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Review game Age of Mythology: Extended Edition

Strategy Age of Mythology, «mythical” offshoot series Age of Empires, came at the wrong time. Then, in 2002, appeared on the shelves of a different strategy – WarCraft III: Reign of Chaos, to entice the audience’s attention. Game from Blizzard, of course, good. But it its brilliance eclipsed one of the most interesting representatives of the strategic genre, leaving it to gather dust on the sidelines of history.

Computer games market has changed, and this is reflected in strategies. Developers at one time tried to make them “closer to the people,” simplified and reworked interface, released on consoles, allows you to manage voice and gestures. Venture failed one after the other, and little enthusiasm waned. In the ranks were only old series – lonely islands in the ocean DOTA-like clones.
Studio Ensemble, presented us with Age of Empires I-III, Age of Mytholigy and Halo Wars, disappeared at the whim of Microsoft. There was only a memorial page on Wikipedia, so sad fans reissue classics. Not so long ago updated Age of Empires II and III. If desired, you can get acquainted with them, but they are, so to speak, too ordinary. Age of Mythology – is another matter.
Basic principles of the series «Age of …» here saved. War is between the different races, which in the process of developing, gaining access to more and better weapons. Here are just a “mercy of the gods” is not an empty promise. Fervent prayers for the gods endow fellows technologies and mythical creatures. Therefore, in a battle on a par with ordinary mortals involved monsters and troops headed Heroes.
Today, when you launch the game after a dozen years, rolls nostalgia and misunderstanding. That is why today it is assumed that the complex mining resources, endless research and construction of cities – is evil? Why is one of the most fascinating features of Age of Mytholigy suddenly became so unpopular?
Who has forgotten the concept of the series «Age of …», he might initially trapped, despite the detailed training. For example, resource extraction. Wood and gold – all right, though each race its own peculiarities. Food … Where? … But it runs on Forests. After a little hesitation you send peasants to hunt, until they learn to cultivate the land. Faith – much more whimsical resource in different races and it is produced in a special way. Greeks are praying in the temple, the Egyptians erected statues of their gods, northerners are fighting, and contained in Annex The Titans race Atlanteans Faith gets automatically.
The gods here are “engines of progress.” Before the battle at random map must choose not only race, but also one of the three main gods. In the transition to the next era must choose one of the two, and so on until the quartet formed benefactors. Each of the gods bestow their unique improvements for the troops, and Miracle mythical creatuAge-of-Mythology-Extended-Edition-wovow.org-02re. Because of this even the same race can surprise each other on the battlefield. Especially in the later stages of the game.
Of particular importance are heroes. This reflection actors of “Myths and Legends”. They are distinguished by great force, it is easy to demolish structures and without fear for battle with monsters.
Mythical creatures, tend to have hidden talents, especially if they improve. Medusa turns the enemy into stone (fatal), hydra kill enemies and grows new heads, becoming stronger. The authors have a large collection of fantastic creatures from Greek, Egyptian and Norse mythology, borrowed from the same gods and their powers. Because especially interesting to see how stepchildren come to grips with one side of Odin and Zeus – with another.
Battles do not require great microinspection, but keep an eye on the soldiers need. Dolls sometimes blunt, distracted by extraneous purpose, can not choose the right path. Adjust their actions simply due to the convenient interface.
Simple interface was one of the many merits of the authors. Construction is easy to automate.Employees indicates the sequence of tasks, after which they were building their own houses and towers. Soldiers in combat themselves chose the goal, but no one bothered to guide them, quickly switching between different types of troops. Hotkeys greatly simplifies the management of the race, allowing to focus on more important things, such as reconnaissance, resource allocation and actual war.
Modern reissue Extended Edition includes all official add-on for Age of Mythology, which guarantees 20-30 hours of fascinating pastime. The plot is simple in campaigns, but it involves familiar characters, and they are engaged in the most that neither is heroic deeds, bundled together a common scenario. For example, the capture of Troy, or attempts to stop the destruction of Atlantis.Gay shakes in different parts Lights up they go down to Hades to visit and explore the Egyptian catacombs, trying to enlist the support of the gods and hunt for artifacts – ancient even by the standards of the ancient Greeks and Egyptians.
Considerable share of attractiveness game delivers great graphics at the time, which today looks good. Authors as they could remake ennobled image. There are shadows from the clouds, the water became more natural lighting – nicer. But then, in 2002, it was hard to take your eyes off of the shoreline with the surge of the waves from these figures almost living people with natural and smooth movements, from the battle scenes, the soldiers flew from bumps Minotaur, Zeus arranged a light show with lightning.


Creators Enhanced Edition revived one of the best strategies, but they are not limited to modified graphics. Support Steam Workshop opened its doors to the creators of modifications that already offer interesting things. Multiplayer alive, although there is fun to play even with no fool computer intelligence.
Fundamentally different race with the support of different gods make each individual battle, forced to experiment. Interestingly take long campaign. On the one hand, it is fairly standard. In most scenarios, you want to develop a base and save the army, then to roll out the enemy in one fell swoop. But today, not only few strategies. Today, the campaign strategies are built in the style of militants and role-playing games – a recent example of StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm .
12 years have passed, and Age of Mythology did not aged. This dynamic strategy without any impurities, with an unusual and attractive concepts “mythological” entourage. This should definitely be in the collection, along with games from Blizzard and Firaxis.
  • Revival of one of the best strategies
  • Modified schedule, which today looks good
  • Steam Workshop Support
  • Inclusion of all the official add-ons for Age of Mythology
  • Certain elements of the interface are displayed in 4:3
  • Value finalize AI dummy, in particular the problem of finding the optimal route selection and optimal targets for attack