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Review game Watch Dogs

Watch Dogs creators intended, if not dethrone the Grand Theft Auto V , then at least take a place among the best representatives of the genre militants in an open world. But the project was hopelessly behind not only from the “Grand Theft Auto”, but even less ambitious Sleeping Dogs andSaints Row: The Third . This stems from the bad history, lousy implementation hacking abilities lame balance, empty plot and general monotony.

Hacker Aiden Pierce engaged in illegal confiscation of money from the public, as yet unknown people came to him. They intimidated Aiden by staging a car accident that killed the niece of the protagonist.But he instead to settle down and lie on the bottom, decided to fight crime.
Developer Ubisoft Montreal
Publisher Ubisoft
Published in Russia Ubisoft
Official Site http://watchdogs.ubi.com/
Platforms PCXbox 360PS3Wii UPS4Xbox One
Genres Action adventure
Released Games May 27, 2014
To the fore in the history of suffering out Aiden, his relationship with his sister and nephew. On the second – his desire to punish all and sundry without any reasonable explanation, for what and why.The other characters are too textbook. Their motives and biography covered in mist.
In the end, what is happening seems too far-fetched, like the story of the game pulled in a hurry, at the last moment. It also hints at a tiny amount of staged scenes.
Integrity and interesting twists too alien to storytelling. Aiden gets involved in dismantling the bandits trying to ingratiate himself with the “proto-hacker” or access to a secret bunker. About communities cyber criminals, as well as about corporations mentioned in passing. And toils game to the finals, where the authors hastily sutured ends with white thread.
Metropolis of Chicago, where the unfolding events of the game is controlled by the system ctOS. It allows you to control various devices and learn personal information about any citizen of the city.Aiden has access to ctOS, and therefore all of its capabilities.
Hacking surveillance cameras, traffic lights and trains, as well as stealing money from the accounts of citizens is carried out from a smartphone with one button. Some “hacks” are made in the form of mini-games in the style of “plumber”, where it is necessary to conduct a “signal” from one point to another.
Although the hero is positioned as cool hacker, he often engaged in other things. Aiden steals cars, sneaks into the forbidden zone, enters into a shootout with bandits or servants of law and order.
Initially collisions with enemies give pleasure. Aiden is connected to security cameras, said opponents silently sneaks to the goal. He remotely activates the trap, it is noisy, but quietly cracking down on patrol. Stealth implemented austere, but it works well, offering a fast and varied passing.
Skirmishes are at a strong fighter. Foes pressured number, trying to force the hero to the corner, many arenas their spray snipers and ahead rod armor-clad juggernauts. In such circumstances, the grenades and the ability to slow down time often find application.
At this pluses games end. During the chase the hero activates lights, barriers and the bridges to catch prey or escape from his pursuers. These features are available only in certain parts of the city and with their help rarely quickly to deal with the enemy. So the only way to get the enemy – it is long and hard to ram it.
Arrivals artificially stretched. Want to make them smaller, but just a lot. If a hero could shoot during the chase to shoot or injure a bus driver, his “hacking skills” would be completely useless.
Even more upsetting to primitivism episodes devoted, so to speak, breaking. Hero or with a smartphone in hand wandering in the crowd and seeks out an important person, or controls the camera and is also looking for a key character or steal data by pressing a single button. It soon becomes obvious that the idea unsuccessfully implemented with “hacking” only prevent the game, spoils dynamics. But even this is not the worst thing in the Watch Dogs.
In some missions, Aiden must follow goal without falling anyone in the eye and not touching anyone.There can not do without the trial and error method, because any mistake leads to failure, and only one right way. The same applies to jobs that need help to get through the ally secretly building with opponents.
Alternate job creators, represent new species opponents, but this is not enough to campaign fascinated finals. Gradually samovotory mediocre business pursuits, bad stealth missions, a limited set of gadgets and abilities (almost all the fun manages to get back in the first chapter), overshadow the positive aspects of the project.
But the options do Aiden diverse adventure was enough. The game does not staged chases, in which the hero is shot from his pursuers, and driving is another character. Organization shootings in no hurry to amaze scale or unusual solutions. No air control equipment, and boating on the plot forced to use only once a melancholy pass from point to point. Mobile phone is used for calls or one-touch hacking. The hero does not even have a phone book or the ability to send SMS-messages comrades, not to mention the in-game Internet. The latter feature would fit perfectly with the concept of the hackers and the pursuit of information.
In areas of the city need to activate platforms to gain access to third-party classes. Of their number dazzled, but it’s worth to start implementation as joy passes. Number of jobs is reduced to monotonous chase or attacks by columns of cars, then a den of bandits raids. The so-called “investigation” of the city turn around the legwork for the specified objects.
There are several entertainment in virtual reality. They Aiden collects coins, shoot the aliens or manages combat robot spider. Funny, but quickly bored. Also, do not stay long mini-games in bars and other establishments.
Prizes for carrying out missions in the form of new skills, weapons and vehicles do not make sense.Experience issued for the main business, with more than enough to acquire all the necessary skills for a comfortable game. Campaign, even at the maximum level of complexity is not pressing hero Crucible. Money quickly lose all its value. Ammo is always in excess, a good weapon hero takes from dead enemies, grenades he makes from scrap materials that are lying around underfoot or purchased in the store for a penny.
Therefore, after the story of the remains or entertain yourself itself, or run multiplayer. The game can break into other people’s worlds to invade them. In this case, one player trying to find another in this area using a smartphone. In fact, it is not a repetition of the scenes of the most successful campaigns. Due to the human factor makes peekaboo strain, but durability can not boast. Racing with the activation of traps and a mode Capture The Flag funnier, but because of the banal basics and meager set bonuses stupid unable to take a long time.
Provided in the Watch Dogs and reputation system. For crime prevention Aiden gets points “hero”, and for the killing of civilians – “villain.” Then in the news talking about it either good or bad. Other notable no results.
Cruel joke played by the authors choice of action. Chicago features a wonderful, meticulously recreated landmarks. However, this estimate can, perhaps, only by those who themselves went to Chicago. World Watch Dogs resemble ordinary gray metropolis with skyscrapers without the unique atmosphere and color. On consoles added to this blurred image, which does not guessed schedule “next generation”. On PCs, you can achieve a better picture due to modern effects. But maxed noticeable performance issues even on powerful systems.


Do Watch Dogs have promising concept and not a bad base. Initially unable to feel cool hacker, and a couple of skirmishes with quiet force penetrations strain. However, the idea of ​​burglary systems implemented primitive, in some moments it seems inappropriate in others – frankly silly. History is notable only illogical moves and annoying relatives Aiden. Outside shootings shakes only unprincipled campaign. Party orders a lot, but the amount of additional employment is inversely proportional to their quality and value of awards for his work is zero. Watch Dogs very quickly transformed into a distant fascination of “sandbox” where you have the most entertaining themselves.Fun, frankly, an amateur.
  • Dynamic shooting opponents
  • Alternation of different moments in the campaign
  • Many employments outside the main missions
  • Mediocre plot, expressionless characters
  • The idea of ​​”hacking” primitive implemented and reduced to a few simple steps
  • Quickly bored mini-game for hacking systems
  • Unsuccessful implementation of chases
  • Some stealth missions transformed into a series of trial and error
  • Secondary objectives are no different drafting, many of them are boring and reward from only brings moral satisfaction
  • Despite the meticulous design, decoration impress ordinary metropolis
  • Mediocre graphics (console versions, including the PS4 and Xbox One)
  • Technical problems plan maxed (PC-version)