. In the off state they are really not visible, the screen almost merges with the substrate.

Review Elephone P9000: AGAIN CHINESE FLAGSHIP?

On the reverse side of the smartphone is equipped with a non-removable plastic cover, it is rough like one of OnePlus One.

The arrangement of the elements is familiar: the charging port is located at the bottom, next to the ringing speaker and microphone. On top is a 3.5 mm plug with a plug.

The hardware keys are on the right side of the device, and on the left is a SIM card tray and a universal button.

Review Elephone P9000: AGAIN CHINESE FLAGSHIP?

The white version of the device is also on the market.

The set of sensors here is standard. Adjusting the brightness occurs in a small range, but it is more a feature of the display, rather than the sensor itself. Phantom clicks during the conversation were not noticed.

Review Elephone P9000: AGAIN CHINESE FLAGSHIP?

Not very convenient to implement the bottom of the device.  Elephone P9000 has one universal button, with a single-color LED-indicator. The problem is that she is very sensitive and only one.

Simply put, all the functionality of the three standard buttons is crammed into one. Of course, it is possible to turn on the onscreen menu, but disable this area under the screen will not work.

Review Elephone P9000: AGAIN CHINESE FLAGSHIP?

Moreover, when charging, when the LED indicator is on, a bright beam of light breaks out of the USB Type-C connector.

On the reverse side we are waiting for the rear camera, fingerprint scanner, flash and laser autofocus. At once I will say that the fingerprint sensor here is budget. Its accuracy is not high, although I can not complain about the speed.

The protective glass of the camera is placed on an almost level with the edging.

Hardware keys are metallic, they distinguished themselves with a decent backlash.

Review Elephone P9000: AGAIN CHINESE FLAGSHIP?

The quality of assembly and fitting of the elements is not ideal, but flaws in the eyes are not strongly thrown.

The clip for removing the SIM card tray serves as a plug for the 3.5 mm connector.

The SIM card tray is slightly different in color from the case.

In this case, the tray is combined.

Review Elephone P9000: AGAIN CHINESE FLAGSHIP?

The manufacturer does not hesitate to advertise the device as frameless.

In fact, the frames around the display are not as thin as on promotional materials, but the smartphone looks pretty decent. Yes, and in the hands feels good, thanks to the metal edging.

Elephone P9000: Display

Review Elephone P9000: AGAIN CHINESE FLAGSHIP?

Elephone P9000 has a 5.5″ IPS display with a resolution of 1920 x 1080. Of course, the pixel grid is not visible even from a close distance.The manufacturer does not mention the brand and type of protective glass.

The viewing angles are modest.

Review Elephone P9000: AGAIN CHINESE FLAGSHIP?

The loss of contrast is not high.

The color of the gray gradient is present, but it is insignificant.

Review Elephone P9000: AGAIN CHINESE FLAGSHIP?

Even illumination is good.

Glow-effect is not expressed strongly.

Review Elephone P9000: AGAIN CHINESE FLAGSHIP?

The sensor supports up to five simultaneous presses.

Review Elephone P9000: AGAIN CHINESE FLAGSHIP?

Now we will test the display with the X-Rite ColorMunki Display calibrator. How to interpret this data is described in this video or in an article on the example of monitors.

Traditionally, we start with the contrast table.

Elephone P9000 uses a dynamic contrast system. The static contrast was about 1000: 1. The maximum brightness in the automatic mode was 408 nits. Readability in the bright sun is average.

Gamma-curves are not bad, only in the light range there are significant deviations.

The color temperature is normal.

Color channels are fine tuned.

The color coverage is slightly narrower than the sRGB standard.

The points of the gray wedge approached the DeltaE boundaries <10.

Elephone P9000: Hardware and performance

Under the back cover of the Elephone P9000 is a single-chip MediaTek Helio P10 system, the same as the MT6755. It uses two clusters of four cores of the Cortex-A53 architecture. This is not the fastest chip, but as the basis for a multimedia gadget is suitable.

Review Elephone P9000: AGAIN CHINESE FLAGSHIP?

Of 4 GB of RAM, the user is available about 2.4 GB on a “fresh” device.

The stability of the work is not the highest, yet the MT6755 is quite a hot chip.

Review Elephone P9000: AGAIN CHINESE FLAGSHIP?

Elephone P9000: Gaming Performance

Considering Elephone P9000 as a gaming gadget does not make any sense, the Mali-T860 MP2 video core is too weak, and the performance on the stream is not very high here. Moreover, in our case the device differed not by the most successful Wi-Fi transmitter and not very accurate sensor.

Review Elephone P9000: AGAIN CHINESE FLAGSHIP?

Review Elephone P9000: AGAIN CHINESE FLAGSHIP? Review Elephone P9000: AGAIN CHINESE FLAGSHIP? Review Elephone P9000: AGAIN CHINESE FLAGSHIP?

Elephone P9000: Software

Elephone P9000 is based on the Android OS with a standard interface.

OS version is 6.0. Basic elements and menus are standard, like animation. The shell does not work very fast, at least for MT6755. Perhaps the frequency affects the work of the nuclei.

Review Elephone P9000: AGAIN CHINESE FLAGSHIP?

The MiraVision utility is installed in the system, which can help with the display setup.

There are modest settings for the LED notification indicator.

A program is installed to close the background processes.

Laser autofocus can be turned off.

Review Elephone P9000: AGAIN CHINESE FLAGSHIP?

You can assign an application to an additional function key.

There is support for managing gestures and an additional screen lock based on the proximity sensor.

Review Elephone P9000: AGAIN CHINESE FLAGSHIP?

Alas, but in the menu for enabling touch navigation buttons there is no disabling of the button under the screen, which creates a lot of problems during operation.

Elephone P9000: Multimedia


Let’s start with testing the “omnivorous” formats.

The result is not high.

YouTube works without problems.


Let’s check the sound quality with the RightMark Audio Analyzer and the ASUS Xonar DX sound card.

Unexpectedly, our hero shows good results, both in the test and subjective listening. Of course, this is not a music smartphone, but for the vast majority of users this sound quality will be enough.

But the ringing speaker pumped up. It is sonorous, but very squeaky, that is, high frequencies here are strongly knocked out of the whole range. More than once I caught myself thinking that I shudder at the time of notification. I had to even look for a deaf signal. The spoken microphone is not bad, it clearly conveys speech and does not catch the surrounding noises very much.

The vibrating force is weak.

Elephone P9000: Wireless interfaces and communication

Elephone P9000 is capable of working in Wi-Fi networks using b / g / n protocols. Only 2.4 GHz frequency range is supported.

The speed of work in Wi-Fi networks is not very high.

Despite the support of the GLONASS system, the smartphone was not able to hook onto satellites and determine the location without using the Internet and information from GSM towers.

Elephone P9000: Memory

Review Elephone P9000: AGAIN CHINESE FLAGSHIP?

Elephone P9000 carries on board 32 GB of onboard flash memory.

Of these, just under 25 GB are available to the user.

The speed of the drive is high.

It supports connection to a PC using the following protocols: USB, MTP, MIDI and PTP. The speed of data transfer to the smartphone is 7-12 MB / s, the transfer rate from the device is ~ 20 MB / s.

Elephone P9000: Battery life

Review Elephone P9000: AGAIN CHINESE FLAGSHIP?

Elephone P9000 is equipped with a non-removable battery with a capacity of 3 000 mAh.

The results in the benchmarks are average.

Smartphone consumes a lot of energy only in games, under normal operation it lasts almost for a working day.

There are also the simplest energy saving regimes, and flow monitoring.

Elephone P9000: Camera

Review Elephone P9000: AGAIN CHINESE FLAGSHIP?

The interface of the camera is standard.

It is interesting that there is a shooting option in RAW (.dng) format. However, I still did not find software that could open pictures from the Elephone P9000, if there is a desire, you can download these pictures and try.

Test camera Elephone P9000

Attention: some screenshots in an enlarged version are images of the original size, so they can be quite “heavy” (on average up to 2-3 MB). The size and resolution of both versions of the picture, as always, are written in the TITLE block of the IMG tag; Usually browsers show them in a tooltip.

Review Elephone P9000: AGAIN CHINESE FLAGSHIP?

The detailing is normal, but there is turbidity, like a protective glass here made of plastic.

To exclude the effect of weather (fog?), The picture was duplicated in good weather, but the problem did not resolve it. At the edges of the frame, there is a strong blurring of the parts.

Review Elephone P9000: AGAIN CHINESE FLAGSHIP?

HDR mode works aggressively.

The dynamic range is sufficient.

When the lighting is poor, the picture is too dark.

Review Elephone P9000: AGAIN CHINESE FLAGSHIP?

Optics well resists the appearance of “hares” and glare, but there is also some turbidity.

It is better to use a flash to shoot text.

The front camera here is “nominal”.

Review Elephone P9000: AGAIN CHINESE FLAGSHIP?

Examples of video recording:

The quality of the video is at a level with competitors, there are no revelations.

Elephone P9000: Comparison

What kind of review without Xiaomi in the competition? In this case, we will talk about Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 . It has the best SoC, more capacious battery and good support of the community of enthusiasts, the benefit of the model is very popular.

Meizu M3 Note is based on the same Helio P10, but on its side is a more capacious battery and a sonorous name.

And for fans of the Qualcomm platform, you can advise LeEco Le 2 . The device is surprisingly balanced, albeit not without flaws.

Elephone P9000: Conclusion

The smartphone turned out not very interesting, because the same manufacturer is next to the same manufacturer Elephone S7 , which is based on a more interesting “hardware”, offers a more interesting design and all this at the same cost.

The only reason to choose the Elephone P9000 is a more conservative and practical design. In other cases, it is better to pay attention to the Elephone S7 or competitors.

Advantages Elephone P9000:

  • Not a bad display;
  • Support for two SIM cards and memory cards;
  • Advanced OS;
  • The fingerprint scanner;
  • High quality of sound in headphones;
  • Additional universal button on the case;
  • Conservative and practical design.

Disadvantages Elephone P9000:

  • There are comments on the quality of the assembly;
  • Very modest set of delivery;
  • Not the most stable reception of Wi-Fi.
  • The shell does not spoil the speed of work;
  • Non-disable touch key under the screen (waiting for software update);
  • Low-quality photo (plastic protective “glass”?);
  • Inaccurate fingerprint scanner.

Source: elephonestore