Review game Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z

Review game Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z


If stability – a sign of skill, the authors of Spark Unlimited – one of the best in the business. Whether they work on a project for a new intellectual property ( Turning Point: Fall of Liberty and Legendary ) or continue to the famous TV series ( Lost Planet 3 ), they are invariably the game, similar to tools for torture. Now these “sarikandreasyany” gaming fun of the series Ninja Gaiden.

Ninja named Yaiba Kamikaze (yaiba word translated as “blade” or “blade”) killed by his nemesis Ryu Hayabusa. But from the underworld, he returned representatives mysterious organization, they supply the body of the hero mechanical implants. Animated warrior soon finds himself in the metropolis, which is flooded with Russian military, zombies and monsters. Yaiba finds out that in the same place and wielded his killer.
The plot tries to amuse the player and create an atmosphere of swashbuckling trash, but instead of laughing cause rejection. The authors did not exert a satire or ridicule over the ninja theme zombie apocalypse as not bother with writing, so to speak, jokes. Heroes indiscriminately mother. From the perspective of the creators, two passionately kissing the monster – it’s great fun. But after watching this scene occurs only desire to erase it from memory.
Almost all the plot twists and turns are served in the form of cheap comics and actors go too far in wanting to give intonations heroes significance.
The first time the story than just pay attention. Yaiba knocks helicopters cuts zombies apart, grabs them his mechanical hand and starts to coast. Ninja also uses captured weapons. However, it is the game to start moving from mindless bloodbath to hardcore fighter, as the creators again begin a master class titled “How not to do.”
Camera other than crazy not name. She is constantly glued to the back of the hero and does not want to show the entire battlefield. Enemies drop out of sight, and Yayba cuts the air. Sometimes operator soars skyward. There’s the battle turns into melteshenie little people. Understand where the protagonist, is impossible, since it is easily confused with zombie clowns. Control the camera in manual mode is prohibited. Placed invisible walls everywhere.
Visual style with an excess of acid colors and sparks in battle becomes a staunch ally of monsters. In this colorful mess can not see anything, not to mention a timely response to an event. Successfully evade or block the shot at the last moment in many duels unreal. You just have to grind on and jump buttons in the hope that the hero will automatically dodge the attack.
To restore health in the process should finish the fight opponents barely alive when they head over the corresponding icon lights up. Naturally, in the heat of battle this problem too often turns into a bit unrealistic because of problems with the graphics and control, and the hero loses the opportunity to turn the tide of opposition. But it flowers.
In Yaiba implemented unusual like the idea with three elements (electricity, heat and acid). Certain species of monsters and weapons are endowed by certain elements and the contact between them leads to unexpected consequences. In particular, if hit by an electric discharge fire demon, then a huge explosion. Through the “chemistry” manages to turn foe in fixed crystal. System would work, whether the player precise control over the situation, but this can only dream of.
Creators to send to ninja hordes monsters with different abilities. Monsters contact with each other, all around explodes hero beaten, doused with acid or set on fire. Yayba over and over again is a victim of circumstances with no chance to do anything. It is in any case not Tomonobu Itagaki corporate sadism that made tricky to master combat mechanics work and not the limit. In Ninja Gaiden Z is ruled by her Majesty the case and Yayba is his slave.
Drives the gloom and small variety of enemies. But they press amount crawl out of the ground in droves, one “wave” replaces another attack on two bosses, and even threes. Terms confrontations vary slightly, but the problems in the form of inability to dodge and crazy operator will not disappear. By the finale of the thread of the same creatures is not alone. Sometimes the arena is simply no room for maneuver.
Break from the hassle allow unpretentious puzzles, also built on the interaction of the elements, and platform segments. Acrobatics is a mini-game with the need time to press the button and avoid the traps. Primitive, but at least without terrible flaws. If desired, you can be getting secrets, but the camera does not give oak really look and invisible walls converted hunting for caches in an attempt to understand the crooked thinking creators. Although useful secrets here. They increase the supply of health or resistance to various attacks.
In addition to the story campaign is an arcade mode. It is static and the camera is located on the side of the arena as action movies of the 90’s. In this battle will not cause resentment, but the pleasure of killing zombies is not added.


It seemed that Ninja Gaiden 3 will be the biggest disgrace series. However studio Spark Unlimited has once again proved that it can not be underestimated. After a relatively decent entry battle evert nervous system inadequate camera, bad conditions and sudden death. So run away from this yayby.
  • The first hour is pretty fun to kill zombies
  • Unpretentious puzzles and acrobatics allow a break from fighting
  • Sordid story with unsuccessful attempts at humor
  • Terrible camera
  • Colorful visual style in battle only hinders
  • High likely to die from circumstances independent of the hero
  • Tightened battle with the same opponents
  • Recurring bosses
  • Inexcusably long and primitive implemented fight the final boss
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