Review game Halo: The Master Chief Collection

Review game Halo: The Master Chief Collection

Review game Halo: The Master Chief Collection

The value of the collection Halo: The Master Chief Collection overemphasized. Fans of the franchise and the people who decided to meet her for the first time, receive a four-game devoted to the adventures of Master Chief. This Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary Edition , Halo 2, Halo 3 and Halo 4 . Each of them in their own attractiveness. But most importantly – the edition allows to join the “anniversary” version of Halo 2 with updated graphics and even a couple of pleasant surprises.

Before the start of the campaign of Halo 2 we show a movie in which the covenant arbitrator talking about Master Chife with unprecedented hitherto hero. After the revelation of a desire to learn about the future of Spartan only intensified. Good move, stirs interest in Halo 5: Guardians.

The most significant new feature of Halo 2: Anniversary Edition is converted Movie Scene. This is not the statement of the game engine with uncouth dolls and gorgeous CG-rollers with the appropriate level of detail. Now large-scale battles resemble an exciting sci-fi thriller. The political intrigues within the community covenants re curious to observe at least because of the converts Brutus, elite and ancient monsters.

Blur Studio has done a terrific job. History turned into a full CG-movie. Rate can work if the switch to schedule the original sample Halo 2. This can be done at any time by pressing a dedicated button on this controller Xbox One.

Review game Halo: The Master Chief Collection

Developers from Saber Interactive, otvetvechavshie well as rework campaign Halo: Combat Evolved, made everything that the game looked decent outside CG-rollers. Changes, as before, affected all aspects of graphics. Have been updated textures, character models, weapons and equipment, as well as added a modern lighting system. Landscapes planet rings attract beautiful views of nature, overgrown ruins, and bright sunlight. Inside the buildings of an ancient race visible patterns and additional decorative elements. It is necessary to raise his head, walking through an open space, and gaze presents a magnificent sight like a giant space buildings, ships, and a starry sky. There have also been overwritten sounds.

Nevertheless update can not be called ideal. Some rooms are immersed in the impenetrable darkness. Separate locations still give the impression of clutter gray corners and tatty corridors. It happens that the new face of superior graphics decade ago only from a technical point of view, but not from the art.

Do not forget that the campaign of Halo 2 at the time caused discontent among the fans of the first part is not only fragmentary narrative with oiled finish. Not all like the idea of ​​two protagonists.Covenant Arbiter (second playable character) differed from the Master Chief except that the possibility for a short while to become invisible. His adventures were as familiar shooting and only artificially stretched passage. This is compounded by the fact that the authors have sinned commonplace methods complexity of the game, tumbling waves of enemies one by one.

Review game Halo: The Master Chief Collection

Representatives race Brutus, like an evil version of the Wookiees, remember rather thick skin, rather than unexpected skills and habits. A key change in the mechanics had the opportunity to shoot from both hands. In this mode, the accuracy of the fall, and it was impossible to throw grenades, but on the opponents, attacked a hail of bullets or plasma flow.

But the absence of revolution and did not abolish the controversial innovations and then do not cancel now captivating mostly skirmishes with opponents are not stupid, intense sniper duel, as well as management of light, heavy and aerial equipment. In addition, the campaign Halo 2 was not clearly divided into several sections. Frisky zombies, in particular, the appearing and disappearing, like other kinds of enemies. Alternated situation much faster than the first part. It brightened unsuccessfully negative impressions.

Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary Edition, Halo 3 and Halo 4 with the exception of Full HD resolution and stable sixty frames per second remained unchanged. Reissue Combat Evolved and the fourth part looks good thanks to the remarkable by the standards of his time schedule and the fact that Halo 2: Anniversary Edition is not using for a maximum capacity of Xbox One. Alas, Halo 3 even at the time of release went on to outdated engine, rough model and secondary decorations. Against the background of fellow third part is like a beggar who washed and combed, but left in the same rags.

Review game Halo: The Master Chief Collection

I am glad that each game offers something different. Original – is an excellent complete story about the clash on an unknown planet, Halo 2 – badsome story about the contradictions in the empire covenants. Halo 3 – the final chord of global conflict with a memorable isolation, and Halo 4 – familiarity with the new world, a race and a great start for the new trilogy.

For convenience, the authors made a general main menu, from where easy access to any level of any part of the Halo. Yes, all levels in all games are available initially. You can save the galaxy with a friend. However, in the course of the game together on one screen frame rate in Halo: Combat Evolved and Halo 2 drops to thirty. Great bonuses are separate sets of levels, a common theme. You can pass all the collision with the zombies from all parts, go through all the climactic scene, one after another, or pass all the tasks which give Chefoo tank.

Save and multiplayer in four games. Here you network battles of Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary Edition and Halo 2 Battle of the sample, and the mass modes of Halo 3, and “modernized” multiplayer Halo 4. The authors of The Master Chief Collection added six updated maps from Halo 2 with new graphics and new features . Arena – for every taste and maps from Halo 2 is allowed to modify in the “forge” and create new entertainment.

Review game Halo: The Master Chief Collection

Spartan Ops co-op mode from Halo 4 until locked and is expected in December. In late November, buyers The Master Chief Collection will have access to multipleeernoy beta version of Halo 5: Guardians.


If you want to refresh the exploits of Master Chief. If you want more time to run through familiar places Halo 2 with modern graphics and watch the beautifully decorated plot. If you think you meet with the games of the series Halo. If you missed one of the most iconic shooter last and before last generation consoles and want to catch up – buy The Master Chief Collection.

The authors collected in one box four wonderful, albeit with reservations, games. Multiplayer each part in its own entertaining. To this is added the updated graphics and videos in Halo 2, the new terminals with information about the universe and quick access to all levels. Disadvantages likes of outdated graphics of Halo 3 or the lack of Halo: ODST and Halo: Reach eclipsed by the quantity and quality of content. Luxurious gift as already taken place, and future fans of this universe.


  • Four great games in one box
  • Wonderful multiplayer Halo with new features
  • Stunning CG-rollers (Halo 2: Anniversary Edition)
  • Excellent graphics reworked in the campaign of Halo 2, though inferior to reissue the first part
  • User-friendly interface of the main menu and the ability to choose any level in any campaign


  • Halo 3 looks much worse than other parts of the collection