27.04.2014 1:56

Review game Moebius: Empire Rising – an accident of history

History tends to repeat itself. This postulate was the basis for the plot of the adventure game Moebius: Empire Rising. According to local mythology, individuals – is the reincarnation of the great personalities who lived in the distant past. Their fate is predetermined, and actions can dramatically affect the future if not the world, then at least one superpower.

The protagonist of the game – a great connoisseur of history, a specialist in antique things and intellectual Malakal Rector (Malachi Rector). He travels the world and examines the various artifacts for authenticity. Hero fundamentally different and always tells the truth in the eye, for which he was sometimes beaten.
Developer Pinkerton Road
Official Site http://moebiusthegame.com/
Platforms PC
Genres Adventure game
Released Games April 15, 2014
After another job to communicate with Malakal leaves governmental organization. Its representative asks the hero to visit Venice, where he was recently killed a young woman to find out who of iconic people of the distant past it was like. Since he was promised a substantial sum, Malakal out on the road.
The narrative portion of the game spoiled lyrical digressions and the desire of the authors leave the groundwork for a sequel. Hero is distracted from the main mission, the pursuit of truth turns sequence boring affairs. Intriguing plot turns into a story about a new “golden age” of the United States. Even the villain turned faceless cabinet rat once glimpsed in the frame. All this interspersed with banal tyagomotina intrigues within wealthy families continue to wait only offers to get isolated.
Since the main character is out too bobble. He is cynical, harsh with others and do not want to please anyone. But it does not have the charm of the new British Sherlock or infantile immediacy Sheldon Cooper. Malakal Rector – just selfish arrogant snob. As “Dr. Watson” playing former military David Walker, the bodyguard of the Rector. And their relationship look far-fetched and ridiculous. There are strange doubt, this is such a close friendship or a hint of something more?
If the script brings boredom, the appearance risks triggering a retinal tear. Moebius: Empire Rising created including mobile devices. But even against competitors like Deus Ex: The Fall project looks disgusting. Arms and legs as if the characters are glued to the body, like a puppet. During walking and other activities are evident twitching motion for a couple of unnatural convulsions. In the process of communication in physiognomies characters observed that snide smile, the fangs. Facial expressions do not correspond to the tone of the conversation.
Making locations also not happy. Antique shops and mansions of the rich look passable due to the abundance of vintage ornaments, though careless panache they do not hide. Hero often roams the halls half empty, featureless streets and squares, where not much to look at, except, perhaps, roughly daubed crowd.
The game has collected on the service Kickstarter 435,000 dollars (compared to split into two episodes Broken Sword 5 took the mark of 850 thousand dollars). But this fact hardly justifies lasciviousness on the screen.
The investigation follows a classic formula. Malakal (sometimes takes place game character Walker) explores space, talking to their owners or maintenance personnel, and uses found objects. All interactive objects illuminated if desired, eliminating the player from vyiskivaniya inconspicuous gizmos.
In adventure games hero usually without hesitation drags himself into the pockets of all that is bad.Malakal but often refuses to take this or that subject, until he will not need for a particular purpose.For example, the adhesive protagonist “unnecessary” as long as there is no need to glue anything.This does not complicate the game, but only confuses and makes over and over again to return to the same location. Even the puzzles do not require outstanding mental effort.
The only interesting element relates to the use of knowledge in Malak trying to figure out whether or not the key character reincarnation of a historical person. It is necessary to gather information about specified, and then look for similarities with the biography of celebrities. Not very difficult, but fascinating. Rector also draws conclusions about the interlocutor, appreciating his posture, clothing, and other typical stuff.


Interesting ideas remain in the minority before darkness shortcomings led indolent history. Game scares terrible graphics and animation disgusting, irritating Heats shuttle between locations. In the final adventure finishes hour walk through the underground maze. Wishing to learn about the biographies of historical figures better read the relevant literature, and not waste time on Moebius: Empire Rising.
  • Interesting puzzles related to the study of relics and biographies of famous people
  • Lousy plot, terminating in mid-sentence
  • Unsympathetic protagonist
  • I have to constantly run back and forth, picking up important items
  • Disgusting graphics, especially facial animation
  • Disgusting final part of the adventure
  • Mediocre design of many locations