15.03.2014 7:41

Review game “Yoshi’s New Island” – island with steel eggs

Dear reader, you confuse the word “egg”? Should not invest in it hidden meaning. Discussed is about eggs – simple, colorful, huge, steel – on this island is full of such good. Yoshi dinosaurs (th of siii!) Have a habit of eating their enemies, swallow whole, and then pull their socks up, make them eggs.And eggs are known – an excellent weapon. Particularly rotten.
Do not think bad! Yoshi do not do it out of spite. On this island, no place at all evil, except that … But more about that later. Yoshi glad to serve everyone who needs help. But against nature, as they say, do not trample. Males too cute creatures, while the mouse will not see or there, a ball of wool.
Developer Arzest
Publisher Nintendo
Published in Russia Nintendo
Platforms 3DS
Genres Platform
Released Games March 14, 2014
New history begins as almost 20 years ago when the game first appeared Yoshi’s Island (Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island, 1995) on the platform SNES. Platform immediately received general acceptance, love and other warm emotions for its special “pencil” style. Small world, in which traveling Yoshi was like drawn with a pencil. Rough doodle children revived and became heroes adventure.Dinosaur did not speak, but they have issued “yum” and “yyy” emotion caused by long hours of passage.
After 11 years on the Nintendo DS portable console appeared sequel Yoshi’s Island DS (2006). Again dinosaur became the subject of adoration, and again … long gone. Fortunately, today we finally cheered Nintendo third part, new adventures Yoshi! The plot of the game remains the same. Unhappy stork is still trying to deliver the baby Mario and Luigi to their parents, but loses them again. Toddler Luigi captured by Bowser baby, and the baby Mario – a dinosaur Yoshi, who immediately rush in the way to save his brother, a stork and return children to their parents.
At first glance, for 20 years, nothing has changed. Is that the game has become three-dimensional.Former style flat pencil drawing was a sacrifice of modern technologies. Now this is quite a familiar stereoscopic 3D. Like objects and painted pastel, but very professional, without bold lines and child embarrassment. Therefore, the current island Yoshi looks generally like any other game series Super Mario, just paint poorer and monotonous scenery. The latter, incidentally, is a palpable lack of games.Absolutely nothing to admire. Especially sad looks on the background of the latest design type platformer Super Mario 3D World , Rayman Legends or Puppeteer with their stunning scenery.
Gameplay as before is based on the familiar elements with minor innovations. After passing one level Yoshi passes the baton, that is baby Mario, another dinosaur. They differ only in color, abilities and they have the same voice.
Very simple platformer since Yoshi briefly able to hover in the air, and there is always the possibility to adjust the length and height of the jump. Scratch-cat does not represent a great danger. They are slow, so in most cases they do not notice. Swallowed, choked egg zapulit in the next. With some caution is in order, you can not eat them, squeal on the head – too. Others are dangerous talents, for example, blow away from platforms or kidnap baby Mario and rushes away. Therefore, jumping and, so to say, the battle here is not important. All interest in the game keeps on many mysteries and secrets.
The passage level and decision brainteasers given plenty of time, no timer. You should carefully look at the features of the objects. Oddities often indicate secrets. Do not rush to quickly get rid of enemies. Some of them help to get to the hidden daisies and coins. And do not be afraid of the bosses. They immediately akin to colleagues from the series The Legend of Zelda . Just killed, they should be only about three times tyuknut egg in a vulnerable place, but you need to guess how tyuknut, when, where, and where to take all the eggs.
Yoshi jumping abilities are limited, eating enemies and throwing eggs. But dinosaur differ omnivorous, devouring everything, getting a bonus of fire or ice breath, and giant metal eggs. Recently, in addition to the destructive force also allow swim underwater. These features are built on many mysteries.Crossing the threshold of the enchanted doors Yoshi briefly turns into a submarine, a cart or a jackhammer. Control is transferred to the gyros, ie it is necessary to turn the console in your hands to dinosaur moving in the right direction. No difficulty, interest, alas, too.
In Yoshi’s New Island a lot has been done just for the impressive infomercial. None of the opportunities Yoshi has no development or interesting use. Freeze the ill-natured person, burn them to break through the egg wall? Here you have all the options of using available just a few places. If Yoshi’s Island DS used two screen portable console Nintendo DS, then this is not even here! The action takes place only on the upper screen. The bottom is not involved.
All in game six worlds, eight levels and two bosses in each. They pass quickly, but as usual with Nintendo, in one passage of adventure does not end there. To continue the adventure, we must honestly, without assistants in the form of wings (allow Yoshi to fly over all problems) through levels, collect all the daisies, coins and stars. With these conditions the game becomes very long and difficult.
Finally, the game has multiplayer for two. It is presented as a set of mini-games. Dinosaur eggs knock balloons, eat enemies, grab and throw them in the basket, collect stars and coins. With an entertaining, but in fact boring.


It’s a good game in which nothing irritating. But a special liking it, again, does not matter. The New Adventures of Yoshi devoid of interesting challenges, challenging puzzles, and innovations do not add new experiences, because they are used only a few times in the whole game. To change the graphics style is pleasant, but the old one was more successful. Mini games for two there, but it’s their only advantage. Yoshi on the new island has a good entertainment, but boredom here, alas, much more.
  • Former charm dinosaur Yoshi
  • Interesting bosses
  • Many secrets
  • Very simple platformer
  • Very simple puzzles
  • Stylistically uniform levels
  • The complexity is not increased in the process of passing
  • Banal mini-game for two