Review game War Thunder – planes, tanks, prospects

Review game War Thunder – planes, tanks, prospects


For fifteen years, the gaming community has changed dramatically. Matured. People no longer twist a finger to his temple, when they hear about video games. In the evenings, after work, they stick to the monitors. And the game about military equipment during the Second World have become incredibly popular among the residents of the former Soviet Union. Thank for this is a company with its World of Tanks.

“Tankzors” today is one of the most profitable games that are distributed on a shareware business model. No wonder that they have begun to copy all and sundry. But the war is involved not only ground equipment. It was brought to the attention of developers from the Russian studio Gaijin Entertainment. Their shareware project War Thunder in theory should unite all kinds of military equipment from the 30s to the 50s. Until they are ready to planes (open to everyone), approaching tanks (held closed beta), plans navy. What happens, now we can only speculate. But it should be noted that “gaijin” suitable to your project seriously, trying to please the mature audience. The devil, as we know, is in the details.

World Aircraft

Starting the game for the first time, do not rush into battle. First is to undergo training in the basics of take-off, landing and launching torpedo bombing. War Thunder just looks like a simple arcade game with planes, thanks to a simple and responsive control. But the skill of the pilot there is a high priority, since steel birds behave quite differently depending on their parameters. In addition, we must remember that at the helm is a living person who is experiencing congestion during steep maneuvers may lose consciousness or die from a stray bullet hit. So do not be surprised if during a sharp turn the screen goes dark and lost control on all sides tselenkim plane.

After training, select your favorite side of the conflict, there are five to choose from: Germany, USA, UK, Japan and, of course, the Soviet Union. But planes will earn. Novice pilots available basic model 30s. To unlock the following, we need “research points” are earned in battles. They spent not only on the study of new models, but also to improve the old ones to get the body poprochnee and powerful engine.

In addition to “research points” in the battles we get “experience points the crew.” Initially available at three inept crew on each of the countries. More can buy the local currency, “silver lions”, but will not be able to open all Last crews are only available for the “golden eagles”, that is real money.Technically, they can earn in the game, but this process is long ungrateful. Very long. For stubborn “farmers”.

The crew is not tied to a specific aircraft. Therefore, pilots and gunners should be trained with the future, regardless of personal preference, as the battle will need all kinds of flying machines: both fighters and bombers and attack aircraft. “Points crew experience” give a little, the development of long, so constantly tormented by choosing what is more important: resistance to overloads or vigilance, and may be better to weapon recharges faster or side arrows become skilful. In general, no matter how many hours played enough, there is always something to improve and develop.

People who do not want to suffer with a long development, can buy “eagles” and for them to pump pilots to fly model airplanes advanced and stylish stickers on the wings to emphasize the exclusiveness. The balance of power is affected slightly. New aircraft models get fast enough and so, and the victory still depends more on skill than on upgrades.

So, you understand the basics, start the first fight. You start in the air and rush to the goal. For example, the task is to destroy enemy ground equipment, seize the airport, escort or convoy to storm the enemy column. Many modes. You at full speed burst into the thick of battle rattle around shells, machine guns sweep over the wings, a pair of non-critical hits left holes in the hull. You deftly manevriruete between flying by allies and enemies, find your purpose and begin to pursue it to the bitter end. Fighting in the War Thunder are fast, fast, with the dashing maneuvers and constant wiretapping initiative. Destroy the enemy – not a trivial task, because guns do not allow the fire to lead a long and objective unsuccessfully trying to lose you from the tail.

In case of defeat does not have to miss the round – take another vehicle, and then go into battle! And so, while your crew on end. Battles are fast and depend on the implementation of tactical tasks, and not from the destruction of enemy forces.

Battle-designed model transforms great damage. It can easily tear shell wing or tail. Stray bullet strikes to the engine, and the plane just stall, after that you only plan in an attempt to land softly. It happens that one random hit korezhit propeller or killing the pilot. And sometimes that’s wort from all sides fighter continues its hunt because bullets did not touch a single critical node.

Except aircraft models made in the smallest details, War Thunder differs beautiful levels, especially failed mountains and islands. Sometimes nilly peeks at the natural beauty during the battle. Especially when you break through the dense clouds captivity and get into a fight over the sea with roaring aircraft carriers.

Besides random battles with live opponents, the player opens a separate mission that can be played with friends. They consist of several stages, each of them with his difficult task, whether escort bombers or destroy enemy ships.

If you are bored with arcade battle and wanted to feel the realism of air combat, then welcome to the “historic campaign.” Here you will participate in missions based on real events of the Second World War: the Battle of Stalingrad, Kuban, Berlin, Guadalcanal, the attack on Pearl Harbor and other. In such events are allowed to use only the equipment that is really used in a particular battle. Also, every time you have to start from the airport, you will no longer have unlimited ammo with fuel, and while performing a variety of maneuvers have to calculate wind power, as one wrong move can lead to a separation of the wing.

When a player realizes that he became an ace and random battles he got bored, it’s time to join the local “guild” and fight with the pros. Now hosts a variety of championships with cash prizes.

For graphics and War Thunder will not find fault with the very strong desire. Snow-capped mountains, spacious fields, thick forests and vast ocean look beautifully, even from close range when lined steel bird falls to the ground. Each aircraft is available to view from the cockpit, if you climb high above the clouds, the glass covered with hoarfrost. Authentic music in the spirit of the heroic Soviet films, heroic and melodious. Sound design in principle one of the best, especially noticeable on the engines and chirping machine guns. Like the helm of a real aircraft appeared.

PS4 version performed almost flawlessly. Schedule affects the clarity and range of vectorization. To cope with the computer interface without a problem thanks to the touchpad on the controller, which is responsible for managing the cursor. Calling important option is “hanging” on the keys DualShock 4.Download fast missions during the battle there is no hint on the brakes. In general, it’s the same computer version of War Thunder, with the same audience, but with a slightly different control. In the case of aircraft, players fighting with gamepad is not worse than colleagues with mouse and keyboard.

World of Tanks

Now it’s time to talk about tank battles. As there is a closed beta, we will not dwell on the problems of a technical nature. Errors will hopefully be corrected. While participants available bit modes, the core is the usual team battle.

Matches resemble the notorious World of Tanks, only believable physics damage. Lucky Shot enemy gunner can injure or tank commander, or get in and damage the turret rotation mechanism. So far the only problem in the first match is revival. As in “Airplane“, if one tank was hit, then you can immediately take another from the collection. But if one of the teams took the first convenient point of shelling the enemy zone revivals, then they are guaranteed victory. This situation should correct aircraft, which together with all involved in the battles, but how effective it is now too early to say, because basically all the players selected for the battle tanks. I would also like to note is not the best use of artillery. In fact it is the same tank, just shoot a couple of hundred meters further. Lack of good ballistic system prevents feel the power of this type of military equipment.

The rest is familiar, cautious tank battles with sitting in the bushes waiting and appearance of the enemy. You can notice it only when he moves or shoots. Camouflage works great, and gray tank is really very difficult to discern in the mountains. It often happens that a player has no time to figure out where he had just been shot. Slight confusion, and now the next projectile reached its goal.

Graphic execution ground battles beyond praise. While this is the most spectacular confrontation that was in such games. Explosions uplift ground artillery shots echoed by rushing mountain forests and tanks play glare of the morning sun.


There is a dynamic battle, a large and interesting system for equipment and crew. Despite the shareware business model, the game does not require real money investments to gain an advantage over the enemy. Here feel comfortable both beginners and experienced pilots and especially enthusiasts, fans of military equipment. Gaijin paid great attention to detail starting with the elaboration of models of tanks and aircraft and ending physical damage model and beautiful landscapes. Every day, the project develops, in the gameplay there are new elements. And most importantly, that the War Thunder does not require a lot of time and does not tire the long wait.


  • Dynamic battle in the air
  • Realistic damage model
  • Excellent physical behavior model aircraft
  • Interesting system for crews
  • Hundreds of types of equipment
  • Authentic music


  • Development is very slow, which constantly pushes to spend real money