Review game Strider

Review game Strider


Updated Strider confirms the known truth – Double Helix Games employees were and are artisans.They are able to make “metroidvaniyu” with a variety of situations, a pile of upgrades and intense battles with the bosses. However, the game did not come on a par with the best of the genre because of the limping hack-work balance and design world.

Platformer with elements of thriller Strider authored by Capcom, released in 1989, talked about the opposition member of an elite unit kiberninzdya known as Striders, the villains of the Kazakh Soviet Socialist Republic. Over the five stages the protagonist to deal with enemies by using various skills up to call robots. The project was highly appreciated, especially journalists praised schedule.

Subsequently Strider looked at all the common platform of the time. The second part had to wait a year. However, the development of Strider II (also known as Journey from Darkness: Strider Returns) engaged the British studio that refined mechanics. The result was mediocre.

In 1999 came another game called Strider 2, already established in the depths of Capcom. It was conceived as a continuation of the first part of the remake. Therefore adventure met familiar opponents yes five levels. The most notable change was the three-dimensional scenery, although the characters were “flat.” Despite this, Strider 2 was praised and called the best embodiment of the “old school.”

The newly remake complete without preliminaries. Strider is planted in the center of Kazakh City with the sole objective – to eliminate entrenched here Sinister. The plot rarely reminds himself, and for the best. Rare and short dialogues with other characters of the hero because of bad intonation and lack of facial animation only cause confusion. Get a glimpse of the universe and its inhabitants can be of intelligence scattered secluded corners.

Immediately after touchdown catches Strider fight cuts mechanical soldiers sword, jumps on platforms and climbing the steep wall. Soon it becomes clear that the mission of the base set of skills is not enough. In a world full of maze-closed doors and insurmountable obstacles.

Strider encourages an eagle or a panther to move between areas Kazakh City. Double jump, the ability to breach some overlap are to gain access to new locations. Superior sword, throwing knives and instantaneous movement in space are not only useful in clashes with opponents. Puzzles, based on the use of abilities, Strider is not provided. The game focuses on the fights and acrobatics.

Convenient control (via gamepad, but not the keyboard) allows precise control of the Strider evade attacks, use the features of the architecture arena in their favor. Upgrades offer new opportunities.Hero freezes enemies beats Rockets released him or to inflict damage. Little animals do not stand idle.

However, the authors sometimes too addicted battles. At one point Strider forced to survive on a small arena, killing pachyderms villains. In another – run through a narrow corridor strewn with soldiers.Even fighters to crack over which we have the ability to apply a specific, do not introduce diversity into fights.

But the duel with numerous bosses made wonderful. Strider versed with ninjas and huge monsters, and machines of death. Each of these surprises in the scrum and demonstrates skills or unexpected calls on the rescue comrades.

In various chores six-hour passes (at the maximum level of difficulty) adventure. Individual races seem out of place here and there, the game periodically rolled into monotonous gunman. But a steady stream of upgrades and progressively more complex conditions easily overshadow shortcomings.Search secrets rewarded as increased safety of health and energy, and new skills. After completing the main mission can take part in destroying waves of enemies (unnecessary additive) or running on time Breakpoint (amusing supplement).

Design locations – lack haunting character from beginning to end of the game. City and construction, where Strider looks, look unattractive because of the lack of parts and original solutions in the design.And the protagonist wanders over gray prisons, sterile laboratories and admiring sculptures local chieftain.


Important for “metroidvanii” components authors Strider did well. Hero methodically collect new abilities and find a use for them, enter into an unequal battle with the bosses and rummage angles for useful secrets and avoid deadly traps. Quality game in a rare genre now – a significant occasion to refer to the shortcomings with condescension.


  • Convenient (on the controller, but not on the keyboard) control
  • Mostly successful combination of research, acrobatics and battles in the campaign
  • A lot of different abilities of the main character
  • Useful Secrets force carefully explore the world
  • In good challenging boss fights


  • Several tightened battles with opponents pachyderms
  • Mediocre design world