15.03.2014 8:13

Review game South Park: The Stick of Truth – in the name of Cartman!

South Park: The Stick of Truth in the first, second, and all the other queue is for fans of the popular animated series. Flashed on the screen as the iconic heroes and secondary characters, no distinct submission and humor in the tradition of the original source rapes morality and ethics. Therefore, if the names of Trey Parker and Matt Stone for you does not mean anything, you should not even begin acquaintance with this role-playing game. Still, the main thing here – this story is a joke and entourage.

For many centuries, people’s army under Grand Wizard battling hordes of elves who want to take possession of a powerful artifact – Stick of Truth. Who owns the stick, that subjugates the whole universe.

Developer Obsidian Entertainment
Publisher Ubisoft
Official Site http://southpark.ubi.com/
Platforms PCXbox 360PS3
Genres Roleplay
Released Games March 6, 2014

In war, destined to play a key role unknown newcomer, whose family moved to the town of South Park.Once you have decided on the appearance of the protagonist, he goes out of the house, where he met with Butters, Cartman and the other boys, depicting the “great confrontation.” As a result, confusion has arisen Stick Truth kidnapped.


The plot of The Stick of Truth consists of several lines, each ridicules known theme. The authors methodically mock fantasy genre. Fateful speech and heroic deeds stumble upon reality, in particular manifestations of parental control. In childrens games aliens interfere with anal probes, as well as cruel and demented war. All this gradually twists into a crazy swirl with dwarves, anime princesses, zombie Nazis, rats, zombie Nazis and embryos zombie Nazis. Along the way, the writers are intriguing mysterious past of the protagonist.

Everywhere flashed familiar characters. They help the novice or transportation, or are found in unexpected places. Some are asking for help. You can not pass by Al Gore, and not a hand to him in the capture of man-bear-pig. Many jobs are transformed into abuse of common sense. Hero transforms into a girl or passes through the unpleasant procedure (cut from the European console version). And as well get in the game with the idea of ​​”backward” Canada and the fashion for eight-bit graphics!

In organizing the adventure The Stick of Truth closer to Japanese role-playing games than the usual work to the studio Obsidian. Moral dilemmas here a little, and they added a joke. Choose between Kyle and Cartman is present, but does not affect global events. The protagonist does not participate in conversations and prefers to remain silent, that more than once becomes an object of ridicule.


After consent to join the battle newcomer must choose one of four classes. You can become a warrior, thief, mage or … Jew. Each role has five faculties, and only allowed them to pump. The game also has a set of perks. To unlock them, you must get acquainted with the locals, and add them to their “Friends.” Despite the apparent primitiveness, develop all to the maximum and get all the perks unreal.

Newbie help in battles faithful companions. A squad consists of six kids (initially, not all). On the battlefield, with the protagonist is only one partner, but it can always be replaced by another.Companions are endowed with unique abilities, they treat the hero, make it stronger or use magic.

Showdown with the elves, aliens from outer space or guards going step by step in makeshift arenas where heroes are transferred after a collision on the map. Here for the effectiveness of any action, whether it is a normal punch or special ability, need time to press certain buttons, focusing on visual cues. In case of successful implementation by a mini-game in one attack can deal with the enemy and earn the bonus, otherwise the hero deals laughable damage. The same applies to blocking attacks.


In general, the combat system is a clone thereof, studious of Paper Mario. There is a time to reflect on his next move, but then have to closely monitor every movement of the hero or the opponent.Given the impressive arsenal of tricks, fights do not roll down into a series of repetitions.

A significant role in the adventure has ambiance. Squad breaks through walls, suits explosions and interacts with various interactive objects. In a number of situations to deal with opponents obtained using ingenuity and interior, even without entering into direct confrontation. Moreover, sometimes a frontal attack is doomed to failure, and the only alternative option to avoid death.


Generally traveling around the world is not reminiscent of the race from one slaughterhouse to another. In South Park enough puzzles based and use different skills, the list of which is replenished during the passage of the campaign. Newbie masters teleportation and moves in space, reduced to microscopic size and sneaks into inaccessible to other places. Finally, magic attacks based on emission of a wind, are used extensively both in battle and in peacetime. These techniques allow including lure enemies into a trap.

Unfortunately, the authors did not bring to mind this component. Sometimes it’s hard to understand how you can use an object, and which just hangs for beauty. Irritating and non-obvious passages in a drawing scenery.

When you wander on South Park, has become home for 17 seasons, you feel genuine delight. In the game he set of abstract houses evolved into a full-fledged town. Now you can walk through the streets, look into some of the houses and find out what’s in the chest from the bedroom mom Cartman.

About a hundred kinds of equipment given weapons, armor and costumes scene. Lack of side quests, but they all boil down to either search for those or other characters, or laugh with new gags.Therefore, the main driving force in The Stick of Truth is a campaign, which on normal difficulty understand about twelve hours, doing the lion’s share of optional assignments. This is just enough to battle with the use of vibrators and kits-chips are not bored.

Appearance South Park: The Stick of Truth gorgeous. Fans will be pleased. It really animated series with a distinctive style and attention to detail. The game has recreated rooms protagonists, many places have expanded and got unexpected passages and attractions. It happens that on the environment becomes a little uncomfortable – so far logged authors in their sick fantasies.


Newbie travels South Park, rummage back streets, involved in crazy mini-games and quietly going mad, acquiring new skills. Tense battle replaced with plain riddles, game mechanics works almost flawlessly. South Park: The Stick of Truth – this hilarious adventure, which fans of the animated series could only dream of.


  • Great humor and cruel mockery of all sorts of topics
  • Several crazy, possible only in South Park moments
  • Sufficiently diverse and unexpected major mission
  • Sensible combat system
  • Amusing puzzle, the use of the environment for the massacre of enemies
  • Excellent design locations and the ability to finally walk around the town of South Park


  • For a person new to the original source and do not perceive its specific humor, the game is not of interest