Review Galaxy A7 SM-A710F 2016: second generation of Samsung smartphone

Review Galaxy A7 SM-A710F 2016: second generation of Samsung smartphone

Review Galaxy A7 SM-A710F 2016: second generation of Samsung smartphone

Smartphones Samsung A-series, announced in 2014, proved to be very popular among fans of the company. Thanks to the successful combination of price and functionality they have demonstrated successful sales, and in the wake of the success of the Koreans decided to upgrade the line to keep pace with the times.

In December 2015 saw the light of the new generation A-series smartphones from Samsung, and in addition to the A3 and A5 models at the beginning of 2016 the market entered new A7. Novelty cost was around 400-450 dollars, depending on the store and the country.

Externally, the smartphone is made in the same style as the other line device. It is not very different from the A5 – except that the display is more. Dimensions Galaxy A7 – 151×74 mm, thickness – 7.3 mm. Smartphone weight – 172 grams, which is within the average for PHABLET (Xiaomi Redmi Note 2, for example, weighs 160 grams). Slightly increased weight caused by the materials used: metal, from which the base body and the glass back and front panels – heavier than plastic.

Overall, the design pleases: finally Samsung decided to move away from, though recognizable, but already bored circular design. It is still not “brick” like the Lumia – roundness left, and the button “Home” has not disappeared. Now it is integrated fingerprint scanner, which is becoming the standard de facto for the year 2016 smartphone. But in general, – the acquisition of Galaxy A7 stricter shapes can be welcome.

“Filling” of the smartphone is updated to match the design. At the moment, it corresponds to the conditional class “almost flagship but accessible”, but by the middle of the year can become the de facto standard for mid-range devices. What is good Samsung Galaxy A7 SM-A710F – will find our review.

Features Samsung Galaxy A7 SM-A710F (2016)

The smartphone is equipped with modern hardware, which can not be called the top-end. But in the contemptuous nickname outsider it does not pull: the performance is at a decent level. In comparison with a precursor Galaxy A7 become faster due to the use of new generation chipset.

Review Galaxy A7 SM-A710F 2016: second generation of Samsung smartphone

CPU Galaxy A7 2016

Samsung Exynos 7580 – a eight-chip consisting of octets identical cores Cortex A53, clocked at 1.9 GHz. As a graphics accelerator Mali T720 MP2 used chip, which is weaker than the model T760, installed in the S6, but quite good. The “synthetic” does not look impressive results (of 37 thousand AnTuTu score), but in practice there is a lack of productivity. Heavy toys like WoT Blitz or Asphalt 8, are at maximum graphics settings, FullHD video is decoded without delay, and the interface works smoothly.

Memory Galaxy A7 2016

RAM Samsung Galaxy A7 2016 – 3 GB, as in the still flagship Galaxy S6. To say that the memory is enough for all – there is no sense: even 2 GB all modern applications work fine.

The internal memory of 16 GB smartphone. Traditionally, the A-Series, with the help of a memory card, hard disk space can be increased by sacrificing a second slot for SIM.

Photo camera on Photo camera on a photo example in 2016 Samsung A7 camera

Autonomy Galaxy A7 2016

Battery Capacity Samsung Galaxy A7 2016 – 3300 mAh. This is quite typical for PHABLET volume, so you can expect a reasonable level of autonomy. Three-dimensional game will put the battery in 4-6 hours (depending on the load on the iron). With moderate use of the charge will remain throughout the day and even the next day, and if you use a smartphone only for calls – you can count on more than two days.

Review Galaxy A7 SM-A710F 2016: second generation of Samsung smartphone
Review Galaxy A7 SM-A710F 2016: second generation of Samsung smartphone

Camera Galaxy A7 2016

The cameras are able to do at Samsung, for Galaxy A7 was no exception. The smartphone is set to 13-megapixel unit with autofocus and a bright LED flash. The images are crisp and juicy, a little nedotyagivaya to the flagship in the face S6. Day they can be called excellent, noises occur in the evening, but within an acceptable (for a smartphone camera).

Front matrix 5 MP also not lagging behind. It is perfect for video, and selfie makes successful. Lack of light can cause the appearance of noise, but they do not interfere see objects in a picture without a detailed approach. As well as the main, front module shoots video in FullHD.

Screen Galaxy A7 2016

Super AMOLED display – the main feature Samsung. The company strives to make proprietary technology perfect. She is worth noting, it turns quite well. 5.5-inch display with a resolution of 1920×1080 pixels and shows juicy monolithic image. Individual pixels can not be seen with the naked eye as the “grid”, which previously suffered PenTile technology. Display brightness is 370 cd / m2, which can be called a good indicator. Sun blinds image, but not critical.

Screen Touchscreen perceives 8 simultaneous touches (interesting, why not 10? Maybe this feature earlier firmware.). It is covered with durable and scratch-resistant glass Gorilla Glass 4 generations (and back).

Review Galaxy A7 SM-A710F 2016: second generation of Samsung smartphone

Communication Galaxy A7 2016

Samsung Galaxy A7 2016 supports GSM network, HSPA and LTE. This basic set of modern devaysa become standard. Wireless communications are represented Wi-Fi (supports 2.4GHz and 5 GGtsb standards b, g, n), BT 4.1 and NFC. Navigation is done with the help of GPS and GLONASS satellites.

Sound Galaxy A7 2016

Galaxy A7 2016 speakers located on the bottom, is loud and clear. The sound is traditional for smartphones a little dry, but acceptable. The headphones get better, and you can not worry about the lack of comfort of using the phone as a music player. Built-in player has a lot of good and sound settings. There in the smartphone and FM-radio.

Operating system Galaxy A7 2016

Functions Samsung Galaxy A7 2016 running Android 5.1. Naturally, no proprietary interface TouchWiz has not done, but now it’s more like not a bulky add-on OS, consuming gigabytes of RAM, and a very decent launcher. The system works quickly and without brakes.

Differences between Samsung Galaxy A7 SM-A710F (2016) and SM-A700F (2014)

The new Galaxy A7 has undergone notable changes compared to its predecessor. The main innovations of the model SM-A710F were:

  • New 2 mm is already 1 mm thicker and 31 grams heavier than its predecessor, and the rear panel has become a glass;
  • To replace the processor Exynos 5430 came Exynos 7580;
  • The amount of RAM increased from 2 GB to 3;
  • Battery capacity has increased from 2600 to 3300 mAh;
  • There was a fingerprint scanner in the button “Home”;
  • The maximum data rate in LTE network grew from 150 to 300 Mbit / s.

Review Galaxy A7 SM-A710F 2016: second generation of Samsung smartphone

Pros and cons Samsung Galaxy A7 SM-A710F (2016)


  • quality screen;
  • good camera;
  • good autonomy;
  • good sound;
  • stylish design.


  • graphics processor is not powerful enough for its price range;
  • a slot for a second SIM card is aligned with the MicroSD slot.

Our review Samsung Galaxy A7 2016

New Samsung Galaxy A7 SM-A710F – stylish smartphone, featuring a balanced functionality. The review did not reveal his significant shortcomings, however, the decision in the first place, for those who appreciate the combination of good looks and modern hardware. Gamers can remain dissatisfied with the video processor midrange, and connoisseurs will find alternative savings in the face of more affordable Meizu M1 Metal or Xiaomi Redmi Note 3. But I said, we can say: the smartphone has turned out successful and seriously behind champions except for video performance.