15.03.2014 8:43

Review game LocoCycle – fools on the road

Do LocoCycle has all the hallmarks of quality thrash. This farce things happening on the screen with talking motorcycles, pulling their unfortunate drivers and crazy crowded scenes videos. But behind the catchy façade mostly monotonous and primitive fighter.

Military Corporation has come up with a new generation of weapons – motorcycles, endowed with artificial intelligence. In the modification named Iris (IRIS) after the presentation of a lightning strike.The accident jammed machine consciousness, and when she saw on TV advertising festival biker went to a place Skotsburg, Indiana, where the event. With a motorcycle mechanic grabbed and Mexican Pablo, by coincidence, was next. And Pablo foot firmly stuck to the iris, and the poor guy had to constantly wipe the fifth point of the roadbed.


Developer Twisted Pixel Games
Publisher Microsoft
Official Site http://www.lococyclegame.com/
Platforms PCXbox 360Xbox One
Genres Racing game
Released Games November 22, 2013


The plot presented in the form of a roller with live actors, causes grin grotesque imagery. In the future, the characters do not just cheer delusional, but still funny dialogues and actions. During the game, wailing in Spanish Pablo and its own interpretation of his screams Iris also serve as an occasion for laughter. However, motorcycle eventually turns into a bad parody of GLaDOS from Portaland clogs air unfunny remarks. Yes and endless nagging Pablo tiring.


Iris rushes on road traffic pushes destroys local agents Smiths melee or shoot them. Driving a vehicle a simple way fenced invisible walls, stray from the only true course is impossible.

Some enemies necessarily have to kill melee. Iris soars into the air, hit the wheels and their uses Pablo as a shock force. Sometimes you have to be distracted by a counter, as evidenced by the appropriate icon. That’s all the wisdom of the combat system – enough to thrash the buttons and watch the motorcycle with a partner mutuzyat soldiers.

Shooting, in turn, resemble an inferior shooter where hero methodically Leaky villains from a machine gun with infinite ammo. Gentle avtopritselivaniya system and the lack of serious resistance negate the value of these moments.


Authors repeatedly trying to diversify prostetskogo formula, offer new varieties of enemies and even copy a fight on the road in the spirit of Road Rush. Alas, the number of changes is purely cosmetic. In particular, on stilts enemies killed by the same methods as their colleagues with jetpacks. Besides innovations already bored during their demonstrations, new types of enemies rushing, one wave after another.

Soon easily divined all actions necessary to crack down on those or other ill-wishers. Even many awesome visualization techniques involving Pablo and situations when you have to meet certain conditions for the allotted time to get extra points (later they can spend on upgrades for Iris) does not relieve boredom.

Sleep under the melancholic reflections Iris did not allow staged segments. Here creators circus staged explosions, travel perpendicular to the walls and beating enemies in unexpected ways. Well worked out and mini-games in which Pablo mends Iris. Perfectly fit into the game in the style segments with interactive shooting firing on aircraft carriers.

Duels with bosses combine interesting findings and vigorous idiocy involving motorcycles and giant robots. But crazy stunts are repeated several times within a fight. Only two of the decisive battle made flawlessly.

Graphics “next generation” in LocoCycle not observed, although the game is one of the starting exclusives Xbox One and only recently appeared on the PC. Bright pyrotechnics designed model enemies and wry face Pablo contrasted with poor scenery.



Four hours spent together with Iris and Pablo abound silly dialogue, devoid of passion and combat situations artificially stretched fights with bosses. During this time, do not have time to hate the project in its flaws, but the pleasure of spectacular staged scenes, abuse of common sense and destroy all life in an interactive shooting gallery and then replaced by indignation.


  • Funny scenes with real actors
  • Several masterfully delivered moments, especially the final part of the adventure


  • Nagging Pablo and unfunny remarks Iris tire
  • Fights, despite amusing visualization techniques, easily bored
  • Simple and dull shootout
  • Tightened battle with almost all bosses