Review game Civilization: Beyond Earth

Review game Civilization: Beyond Earth

Review game Civilization: Beyond Earth

Good idea, bad implementation – the new part of Civilization brings the scene from Earth to another planet. The priest blessed the rocket, and flew settlers to the destination. Flew not alone, tagged along behind them representatives of other nationalities. The new planet is good, but small, so we need as soon as possible to capture territory to ensure their well-fed and contented colonies exist.

The development of relations between the colonies-states formed on a different principle than on Earth. Alien planet, and the rules of survival on her other. Toxic clouds and predatory animals immediately make themselves known, increase the likelihood of accidental loss of the workers and soldiers, inhibit expansion, forced to spend time and resources to the destruction of nests and cleansing the area from contamination.

Therefore, if the war between the colonies and the start, not even once. At first, everyone cares enough. Not up to squabble for mushroom plantations and lakes with mucus.

Review game Civilization: Beyond Earth

This part of the Civilization series for the first time in, say, the plot oriented. The authors support the huge amount of interest in missions with the need to make decisions, sometimes difficult. From a scientific station came refugees say that there experimented on them. Employees station assure that it escaped patients and their need to define in the insulator. And you decide who is right … Although the choice will likely depend not on morality player, and what kind of bonus he eventually received.Dry tongue economy operates convincingly tearjerker.

To quickly receive bonuses, very tangible at first, it is necessary to check with a growing list of tasks.And they really pushes the player to explore the territory, fight the alien wildlife, attack neutral base, set policy within the state. Residents here are not shown characterless stage, they love to toss the problem. Besides all these mouths to feed, and requires them to provide a comfortable existence, with enough hospitals and cultural institutions, while trying to develop the production and science.

As an action game set in the distant future, the transition from one era to another abolished. In the New Earth civilization not starting from scratch.

Review game Civilization: Beyond Earth

Therefore, there is no tree research. Instead he had the “web”. The player starts with a research center and gradually moving towards the edges. He discovers and learns to extract minerals, buildings, equipment, and new types of troops. The closer to the edge, the more time is required to conduct research and the more interesting they become. Many of them, the eyes diverge. Difficult to understand that we need to develop in the first place. Fortunately, as in previous games of the series Civilization, there is Advisors on Science, war and the economy, which suggest that the need to pay attention.

We have to strike a balance. Colony, inhabited by scientists and techies would fall to aggressive neighbors. Cities without strong defensive structures are taken without problems.

However, creating your own machine-building complex here does not really matter, because the main way for profit become caravans. The more, the better. World Map with time covered by the trade routes towards the city of the different states and independent scientific stations.

Review game Civilization: Beyond Earth

War causes catastrophic damage to the economy. If you declare war on a neighbor coveted his field, suddenly you can punch a huge hole in its budget, which whistled fly all finances, and behind them – the workers and soldiers. Therefore it is required to study the trade routes, especially in wartime, even if the trade falls with the Allies.

It is a pity that a good idea stumbles on crooked interface. Caravan lot, dozens, they are periodically required to forward, choosing new trade routes. This manual, have to deal with boring job permanently, there is no way to automate it, in contrast to the activities of those same workers or researchers. But just as these guys need constant supervision.

Researchers offline may well stroll on the other end of the card and die, passing on the way the wreckage of satellites and valuable alien artifacts. Workers also obey some of his strange logic, contrary to make buildings and economic feasibility of the chosen direction.

To win, the player is forced to make a choice (and as soon as possible), a philosophy he will stick. It adapts to the new conditions, tames alien animals alters the genetic code of humans, so that they breathed toxic arena? So goes the way of Harmony. He decides to change the New Earth following the example of the old, eradicating native species of animals and plants and distributing imported?Chose the path of righteousness. He decided to bet on technological progress? One who follows the path of Excellence stamps robots.

Accordingly, each of the areas of development – Harmony, Righteousness and Excellence – access possible victory conditions from full merger with the planet to build a portal to the old Earth with the enslavement of its inhabitants. In addition, there are common to all conditions. To win, you must destroy all or just some of the colony, or to get in contact with extraterrestrial intelligent race.

The farther colonies tested on selected routes, the more differences they offer. They have access to the unique structure and powerful creatures, changing the appearance of cities. Closer to the final map resembles a sketch of some sci-fi thriller like “Godzilla” or “Pacific Rim”, where a huge monster butt with giant robots against the backdrop of dwarf cities.

Review game Civilization: Beyond Earth

Species troops a little, but with the development of civilization, they become more powerful, changing their appearance. For the victory they gain levels and new abilities. Thus, it is possible to reach a logical ending the campaign with the same soldiers that in the beginning.

Choosing the path of development affects not only open technologies, but also on relations with neighbors. Who have the same objectives, it becomes a strong ally. Others, which scares your appearance and policies, ability to gather and declare war. Scary when you suddenly pounces several states … Scary words. Computer intelligence, as before, does not know how to fight, prefers to “feed” the enemy small detachments, not attack en masse, no preparatory work. Soldier loses nothing, then brings new, loses and retreats, offering capitulation.

With good preparation to keep the defense of the city can be oh so long and not very expensive.Walled city, they established artillery batteries and air bases with stormtroopers. Since the action takes place in the distant future, are of great importance orbiting satellites most different purposes: from scattering alien evaporation before attacking. Unfortunately, they are not eternal, disappear after a certain number of moves, but the benefits are enormous. Only one orbital station can change the outcome of the battle.

Pleases the increased importance of espionage. Heroes of the invisible front skillfully put a spoke in the wheel of the enemy, inhibit the development of energy and steal.

Civilization: Beyond Earth offers many interesting solutions, and worshipers Civilization V, who are tired from one year to work out the same scenario will appreciate it. That’s just a little game content, obviously the desire of developers to prepare the ground for future additions to the flow. Already a 3-4 game against the computer becomes boring. The enemy acts predictably leads to the development of the same types of troops, which too little, the relationship between the states are reduced to the purchase and sale of minerals.

It is sad that the game is not actually surprising locale. Despite the fact that the New Earth can have different sizes and pattern of continents (or archipelagos, the conditions can be selected in the settings), the gameplay of this changes little. Those aliens, the same evaporation. Where it is necessary to build a land predominantly technique to another card – pay attention to shipbuilding.Lucky, and the first colony to be established among the mineral deposits. Another time will have to survive in the swamp. However, the principles of development are the same.

Developers could use the concept of different planets with different conditions, and they tried, but they lacked much. Everything is reduced to a variety of “exotic” type planets hot or very cold, where fertile land is found only in the coastal zone.

Graphics Civilization: Beyond Earth as a whole is similar to Civilization V. Because of its close resemblance offensively called “modification”, and some element of truth in this. Developers strongly hastened to the output. The final version contains many errors and shortcomings as a technical plan (hang or interface stops responding to pressing) and with gameplay standpoint (artificial intelligence dumb to constantly direct and redirect trade caravans, the interface is not always reported on important events). There are many small irregularities that could have been avoided … if the new Civilization conceived as a supplement to the fifth part, and not as a standalone game.

In 1999 came Civilization: Call to Power, which is characterized in that it did not end human development mission to another planet, and continued on – with the satellite in orbit and space battles, with colonies on the seabed and genetic enhanced warriors with risk of environmental disaster and attempt to communicate with extraterrestrial races. Civilization: Beyond Earth to that level yet to grow and grow. While this is the germ of a good idea.


This is a good game. Unfinished, nedodumali, surface – yes, especially when compared with Civilization V with all its additions. The colonization of a new planet passes by the new rules. Passes with passion until you get acquainted with the conditions of animal studies and the opportunity to grow their little Godzilla or two. Unfortunately, the joy of recognition stumbles on a small amount of content, artificial intelligence and stupidity again and again the need to redirect the caravans. But hours at 20-30 Beyond Earth enough to not regret the time spent.

Who hopes for multiplayer, you should not hurry. In online players units (perhaps because of our specific luck, but we were unable to bring any party to the end, because the enemy out in the early stages). Due to the shortcomings of the interface and the artificial intelligence, because of the need to perform the same mechanical actions in many games incremental global strategy quickly bored.


  • New rules on the development of a new planet
  • Web of research includes many new technologies
  • A large number of jobs with good bonuses for their performance
  • The choice of three options for the development of the colony
  • Caravans and espionage as a necessity for the prosperity of the colony


  • Problems technical plan
  • The inevitability of a military conflict between the colonies due to the difference in the ways of development
  • Disgusting artificial intelligence
  • Not exactly user friendly interface