04.06.2014 8:02

Review game GRID Autosport – third attempt

On the third time authors GRID, it seems, have managed to find a middle ground. Manage great variety of modes, graphics acceptable. Especially worth praise finally successfully implemented system damage. The authors of two things wrong. They returned to the cockpit view, forgetting to draw a proper cab, and deprived players one of the most enjoyable components of racing games – a chance to collect (paint, tune) own collection of cars.

At least in the preview version of GRID Autosport garage is not in principle. In one of the championship on different routes sponsor just presents different cars. Just ride on the MINI Cooper, and now you are behind the wheel of BMW. That is like driving cabs … Instead the authors to paint anything remotely similar to it, but to critics were silent, smeared details to such an extent that on the dashboard it is impossible to discern not only the instruments. Wheel barely discern. Scope narrows to an uncomfortable level. Developers GRID 2 at one time claimed that the view from the cockpit ” is not necessary . “ In this state – exactly.
Developer Codemasters Studios
Publisher Codemasters
Published in Russia “New Disc”
Official Site http://www.gridgame.com/uk/home
Platforms PCXbox 360PS3
Genres Racing game
Released Games June 27, 2014
Urban race, the demonstration system damage
Despite the fact that the sponsor decides what kind of car leaves the track, control problems do not arise, because the difference between the machines is barely noticeable. They are all equally easy to operate. Requires only a small training to learn to feel the inertia and control skids. This is not the old “irons on the ice.” Adhesion to asphalt is great to lose control difficult, as it should be in the arcade races.
Since the earth and sand here have approximately the same properties as the asphalt, the only way to prohibit drivers cut corners directly, was a system of fines. For violations of the motor force is suppressed for a few seconds.
But simple does not mean easy control racing. Even on normal difficulty opponents grudgingly concede position requires precise control, so as not to lose speed and cornering, especially in anything to avoid crashing. Light collision game forgives average already affect handling and acceleration, and heavy vehicle converted into a heap of scrap (sometimes fatal). Once again not to be nervous about this, authors have left the opportunity to unwind bad points (limited time) and try again to pass a difficult turn. But it is better not to use it.
As in Forza Motorsport, here complexity settings directly affect the rate of production experience. The more you make your own problems (ie waive assistants, improve computer intelligence, take away rewind time), the more likely raise your level. Thereby opening up new championships and new sponsors. The latter provide you with new brands of machines within a familiar championship. What is interesting, is sponsored by manufacturers of computer components and peripherals, such as, Intel or Razer. Cars are their symbols.
Career is divided into five separate sections. Access is open to all at once. This is the usual race on special routes, long endurance races (including night time), Formula 3 competition tuned cars at the time of passage routes and drifting skills. Finally, separately rendered urban race, which takes place among the most beautiful architectural landmarks and solid barriers make you forget about the possibility to cut sharp turns.
Graphics GRID Autosport good but especially engine EGO make themselves known. Cars today look rough, they lack the meticulous detail (and a normal appearance of the cockpit). Lighting, contrast, color neestvestvennye, but bright. Trails are painted with great attention to impress the viewer abundance of facilities, although pay attention to them during the speed runs are not very successful.Captures the dynamics of what is happening.


Emerges decent arcade racing with its unique features. There is well-designed damage model, customizable levels of difficulty are several ways to start his career, management, finally, perfectly tailored. From racing feel sincere pleasure, thanks to precise control. Only the view from the cockpit is awful, as if sighted squinting through the narrow, muddy recess. Therefore, set the camera on the hood, trust in the promised Texture Pack for the PC-version and wait for June 27, when the game is on the shelves.