26.06.2014 9:52

Review Func HS-260 – comfortable headset with two types of ear pads included

According to the official website, the American company was Func founded in 1999 and began its activity in mouse pads.

Products gradually became more serious, in the range appeared mouse, keyboard, headset. Func is now more well-known division of Fractal Design and, in fact, forms the playing direction of its activities. We’ve already covered this manufacturer mouse, MS-3 , now turn our attention to the HS-260 headset, so far the only date in the range Func.


  • Interface: 3.5 mm TRS
  • Speaker diameter: 50 mm
  • Type: Closed
  • Frequency response: 20 Hz – 20 kHz
  • Impedance: 32 ohms
  • Resolution: 180 × 105 × 194 mm
  • Weight: 370 g


In the box, in addition to the headphones themselves, we found a detachable cable and a microphone, as well as instruction and an extra pair of ear pads.
Review Func HS-260 - comfortable headset with two types of ear pads included
One pair of ear cushions made of velor, the other – leatherette. The user can select the most suitable option for different conditions.


Headphones Func HS-260 is designed with no frills design and its appearance resemble modelThrustmaster Y-250C .
At the base of the headband is metal plate. You can reach it by removing the shiny inserts that hold the cushion-shock absorber leatherette.
Calyx attached to the headband almost motionless. For convenience, it is assumed only a small gap – this place can be seen in the photo above. For this fixture are shiny inserts. They look quite appropriate and, last but not least, do not become dirty over time.
Ear pads are easily removed as fixed standard and reliable method – through the slot on the perimeter of the cup. Under one of them is the serial number of the headset. Inside we see one large speaker in the middle. Large inner area ear pads completely cover even large ears and at the same time will not create inconveniences.
Review Func HS-260 - comfortable headset with two types of ear pads included
Some margin in magnitude the headset is available, but the owners of the lush hairstyles it is likely not enough. In general, the head headset sits confidently, remains immune to shaking of the head, back of the head is not pressing. But if you want to just discard the head, the headset will slip and fall gradually.
Flexible microphone attached to the bottom point of the cup, so it’s easy to turn 180 degrees, not to interfere.
On the microphone has a small tight slider off. During a tense game to use it uncomfortable, it is easier just to push a careless gesture microphone back.
Review Func HS-260 - comfortable headset with two types of ear pads included
Left behind a small cup placed volume control. It requires a little more complex structure, but is much more convenient to use than a separate regulator on the cable.
On the right cup symmetrically placed second audio jack. The headset is notable in that the microphone and basic cable can easily be interchanged without compromising functionality. Very handy if you do not like the default location – the cable on the left and right microphone. Bright orange accents in the textile braided cord HS-260 headphones contrasts with neutral shades.
Thus, the headset is well suited for long-term use. The only drawback is some pressure on the head and a small stock of all size. With coverage and pressure on the ears all right. Level of isolation from the outside world for the type of headphones. Even at half the volume of what is happening outside the little heard.
Review Func HS-260 - comfortable headset with two types of ear pads included

Sound and recording

The manufacturer claims that the headphones provide balanced sound, but at the same time speaks of “the deep bass.” Listening tests showed that, in general, it is true. From 20 Hz – the minimum frequency stated – sound heard clearly even at half volume. About 1.5 kHz frequency response graph, it seems, a few falls, but to 7 kHz returns to normal. The upper threshold is at about 18 kHz.Probably the fact that at the top of the range claimed nothing was heard, not connected with headphones and individual hearing impairments. Listening performed on the basis of test files using external sound cards Creative Sound Blaster Surround 5.1 Omni .
In addition to gaming, headphones are also well suited for listening to different kinds of music. Stock volume they have a very decent, and at high calyx start to shake a bit, but the sound continues to be transmitted efficiently. A clear separation between the channels, but the binaural test sounded somewhat less natural than we are used to in other models. However, this is nit-picking soon. From the change of location sound headphone cable is not changed.
More questions caused by the work of the microphone. Here his position is already affecting the work.Being right, it generates, in our experience, more distortions. And whatever their level even for a gaming headset seemed to us too high. Microphone works very unpredictable, partly because of the high sensitivity. External noise often turn into unpleasant noise – Noise works pretty weird. At the same time, the microphone can perfectly capture the voice from the other end of the room, though, judging by design, it is unidirectional.


Func HS-260 – is balanced, easy to use headphones with an attractive, but not pretentious design, and very good sound quality. In this set of models of the middle segment highlights their ability to connect the microphone cable and from different angles. Perhaps, it has affected the microphone, which is a weak spot and a few headset makes it difficult to use. Price Func HS-260 varies in the area of ​​three thousand rubles – a standard amount for headphones middle segment.
  • Large, comfortable ear pads
  • Possibility of different connection cables and microphone
  • The presence of two types of ear pads included
  • Headphones are well suited for games and for music
  • Volume control on the cup
  • Oddities in the microphone
  • Small stock size bow