31.05.2014 7:46

Review film “Neighbours” – Hate your neighbor

Film Neighbors only causes disgust. Movie Rating Metacitic site is 68/100 with a negative review, and box office picture in the U.S. after three weeks of rent amounted to $ 118 million (with a budget of 18 million). However, seen demonstrates that not only domestic “humorists” know unpretentious preferences of their audience.

The movie begins with a scene in which a young married couple having sex in front of the mechanical nesmyshlenogo child. Pope worried about the fact that the baby looks at them. Dad can not finish.After a series of flat and tightened jokes couple returns to the daily concerns.
Then the story switches to the new problems of the family. As students enter the house next door.These guys are satisfied with noisy parties every day, preventing the child to sleep. Couple naturally tries to calm neighbors. In theory, everything should end the conflict with hilarious confrontation.Wakes up hope for a good comedy. Certainly not.
In the first half hour of action in no hurry to move into an active phase. We talk show dull husband with a work colleague, to discuss new neighbors with sick antics. Next, the film dives into the dope party with eating fungi spores on what Batman is better, and in the morning void fountain in the courtyard.
Many scenes are built on repetition of the same phrases. Others are converted into a series of similar analogies and obsasyvaniya from all sides not the most successful joke. Such methods are repeated many times throughout the film. The creators of “neighbors” if sitting with a stopwatch and made every effort to stretch film for half an hour.
Causes rejection of any dialogue. All the actors overact wildly arrange unexplained tantrums and seasoned it indecent amount samopovtorov. By this concourse screaming idiots feel exactly one sense – searing hatred. The only exception is a sincere smile nesmyshlenogo child. To spoil this bright image, the authors stuck in his mouth used pretervativ.
Characters make casts of their own members, fight dildos, whatever tuck them into each other’s mouth. Here the protagonist is trying to milk his wife, that’s all rolled into orgy with binge drinking and vomit.
To hell flies and integrity of the narrative. Painting is switched on confrontation neighbors, the difficulties of family life. The latter aspect is designed to stall for time. Wife leaves after a quarrel, but then just as quickly reconciled with her husband. The other characters in many situations choose the most inappropriate response possible.


While viewing a picture occasionally start to giggle nervously because of the impossibility longer tolerate this abomination. Behavior of the characters and the actors are forced antics every few minutes to look at the clock in anticipation of the end of the session. “Neighbours” – is a cruel torture sortirnaya stupid jokes, as well as a waste of time and money. But if you like the picture of the “Best Film”, you may like this one.