Review Headphones Fostex TH500RP

Review Headphones Fostex TH500RP

Review Headphones Fostex TH500RP
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Ruler senior “premium” models of the Japanese manufacturer get a refill in the face of public interest headphones Fostex TH500RP. No. 500 means that the model is at a price lower than the models 600 and 900. An important point: if you are still in the TH series were especially dynamic headphones, the Fostex TH500RP – isodynamic. The prefix RP at the end is traditionally Regular Phase, «permanent phase”, in relation to the membrane of the radiator, which is driven by a flat coil in homogeneous magnetic field evenly throughout the surface immediately. The principle is similar to the electrostatic, only instead of a weak electric field is the magnetic field from the powerful Neodymium magnets. The linearity of the stroke of the membrane is ensured even at high volume.

If you remember, this series of TH-900 were the first Hi-End-Headphones Fostex, new radiators 1.5 tesla and 50-millimeter membrane material Biodyna. TH-900 – 2012 model development; most of its recall, if you say that these are the red lacquered wooden cups, made by hand in the traditional way, authentic Japanese experts in the furniture business. The main obstacle to buying these headphones – their high price. Following the model of 900 in 2013 it was released model 600, with 1 Tesla magnet and magnesium cups. The price is much more attractive, but closed circuit acoustic headphone will not please everyone .Radiators sensitivity of 94 dB / mW unfold only on a powerful amplifier, which, together with the large size and weight, making them difficult to use mobile. Home listening is best suited open loop – or at least a partial discharge of the back side of the membrane of the radiator.

It is this model and was released. Fostex TH500RP have a free stroke of the moving system and a linear phase that the parties attached to their name. The sensitivity is not increased, and even dropped slightly, to 93 dB / mW, which means exactly the headphones are designed for quality stationary equipment. The manufacturer claims that the model used by the symbiosis of technology last headphones T Series and T20RPmk2.

The Fostex TH500RP copper foil deposited on a thin film of polyimide (polyimide film). This is a special kind of polymer that is resistant to very high temperatures. In addition, it incorporates a new design that ensures improved performance planar emitter. To reduce unwanted resonances body used special damping and vibration damping materials.

The plates used elements aluminum and magnesium structures that provides reduced weight and high durability. On the Internet you can read these messages: “Judging by the photos, cups – plastic, painted with silver.” Good news: all that looks like “under the metal” – completely metallic, very cold to the touch. No fakes. Plastic – black elements. Metal plate with perforation attached headphones unique and recognizable appearance.

Review Headphones Fostex TH500RP

It is appropriate to draw parallels with the first models Fostex T50 and T30, which had a similar design.The essential difference is that in the older magnets were circular, and hence the shape of cups, and in modern magnets themselves have become miniaturized and emitters – square.

As you can see, the modern magnets are quite small and light, allowing you to make the headphones more comfortable to use. Great efforts directed to the manufacturer of the damping volume and the creation of acoustic impedance to achieve better uniformity characteristics at low frequencies. There is also a very unusual ear pads: their shape when landing on the head expands the axis of the radiator at an angle to the listener and separates, according to the manufacturer, to the “optimal distance”. Everything is thought out very well, landing a terrific, as in the best Hi-End-models of headphones.

The cable Fostex TH500RP removable, Y-shaped, single wire goes to each cup. Japanese wire, pure copper HiFC (trademark of Hitachi). Fabric braid is very good. Plug your own brand, one-piece. Minijack here. But there is a soft leather case. The printed guide to the headset does not contain anything useful.

Fostex TH500RP: Sounding

The sound quality is good. Note that if the earlier someone like isodynamic headphones Fostex RP, but they look cheap with a molded plastic housing and all the other moments frightened, but now this problem is not in sight: the original idea finally got a decent design. Since emitter Fostex TH500RP has different electrical characteristics, it is hoped that this is not just tuning T50RP. However, since the radiator is nothing fundamentally has changed, and it sounds like. The similarity of the response of old and new models confirms this.

Headphones Fostex TH500RP quite optimized by the manufacturer, so as not to irritate the listener frequency resonance. However, fans of the old school may prefer to leave all the inherent resonances of headphones so that the less affected the dynamics of sound. There is no single approach is a matter of taste. Must listen to the headphones before you buy “your” is sound or not “your.”

Review Headphones Fostex TH500RP

Fostex TH500RP: Conclusions

Isodynamic headphones Fostex TH500RP is the latest Japanese manufacturer and fully fit into the timeline of development of this technology. This is the sound emitters Fostex, which is a favorite of fans of the brand. Now we get some decent headphones incarnation and special tuning. Everything is made with care and at a high level.

Headphones are best suited for those who like to listen to music on the powerful headphone amplifier (such as the same manufacturer, Fostex HP-A8C). Strengths Fostex TH500RP – depth, not tiring sound, enhanced comfort during landing on his head, is not a very high price (by the standards of isodynamic headphones).We look forward to Fostex interesting new models with the same principle of radiation.

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