Review gaming headset Logitech G930

Review gaming headset Logitech G930

Review gaming headset Logitech G930

Thoughtful supplied (do not forget the long charging cable), 10 hours, good sound quality, easy operation, easy connection – all Logitech G930.

Package Includes:

  • Headset
  • USB-adapter
  • Cable with USB-adapter
  • Documentation

Review gaming headset Logitech G930

Design, construction

The headset comes in uncomplicated packaging inside a cardboard box – transparent blister, USB-adapter is literally pressed into the slot, pull it pretty hard, we have to make the effort. Cup of matte plastic, prints unobtrusive microphone leg rises, a bit like a sword – a sort of “Grind”, looks aggressive and players will surely enjoy. Generally, Logitech  G930 looks very interesting, especially for those who play games, moderately futuristic, to the extent technologically, despite the fact that it is inexpensive device. Headband of matte plastic, components hinges – glossy, inside cups – red accents, the dynamics of the cloth covers. At the bottom of the headband – insertion of artificial leather, the same material embouchure. Users complain that after prolonged use the material is rubbed, I would suggest the company to sell replacement ear pads as an accessory. Lots of different textures, but it looks quite harmonious. On metal rails have numbers, so you can install both the same. Such care is very good. To assemble no complaints, but it annoys me creak in the joint of the right earpiece, left when turning no sound issues. On the right earpiece there is a microUSB slot for charging, immediately lights up, it’s small, unobtrusive.

Review gaming headset Logitech G930


Just like any other clip-on headphones, Logitech  G930 requires certain habits – so say many users. I did not feel any fatigue, cups completely cover the ears headband is no pressure at all, I want to note the maximum comfort. Guides I pushed to six on each side, I recommend you to try different values ​​- are sure to find the most comfortable for yourself.

Passive noise isolation is not really good, there is not a cup of fat and adjacent to the ears are not too tight. If music is playing, or if you are playing, the ambient sounds are not heard much, if turn off the sound, you can easily communicate.


On the right cup are all controls headset: very comfortable “knob that” audio control, mute buttons, three programmable keys – to set the desired values, you need to install the firmware, I did and did not do as well as using the Logitech G930 with attachment. At the end of the – button on the Dolby 7.1, not much point in using this effect, I do not see – not only will you need to put special software. I think that the sound of the headset and without this good. Next – button, here too there is a miniature LED. Another is on the stem microphone, looks great, especially in the evening.

Review gaming headset Logitech G930


Claimed battery life is 10 hours on a single charge, comes bundled with a very long cable to the USB jack for the wireless adapter. Charging time is about two and a half hours, the figures in practice approximately correspond to the declared result, I was pleased. Given the length of the cable in the kit, you can safely use it to unwind and to charge the headset without interrupting the process. Or charge the joystick PS4, not looking up from the game, I also liked it. Actually, I got the impression that the company consulted with real players in the making, ordinary people would add to the set of a short cable, and calmed down – well, I, as a player, always looking for a long cable microUSB. There is nothing worse than a discharge joystick during a race in BF4.


It’s all elementary, have an adapter, it must be inserted into the USB-port of the computer, laptop or set-top box, turn the headset on and wait until the LED on the adapter and Logitech G930 green light stop blinking. All pairing ended. When working with OS X you need to go to the settings, the “Sound” and select the device to play there. The data is transmitted via radio frequency (2.4 GHz, there is an automatic channel switching), I think the loss in quality is almost none. The sound is transmitted stably, delays or artifacts I did not notice. Moreover, a very good range, the headset works fine at a distance of about ten meters with line of sight. You can safely sit on the couch in a pair of triple-feet from the TV and play without thinking about the noise in the sound.

Review gaming headset Logitech G930

Sound quality

Little formal characteristics:

  • Speaker: 40 mm
  • Frequency Response: 20 Hz – 20 kHz
  • Impedance: 32 ohms
  • Sensitivity: 90 dB SPL / mW
  • Microphone. Polar Pattern: Cardioid (non-directional)
  • Type: electret condenser pressure gradient
  • Frequency Response: 50 Hz – 20 kHz
  • Sensitivity: -40 dBV / Pa relative 0 dB = 1 Pa, 1 kHz
  • Conditions for measurement: 3.0 V; 2k2

Voice quality on a great level, you can chat with people you meet, without raising his voice, do not scream, all perfectly audible. During the games, it is very important. With the quality of the sound, too, all very well, if we talk about the games, the shots, the effects of noise caterpillars or blades are very good. You know which side of the shoot, you know, where is heard the sound of footsteps. What more could you want from a gaming headset, I do not know. With the “MacBook” listening to music, also questions asked, all good.


In the retail headset costs about 6,500 rubles, you can find a cheaper and more expensive. The thing I liked, intelligent cable included, very easy to connect to any audio source, convenient operation, also comfortable to wear, the sound quality is great for gaming headsets. Pryderi only to crunch the right cup. By the way, there is another interesting point, the microphone is turned off, if you raise the leg – and indeed the leg is made of a material with memory, you can customize yourself.

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