Review Geotel Note: LTE smartphone with good display for $89.99

Review Geotel Note: LTE smartphone with good display for $89.99

Review Geotel Note: LTE smartphone with good display for $89.99

Today we have a review of rather interesting smartphone called Geotel Note. It is good device for those who want to change their old smartphone or need a second gadget for some tasks. The price Geotel Note is about $89.99, so you should not expect a lot of features.

However, after two weeks of using the smartphone, I came to the conclusion that mobile device is much more interesting and functional than I expected. If the product is good and cheap ($90 is really affordable price) then users can buy it without a strong blow to the wallet. So let’s look at packaging, design, performance. Then we sum up the pros and cons Geotel Note in order to have a clear picture before your eyes.

Review Geotel Note: LTE smartphone with good display for $89.99

Geotel Note: Packaging

The box with Geotel Note came to us in the mail packed in three layers of pimply material, which we like to clap so much. It is compact enough, the material of the box is matte, nice and it looks dignified. By the way, if anyone is interested – the same kind of boxes are used in Apple for their iPhone. So there are no problems with ergonomics.

Remove the top cover and immediately see Geotel Note. The smartphone is packed in a matte bag, put it aside and let’s see what else is inside. And inside we have a user manual, charging device and a USB cable. There is also a plastic case and that’s all.  As for $90 the pachaging is very rich.

Review Geotel Note: LTE smartphone with good display for $89.99

Geotel Note: Design

Geotel Note offers two color options: dark blue and golden. I am impressed by blue, but any choice is good. On the front panel we have a display. The frames on the left and right are reduced to an adequate minimum. Above the display is a camera, speaker and sensors. In my version, the frame around the display is black. When the screen turned off, the display almost merges with the frame.

Review Geotel Note: LTE smartphone with good display for $89.99

On the right side face is power button and two keys (rocker) for volume control. They are pressed very nicely. There is nothing on the left side face and nothing on the bottom face. At the top manufacturer has ported a microUSB port and a 3.5 mm headphone jack, which at first was unusual for me, but it did not take long to get used.

The coolest thing Geotel Note is rear panel. It is made of plastic. On top of it is a special pattern of Metal Print. Thanks to this, if you bring the gadget back in the sun, then the overflows look very beautiful. I have not seen this for a long time and did not expect such an attractive design from the plastic panel. By the way, it is removed to give you access to the battery and SIM cards with a memory card. You can use the panel as a mirror.

Geotel Note: Specifications

The mobile phone Geotel Note performance based on MediaTek MT6737 processor. Chipset has four computing cores and operates at a clock speed of 1.3 GHz.  MediaTek MT6737 processor is most often used in the market of budget devices. It offers the maximum performance at the lowest cost. Of course, you do not expect unrealistic processor performance, but you can play casual games, watch movies in high definition. You can run absolutely all programs and the browser with comfort, without brakes and hangs.

Review Geotel Note: LTE smartphone with good display for $89.99

Geotel Note has 3 GB of RAM. Today there are no applications that needs 3 gigabytes of RAM at once. In my personal test I was able to run clients of all my social networks and all messengers, plus heavy two games and still 200 MB of free RAM left.

The internal memory Geotel Note is 16 GB, of which 11 gigabytes are immediately available from the box. It is enough for applications, games, music and photos. But if you want to store movies, favorite music and a lot of other content, then you should buy a memory card.

If we talk about synthetic tests and tests in games, then Geotel Note also pleased us. In AnTuTu the smartphone was able to score 29 thousand points. It is really cool, because most smartphones in this category are gaining 22-24 thousand.

Geotel Note: Display

Review Geotel Note: LTE smartphone with good display for $89.99

Most of all I was interested in Geotel Note display. The diagonal of the display is 5.5 inches, HD resolution (1280 by 720 pixels). The matrix is ​​built on TrueView technology, which increases the brightness and vividness of the picture to a very high level.

For comparison – my iPhone 5S loses brightness and color rendition. The picture is very pleasant, easy to read and comfortable. The eyes do not get tired, it’s also cool to play games, not to mention films and serials.

Geotel Note: Camera

Review Geotel Note: LTE smartphone with good display for $89.99

For many users when buying a smartphone is very important to have a good camera. Of course, given the budget segment, Geotel Note for $90 would be just silly. But for its segment it is pretty good. Yes, it does not shoot as brightly and brightly as many would like, but you keep the price tag in mind.

I take photos on the street, indoors, books and selfies – the results satisfied me. It doesn’t have a great quality, but the camera is worthy for its price.

Advantages and disadvantages

Now let’s sum up the results. Here is a list of advantages and disadvantages Geotel Note.


  • Full packaging, Stylish body, light weight.
  • Good performance (29K scores in AnTuTu)
  • A decent camera.
  • Smooth operation, 3GB of RAM.
  • Bright, juicy, clear display with proprietary technology.


  • Control buttons on the screen (subjectively).
  • HD resolution.


Honestly speaking – I really liked Geotel Note. Before I received the parcel, I read the specs from the press and almost understood what I would get, but the smartphone could surprise me. Build quality at a very high level. The design is also pleased, looks unusual, expensive and attracts the attention of the public.

The display, despite HD resolution has good image quality. In addition, the performance Geotel Note is significantly higher than that of competitors in the market with a similar price. The only disadvantage, personally for me, are screen buttons.

In conclusion, if you ask me whether Geotel Note is worth its $90, then I will say – it costs 100%. I would even buy it for $150, with such a set of possibilities. The rest is up to you.

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